It’s not as simple as you don’t think about pregnancy?These taboos and precautions are collected in advance

On January 19, 2019, I got married. In February, I found that my aunt was not here. I thought what happened. After buying the test strip, I found that I was really pregnant.Seriously, except for me and my husband, I didn’t know everyone else.(It feels a bit strange when I feel that I am pregnant as soon as I get married)

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I still pay more attention to health during pregnancy. After all, I am a mother for the first time, nervous and excited.Now that the baby is born for 10 months, I also read a lot of parenting books at the time.As a person who comes here, I will summarize their precautions and taboos during pregnancy, and hope to help everyone.

1. Do a pre -pregnancy medical examination on time

This is what many people ignore, and it is also very important. Pre -pregnancy medical examinations are more targeted. They are special examinations that can help prospective parents to check that they should not get pregnant or some unfavorable factors.Avoid it in time.

2. Both the couple of the medical examination before pregnancy must participate

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Many dads often ignore this. We all want to have healthy babies, so physical examination is really important.

Third, pregnancy

After pregnancy, I was very careful at that time. After all, there was a little baby in my stomach, breathing with me to share fate.

1. Working and diet law

After pregnancy, I changed the problem of love to play with mobile phones. Electronic devices have radiated the fetus. Except for daily work needs, I usually play mobile phones and computers.

Sometimes I used to forget to have breakfast.Eat every meal after pregnancy, and start eating less garbage foods. Most of them do it by themselves, so healthier.

2. Do not drink milk tea and wine

I used to be a person who loves milk tea, but I have never drank milk tea, wine, and tea after pregnancy.I will hide far away from others.

3. Stay away from the formaldehyde environment

I was pregnant shortly after the renovation of my family. I was worried that formaldehyde was not good for my baby, so I went to my mother -in -law for a while.I have been venting for 5 months at home before I came back.

4. Can’t take medicine randomly

I am afraid of being sick after pregnancy, so my family also takes care of me, afraid that I have a cold.Generally, doctors dare to take medicine and do not take other medicines.

5. Don’t mention heavy objects

I have not mentioned the heavy objects of more than 3 pounds during pregnancy. Don’t think that I am arrogant. I think my child is more important.I have been wearing flat shoes.

6. Keep a good mood

A good mood will be passed to the baby.Therefore, I do what I like throughout the pregnancy, read books, work, draw, and do self -media to make myself busy and enrich.

7. Avoid lying every day

In addition to the need to protect the fetus, you can take a walk and work every day under normal circumstances.You can’t lie down all the time, so it is not good for your baby.

8. Avoid eating and drinking

Although nutrition is required during pregnancy, there is no need to eat and drink every day.Many nutrition did not pass to the baby, but became the fat of expectant mothers.Eating too many children will grow too much, it is not easy to give birth.During the whole pregnancy, because I paid more attention to diet, I rose 30 pounds throughout my pregnancy, 130 pounds before my birth.

9. Examination on time

It is best to go to the hospital for examination every one month in the middle of pregnancy.Know the fetal development in a timely manner.Such as 4D color Doppler ultrasound, Tang sieve, deformed examination and so on.On time, the physical examination can help understand the situation, while not so anxious.

10. Try to control sexual life during pregnancy

Do not have too much sexual life during pregnancy.Especially in the early pregnancy, the third trimester.

11. Avoid frequent long -distance travel and going out

12. Make up as little as possible during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers are not recommended to make up during pregnancy, it is best to use skin care products for pregnant women.Safe skin care products for babies are best.

No eyebrows, no eyebrows, no hair, perm.

Fourth, early pregnancy

1. Forbidden sexual life

Sexual life is still very dangerous.

2. Several fetal movements per day

According to the doctor’s instructions, counting the fetal movement on time every day is necessary.Even if it is not so accurate, it is necessary to master the general, and go to the hospital immediately.

3. Pay attention to pseudo contractions

In the third trimester, expectant mothers will be troubled by pseudo -contractions. Do not be too tired. It is best to follow someone to go out.

4. Pay attention to prenatal anxiety

98%of expectant mothers will have prenatal anxiety.Learn to adjust and communicate with your family.It will affect the growth of the baby and cause the baby to be hypoxic.

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5. Prepare for production

Do some simple prenatal exercises, sit on the leg, and prepare your physical psychology.

In short, there are many precautions and contraindications throughout pregnancy.Moms and dads need to learn and understand in time.Maybe my summary is not very comprehensive, and I hope to help everyone.”””Pregnant women”””

I am Mom, a full -time mother who focuses on studying the field of children’s psychology and early education. I share my childcare knowledge every day and pay attention to me.

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