Itchy skin caused by allergies, which method can be used to relieve it?Will part of allergies heal itself?

Summary: Allergies are excessive reactions of the human body against infection system.

Allergies can be affected by various factors, such as food, drugs, pollen, dust mites, etc., as well as factors such as genetic, abnormal immune system, and environmental pollution.

Allergic reactions can also cause a variety of discomfort in the body, such as redness, itching, or nasal congestion, runny nose, and throat inflammation.In addition, long -term allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis and asthma can also affect the normal life of patients.

People with allergies may have allergic reactions. Common allergic diseases include allergic dermatitis, allergic urticaria, and allergic bronchitis.

So what is allergic constitution?

Allergic constitution generally refers to a specific constitution formed on the basis of congenital genetics. It can be manifested as poor immune function, affected or stimulated by allergies, and poor tolerance to the outside world.

In addition, patients with allergies, such as seafood, milk, etc., can cause allergies, eczema, etc., or when the pollen is exposed. Some patients with allergies are prone to sneezing and runny nose.Some drugs induce allergic reactions.

Allergies can cause patients with unwell sneezing and itching of the skin. Therefore, it can use the correct way to relieve itching, alleviate the skin itching and sneezing.

So what methods can be used to relieve itching caused by allergic skin?

1. Ice or cold compresses

Wrap the ice cubes or ice packs, as well as cold water, etc., and gently apply the patient’s skin itching parts to help itching and reduce pain.

2, warm water bath

A warm water bath can be properly used to help soothe the skin to help reduce the itching of the patient’s skin. At the same time, you should pay attention to the water temperature not to be too high, so as not to exacerbate the skin pain.

3. Apply mint leaves

The volatile oil contained in mint leaves has certain relieving itching and anti -inflammatory effects. Therefore, mint leaves are mixed into mud, and then applied to the itching of the skin, which can help patients reduce itching and increase skin cooling. In addition,Mint leaves also have the functions of evacuation of wind and heat, relieving liver qi, throat, and clearing the heads.

4. Crystal glyphosate washing agent

Gannishi washing agent, suitable for acute itching skin disease, has a good anti -inflammatory and antipruritic effect. Therefore, it can be appropriately used to use a glycrystone washing agent to apply itching to the skin to reduce the itching of the patient.

Allergies are also different. Therefore, patients with allergies should maintain good living habits and use appropriate ways to stop itching.

So allergic to it, will it get better on it?

1. Mild sensitivity

If the patient’s allergies are relatively mild, some patients can relieve allergies through the regulation of the immune system, or can help reduce the allergic reactions by leaving allergens and appropriate rest, such as sneezing, nasal itching, asthma, wind groupWaiting for performance.Therefore, patients with some light allergies do not need special treatment, and they can also recover or heal themselves by themselves.

2. Heavy allergies

Patients with severe allergies can generally have obvious allergies, such as systemic erythema, itching of the skin, and even dyspnea, allergic shock, etc.Therefore, severe allergic patients should seek medical treatment in time, and relieve allergies through comprehensive treatment such as drug treatment and specific treatment.

The allergies are relatively mild. Patients do not need special treatment and can heal themselves.

So what are the methods of skin allergies?

1. General treatment

General treatment allows patients to actively stay away from the environment that causes allergic reactions. Pay attention to skin protection. It can moisturize local skin, avoid drying, and reduce items that can induce allergic reactions.

2. Drug treatment

Drug treatment can use anti -allergic drugs, such as antihistamine drugs, Setrizine, Malanate chlorophenyamin, chlorraletin and other drugs to help anti -allergies.Drugs such as Mo Si ointment reduce the symptoms of erythema and pimples, or apply the use of new solution, 3%boric acid solution, and hydrogenated ointment, etc. to relieve symptoms.

Allergies can induce patients with multiple symptoms of discomfort. In addition, severe allergies can also affect the normal life of patients.

So how should we actively prevent allergies in daily life?

1. Properly and correct diet

People who are prone to allergies should actively supplement vitamins, such as eating more vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy, irritating, greasy foods, such as fried, barbecue, etc., and avoiding intake can cause allergic reactions.Foods such as milk, fresh shrimp, etc. In addition, diet should be nutritious.

2. Appropriate exercise exercise

Proper exercise can promote blood circulation, help enhance the body’s resistance, avoid living in a dark, humid, and cold environment. Properly maintain ventilation and ventilation in the room. In addition, patients should maintain adequate sleep and improve the body’s immunity.

3. Avoid contact with allergies

Try to avoid contact with allergies, such as patients with allergies for pollen and catkins, should be reduced in the season when flowers are in full bloom. Patients with allergies should actively take sun protection when going out. For patients with fur allergies, they should not raise pets at home. In additionPatients with allergies should also keep indoor cleaning.

Written at the end:

Allergies can cause itching and sneezing of the skin. It should be used in a correct way to stop itching and actively stay away from the allergens.

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