It’s hot!Some people in Guangdong recruit this disease

"Mova" for Guangdong

It is worthy of being a super air -conditioning machine

Today afternoon

The highest temperature in Shenzhen rushed to 34.5 ℃

Most areas are already dull

Affected by "Mawa"


Guangdong’s high temperature will gradually intensify

May 29th and 30th

Some areas in Guangdong may reach

38 ℃ or 39 ℃

"Chicken Legs" will be red to purple

Guangdong will get one click to high temperature sky

Picture source: Guangdong weather

Typhoon Movie No. 2 this year (Movie "(Super Typhoon) is located on the northwest Pacific Ocean about 1110 kilometers in the southeast of Hualien City, Taiwan in Taiwan today (28th) at 5 am.Level (52 meters/second).

It is expected that "Mova" will continue to move north of the west at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour. The strength changes are not great or slightly strengthened.Slowness slows, and the strength gradually weakens.

Affected by Typhoon Mawa, from May 27th to June 1st, the east side of the Philippines, the east of the Taiwan Ocean, the Basta Strait, the Taiwan Strait, the northeast of the South China Sea, the southern and eastern waters, and TaiwanThe eastern and northern coastal coasts will have obvious wind and rain.

Shenzhen weather forecast

Today (28th) is cloudy in sunny, and there are occasional rain in the local area; the temperature is 26-33 ° C, the highest temperature in the northern and northern and populous areas is about 35 ° C; the southeast wind is 2-3; the relative humidity is 60%-85%.

From the 29th to June 1st, the weather is hot, the maximum temperature is 35 ° C or more, and some time is haze. In the afternoon, it is easy to appear on the site of geothermal thunderstorms and accompany the short-term wind.

On June 2-3, there were shower or thunderous.

There is a hot case in Guangdong in Guangdong

the weather is getting hotter

After a while, I sweat

This disease has also begun to appear recently

A few days ago, Dongguan Shijie Hospital took the first heat -shooting case this year. Patient Zhou, male, 53 years old, dizziness, sweat, shortness of breath, and blurred consciousness after 8 hours of continuous outdoor operation.Send to Shihuan Hospital for emergency treatment.

According to reports, when Zhou was admitted to the hospital, he was already shallow, with a body temperature of 41 ° C, his limbs tremor twitched, and medical staff maintained their life signs for emergency cooling, heat dissipation, and a large amount of fluid.Diagnosis of doctors: The possibility of thermal irritation is high, and it is not ruled out that the dysfunction of multiple organs is damaged and accompanied by cerebral edema.

Doctor said

Thermal radiation is severe constitutional heat stroke

In high temperature environment, you need to be alert to severe heat stroke

"Hot Dead" is not a joke

Must pay attention to

Heat spasm, heat syncope, heat failure, fever disease

Both belong to the severe heat stroke

Among them, thermal radiation disease is the most serious

Thermal spasm

Patients are sober in the hot environment or after strenuous exercise, mainly manifested in muscle pain and convulsions. Most of them occur in the abdomen, arms or legs. They are often symmetrical and intermittent.


Refers to the upright dizziness that occurs in the hot environment for a long time or suddenly changes the posture.

Thermal failure

The main manifestations are dizziness, headache, sweating a lot, and pale face.


It is characterized by abnormalities of core temperatures> 40 ° C and the central nervous system, such as changes in mental state, convulsions, or coma, and accompanied by multiple organ damage.

Doctors remind

Armal injection is a

From the continuous process of light and heavy

Citizens must improve

For mild and moderate heat stroke

Be wary and attention

A significant increase in body temperature is> 38 ° C,

Performance with flushing of face color, a lot of sweating

It should be identified in time,

Avoid worsening and progress

If the people around you have heat stroke

What should I do?

Disclosing a high temperature environment

Quickly transfer to a cool and ventilated environment, use a fan or fan fan, and raise the head to unlock the collar belt, which is conducive to breathing and heat dissipation.

Quickly cool down

Use alcohol or cold water to wipe your body, or use cold water towels or ice packs, ice cubes to heat dissipation on the patient’s neck, armpit and thigh roots.

Hydrate in time

If the patient still has consciousness, drink cool water or squeeze water in time, be careful not to add a lot of water to prevent discomfort such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Seek medical treatment

If the condition of patients with heat stroke is worse, there are symptoms such as collapse, cramps, and even unconsciousness. Be sure to seek medical treatment in time. During the rescue period, the patient should be moved to the ventilation environment.Su suction, keep the respiratory tract unobstructed.

Hot summer

Pay attention to prevent heat stroke

Supplement water and inorganic salt

In high temperature weather, whether the amount of exercise in the indoor and outdoor is thirsty, you must drink water in time. You can add inorganic salts appropriately. A small amount of water replenishment method can be added multiple times. The water temperature should not be too high or too low. It is not advisable to drink drinks containing alcohol or a lot of sugar.For some patients who need to restrict the intake of body fluids, water should be supplemented at high temperatures.

Try to diet as light as possible

Eat less high oil and high -fat food, ensure enough calories, eat more lean meat, fruits and vegetables.

Scientific adjustment working time

The working hours generally do not exceed 6 hours. Try to reduce outdoor work. Especially from 12:00 to 16:00, if outdoor work must be performed, you should drink more than 500ml of tea or electrolyte water for more than 500ml per hour, and do sunscreen.

Arrange the time to go out reasonably

Try to avoid going out in high temperature weather. If you must move outdoors, it is best to avoid the noon period, try to arrange in the morning or evening, and mostly move in the shade and rest to avoid direct sun exposure.

Pay attention to sun protection and cooling

Outdoor, try to choose light, loose and light -colored clothes, wear shading caps, sunglasses, and apply sunscreen. You can carry some heat -relieving medicines, such as wind oil essence, ten drops of water, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, etc.

Pay attention to rest and ensure sleep

Ensure sufficient sleep, do not stay up late, avoid the electric fan or air conditioner when sleeping, and keep a cool and appropriate temperature.

Hot waves are coming

Remember to do a good job of heatstroke!

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