It’s against the sky!Why do you come to "Aunt" when you are pregnant?

Pregnant?abortion?One week’s pregnancy experience

"The menstrual cycle has always been accurate, 30 days, but this time it was postponed for 3 days. After testing a naked big white board in the early pregnancy test paper, I had to wait for the ‘aunt’ driving. It was postponed to the 7th day before preparing to pine ketone.A pale powder was displayed on the paper, which was almost invisible, but it was looming. "Zhang Mei told his first pregnancy history.

"My lover and I were surprised, but I also readily accepted the reality." Zhang Mei said, going to the hospital for examination, and the first blood test of HCG (chorionic gonadotropin) 23mlu/ml, P (progesterone) 4.86ng/ml.The B -ultrasound is still invisible. The doctor said that it is estimated to be pregnant, so the value is very low, so that another week.

Two days later, Zhang Mei’s lower body began to bleed, and when she thought that there was a threatened abortion, she was resting at home.The first two days of bleeding were rarely brown. On the fourth day, there were many blood and bright red. I immediately went to the hospital to review the blood value.When I got the results in the afternoon, Zhang Mei was dumbfounded. HCG was only 19 mLU/ml, and P had 1.8ng/ml.The doctor said that it should be in the process of abortion. This is a biochemical pregnancy. These days, it will bleed like menstruation in the past few days, but the amount of blood is slightly more amount.Zhang Mei went home disappointed and "waiting for aunt".As a result, the amount of bleeding the next day is the same as menstruation, and the durable time cycle is similar.

What are the "weapons" of biochemical pregnancy

After hearing a biochemical weapon, I really don’t know that pregnancy is also "biochemical"."In layman’s terms, the so -called biochemical pregnancy is actually a biochemical experiment (test form) chorionic gonad hormone, that is, the HCG blood value exceeds the normal value, but this phenomenon will not be bleeding as menstruation for a few days. In shortThat is abortion. "Hu Ying, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital, said that after seven days of fertilized eggs, the choric membrane promotes gonadotropin. After about seven days, it can be measured with early pregnancy test strips.After the combination of essence eggs, it must be combined into fertilized eggs, and fertilized eggs must be pregnant in the uterus to be pregnant.

Wang Baoling, deputy chief physician of the Gynecology of the Fourth Hospital of Xi’an City, said that biochemical pregnancy is a combination of fertilized eggs, but because of natural factors or other factors, embryos growing and developing are not good, and they have not returned to bed in the uterus or returned to the reflux.This is an early abortion of natural abortion.Generally, in the abortion within 5 weeks of pregnancy, the HCG elevation can be detected in the blood beyond normal values or positive urine pregnancy tests. However, the ultrasonic examination does not see the gestational sac, which is also known as "sub -clinical abortion".

Don’t take biochemical pregnancy too seriously

"The test strips are pregnant. Why are you still come to menstruation?" The early pregnancy test strip was weak on the day of the menstrual day. Ms. Chen was strange. She went to the hospital to see a doctor. According to Ms. Chen’s blood test results, it was really pregnant, but the value was very low.And the bleeding is similar to normal menstruation. When the second blood test has dropped a lot, the doctor said that she had missed, and Ms. Chen could not help but disappoint.

"Many women now take pregnancy too seriously. They use ovulation test strips to measure ovulation. After 7 days of ovulation, that is, about 23 days of menstruation or before the menstrual period or just postponed one or two days, they will come to the hospital. In fact, there is no need to be too nervous, and excessive tension is no different to the body. "Hu Ying said that there is almost no difference in biochemical pregnancy and normal menstruation, so you don’t have to worry even if you have a biochemical pregnancy.The impact is small and can be ignored, so there is no need to do special care.As long as you review it on time, when the HCG value drops to a normal value within 5, you can enter a new round of pregnancy.

"Biochemical" for the first time is neglected and not checked for the second time

If there is no reason, a biochemical pregnancy can be ignored, so as not to have unnecessary pressure.Wang Baoling said that the menstrual cycle is around 28 ~ 35 days. Women who have been discontinued by more than 40 days and are naturally aborted naturally. They can choose to go to the hospital for related eugenics, such as chromosome, genes, gynecology, andrology examinations, etc.EssenceIn addition to individual diseases and immune problems can lead to poor embryo development, eating individual drugs, fatigue, and anxiety pressure during this period can also lead to biochemical pregnancy.Of course, it does not rule out the problem of fertilized eggs. This is a natural survival of the fittest.If the HCG value and the progesterone value are not high and do not double the increase, do not force the fetal protection, because the embryo that the hard protection is not necessarily a healthy and developed fetus.

Hot question and answer

1. Some people say that how many months of conception after biochemical pregnancy is high?How long can I get pregnant after biochemical pregnancy?

Experts: There are currently no information that the surrogacy rate after biochemical pregnancy has increased.How long can you conceive about biochemical pregnancy, as long as the HCG is reduced to the standard.However, you can also go to the hospital to check the progesterone value after 21 days of menstruation. If you are low, you can also add some preparations for the next pregnancy.

2. Do you need to take a small confinement after biochemical pregnancy?

Expert: No need to treat it as a menstrual period, and the taboos are the same as the menstrual period.

3. Will the embryo excrete after biochemical pregnancy bleeding?

Experts: Almost not. Most of the biochemical pregnancy can not see the yolk sac bleeding in the B -ultrasound. Some people have a large amount of blood and obvious abdominal pain. The so -called "embryo tissue" is actually endometrial tissue.Essence

Experts in this issue:

Hu Ying: Deputy Chief Physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital

Wang Baoling: Deputy Chief Physician of the Gynecology of the Fourth Hospital of Xi’an City

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