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Diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome

Many patients provide their own inspection reports and ask them if they are "polysacks"?

"Polycystic" has two meanings. One refers to the polycystic ovary syndrome, which meets two of the following three diagnostic standards: ① menstrual abnormalities.② Ultrasound reminds ovary polycystic change (unilateral or bilateral ovarian follicles are greater than 12).③ In the blood, therogens are higher than normal, or clinically there are antibiotic manifestations such as hairy and acne. It is necessary to exclude other diseases that cause high androgen, such as adrenal diseases or ovarian tumors.

Another is that ultrasound indicates that the ovary polycystic changes are changed, and menstruation androgen are normal. Such patients should be alert to the progress of the disease and eventually develop into a polycystic ovary syndrome.

And we refer to "polycystic" patients usually refer to patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.There is no way to cure the polycystic ovary syndrome, and it can only control its development through drugs.If it is not controlled, it will also bring other diseases, such as metabolic diseases: high fat, high sugar, insulin resistance, osteoporosis, etc.

How to treat polycystic ovary syndrome

First of all, change lifestyle, less sugar, less oil, more exercise, reduce body weight, control weight in the normal range.If you want to lose weight, except for appropriate diet, you should be achieved through aerobic exercise.The heart rate reaches 120 to 140 times / minute, and it continues 40-50 minutes per day.

Then adjust the reproductive hormone and restore normal ovulation.Generally, oral contraceptives such as Da Ying-35, Mom Fon, and other adjustment hormones. If hypercast leshamia is combined, and secretion of prolactin drugs such as bromidine is also added.

For patients with fertility requirements, after the hormone adjustment is adjusted to normal, the Mom Fon (Croben Card Pavilion cannot stop, obeys the doctor’s advice).Try to try in the same room; some patients still have no ovulation after stopping the drug. They can try the follicle monitoring and guidance of the ovulation cycle of the same room. The man must check the routine of semen at the same time.

If there is no fertility requirements, you can take an interpretation of contraceptives for a long time. If you take 3 months, stop for 3 months, and eat for another 3 months, you will ensure that you have menstruation every 1 to 2 months.If the menstruation or menstruation is not regular for a long time, the endometrium is prone to lesions.

Finally, it is necessary to conduct metabolic related examinations such as the full biochemical and insulin resistance, but it is not unimportant. If there is metabolic -related diseases, it is also actively treated to maintain the internal environment of good and suitable pregnancy in the body.

Patients with fertility requirements are prone to occur during ovulation

Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome are prone to the following situations during ovulation -promoting:

① Repeat ovulation, but no follicle growth.If this happens 6 times, it is recommended to directly consider IVF treatment.

② During the ovulation process, more than 3 follicles mature.At this time, the risk of excessive stimulation and the risk of multiple pregnancy are relatively large. Doctors will generally inform you of the risk, and suggest that the same room will be canceled, and the drug dose will be adjusted next time.It may be more difficult

To adjust to a suitable amount; this situation can be considered many times, you can consider puncture excess follicles, leave two follicles or directly switch to IVF treatment.

③ There are follicle development and can be discharged, but they are not pregnant.At this time, in addition to the men’s semen routine, it also depends on the patient’s past medical history.If there is a medical history that may cause influenza of tubal tubes, it is recommended to do tubal angiography to clarify the tubal tube.

④ Performable risks of IVF treatment.Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome are well -owned by the ovarian reserve. In the process of ovulation promotion of IVF, ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome is often prone to occur, manifested as ascites, chest water, less urine, thrombosis, etc., and can even endanger life.During the promotion process, doctors will closely monitor and adjust the dosage. In order to avoid adverse consequences, patients will be recommended to freeze all embryos to cancel the transplantation of fresh cycles, and at the same time tell patients to eat high -protein diet.

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