It’s hot, itching below is unbearable to be vigilant, wicked purse eczema

"Doctor, I have a lot of itching in my private parts recently. I can’t help but always like to scratch. The skin on the outside still has small red pimples. Sometimes there will be yellow secretions and misery. I can only endure to the toilet., I caught it seriously at the back, so embarrassing!! My girlfriend suspected that I was derailed and accidentally dyed my sexually transmitted disease, but I really did n’t derail. I have been cleaning myself. What should I do?

This is not a sexually transmitted disease. It is a skin disease, called scrotal eczema. It is the most common skin disease of scrotal scrotum. It is an allergic response. It is also a common sexual organs skin disease in men.

Each age of scrotal eczema can occur, with the most young age and the highest incidence in summer, because the sweat secretion of the body in summer is increased and the scrotum is in a relatively closed environment, which further exacerbates itching symptoms.

Show of scrotal eczema

Scrotal eczema can be divided into three types: acute, subacute and chronic according to different course.

Acute scrotal eczema: It is mainly manifested in scrotal skin redness and swelling. It is accompanied by severe cancer itching. There can be many pimples and water of the size of the pins to rice grains at the same time.Display a large seepage of erosion, sometimes there will be a large amount of pale yellow slurry exudation, and partially condenses into light yellow scoop. The general course of the disease is 2-3 weeks.Acute eczema.

Subcontiser scrotum eczema: It is transformed from acute scrotal eczema, which is manifested as the scrotum skin mild thickening and mild erosion, more scales, redness and swelling, and less seepage, but itching.

Chronic scrotal eczema: If the subcontisical scrotal eczema is not treated in time, it can gradually transform into chronic scrotal eczema.It is manifested as thickened and rough skin, dark red or gray -brown, scrotal wave hyperplasia, such as walnut shell, sometimes there are scales attached. During the course of the disease, it can be derived from severe cancer.The clinical manifestations of acute or subacute scrotal eczema.

How to treat eczema?

Many people are embarrassed to go to the clinic because of this special position, suspecting that it is a sexually transmitted disease, so don’t do this!The disease is relatively stubborn. Patients often cause pain due to scratching and inappropriate stimulation, and even secondary infections. They need to go to the skin disease hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

medical treatement

Scrotum eczema is related to allergies like eczema in other parts. It can be orally commonly used in antihypertensin, chlorophenicamin, chlorlytherazine, etc.Corticosterol hormone ointment, such as removing inflammation cream.

Sanitary nursing

Avoid scratching parts with your hands as much as possible, and do not use hot water or soapy water to clean the local area to avoid stimulation again.

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