Japanese female high school students were imprisoned, and more than 44 days took turns to invade hundreds of times. After the death, the cement tank was pregnant

On January 4, 1989, a Japanese gangster’s 18 -year -old bad teenager Miyano Shi, after playing Mahjong and losing money with his companions, he was unhappy. He suddenly remembered that in the attic of the second floor of Shuimen’s home, he also imprisoned a young girl.son".

So he ran to the attic of Shuimen’s house. A young girl who was unobstructed lying on the ground was dying. Miyano Yushi had no distress. Instead, he poured liquid liquid on the girl, and then dripped the candle to her.On his face, listening to the screams of Koada Koado, Miyano Yuchi seemed to have a "abnormal pleasure". He took off his pants and relieved Gu Tianchiko, and gave her a fierce way.

Taro Koniko, who was bruised all over, dragged the swollen and bleeding body, and suddenly twitched. Miyano Yu thought that the girl was pretending to be, so he called the gangster brother to continue to violate the girl for 2 hours, and found that she would no longer move.One of the men lit the cigarette and placed in front of Koada Koito’s nose, so she realized that she was really dead.

This is the "female high school student cement can kill incident" in Japan in 1988. Four bad teenagers use extremely cruel abnormal methods to tie a ignorant girl into their own lofts, and torture and invade 40For four days, the day of the remaining body of Mutian Toriko shocked the entire Japan.

Kutada Tsukita was born in Meixiang City, Saitama Prefecture. Although she is a girl in ordinary families, the 17 -year -old Junzi looks sweet and cute, and is welcomed by the school boys.Efforts to become an idol singer.However, it is not easy for parents to go to school for the three children in their families. In addition to studying, Kuda Tsukita will also find some scattered part -time jobs.

In October 1988, Junzi found a job of a plastic molding factory. Every time he was Chunzi, a person rode back and forth back and forth.It is easy to be stared at by the local gangsters and the little stubbornness.

Chunzi simply thought that under the day and day, those bad teenagers did not dare to start, but what she did not know was that at the time, Miyano Hishi, who was in school and herself, was always hated because of the rejection on the spot.Junko.

This is also the beginning of tragedy. Before telling the story of Junzi, let’s briefly introduce the "criminal gang" led by Miyano History.

Miyano Yuchi (18 years old) is the initiator of the abduction and imprisonment of Kuda Taro. The participants are three, namely Kakura (17 years old), Shuimen Xinzhi (16 years old), and Watanabe Jing (17 years old).The above four are the main "criminals". Most of their families are incomplete. Since childhood, they have unmanned discipline. They have joined the gangsters when they are bad.In the 44 -day torture, there are countless gangs and bad teenagers who have participated in the invasion and abuse process of Chunzi.

However, in the final trial of the Japanese court, the remaining participants were not mentioned, so we can only bring it here.

In order not to be confused by their names, the author simply called them pure son (victims), Miyano, Kakura, Watergate, Bian Jing (criminal gang).

On November 25, 1988, Junzi was as usual. After part -time job, he was looking forward to going home with his favorite idol show, but Miyano took his own water door with his own age, and he was pure.The goal near the Mei Xiang where Zi lived, watching Junzi ride a bicycle passing by, Miyano instantly gave birth to a bad idea.Koji forwarded Junzi up.

The appearance of a gentleman, greeted Junzi, and kindly said, "The guy of the water gate must be crazy, it’s not safe here, I’ll send you home", I didn’t think much about Miyano, and promised Miyano’s proposal., But the route of the two home is not right. When Junzi is about to leave home alone, Miyano finally reveals his true face.Edem her.

The "criminal gang" headed by Miyano has done many incidents of infringing different girls. They will not be afraid of the girl’s crying and alarm in the mouth.Threats the safety of family members, and then "the rape is gone."

So no matter how Chunzi begged, Miyano just told her obediently, as long as she was "enjoyed", she could go home.Silly believed that Junzi, who followed Miyano, came to the hotel again, and was violated by Miyano again.

However, Miyano didn’t mean to let go of Junzi. After the Watergate, Kurakami, and Bian Jing arrived, they brought Tunzi to the attic of Shuimenjia, Ayase District. This is where their gangsters often meet together.Except for Miyano, the remaining three people vented their "beastly desires" on Taro.

Chunzi is weak, and it is not a opponent of four men at all. He can only obey their requirements and pray that he can go home smoothly the next morning, but one of the men named Okang proposed to abduct the prisoner of purezi and leave her to leave her.On the loft of the water gate, you can let your friends and gangsters enjoy free "service".

The matter where Junzi stayed on the second floor was soon discovered by the mother of the water gate. She urged Junzi to go home quickly, but the left -behind Miyano threatened Junzi as his girlfriend and stayed here to play with them.

In the past few days when Chunzi disappeared, her parents reported the police, worried that Miyano, which was revealed, and asked Junzi to call her family to report to peace. After three calls, the police station gave up the trace of finding Chunzi.

On the evening of November 28, Junzi once again suffered from non -human abuse, and the miserable screams were surrounded by the roof.Men, six people learned the appearance of "addicts", staggered in the room to intimidate the pure son, and the pure son wore thin clothes to avoid it back and forth. In order not to surprise the mother of the water gate, one of the boys pressed the pure son with a pillow and pressed the pure son.His head, then began to infringe on purezi.

The mother of the water gate finally realized that the situation was not right. She went to the attic to check and was scolded by the water gate. The weak mother was afraid of being violent in her son.

With this "fun", the four criminal gangs always felt that they needed more exciting things, so they brought more gangsters and friends to meet the attic party of Shuimen to drive them all invading purezi.

The pure son who had been tortured always looked at the ceiling dullly, and let the men who came to the attic or a man violated herself. If she had a trace of resistance, she would be beaten fiercely.

When only four people headed by Miyano, they will still be torture the pure son, so that the pure son dances without wearing clothes, and puts match, bottle, and metal rod to torture her.Repeat her skin with a lighter and candle.

Chunzi couldn’t eat food for several days. At first, Junzi was only suffered from simple skin injuries, but with deepening torture, they poured a lot of alcohol, water and milk, the internal organs and the internal organs of the pure son, andThe organs began to be damaged, and in the case of burns and serious injuries, the urine of the pure son was incontinence.

Even the bathroom on the first floor was a problem. The mother of the water gate really looked down on, and took the initiative to run away with the pure son, but before she went out, she was stopped by one of the gangsters who came back.Calling the parents of Junzi, but at the time of the call, the mother of the water gate lost her mind again. In order to keep the face of the family, I gave Junzi’s parents a wrong address and missed the opportunity to save Junzi.

At this point, the four gangs learned that Chunzi had a thought of escaping, and beaten her again in the attic, and even picked up the barbells and smashed it on Chunzi, and then took turns to violate her.

Junzi has been trapped in Shuimen’s loft for more than 30 days, but she still failed to wait for the opportunity to go home. She could only endure torture and abuse. Chunzi’s body was fractured.The purulent wounds are bleeding, and the face has severely distorted. From time to time, there will be a rotten smell. It floats out of the pure son. "The four criminal gangs" saw Purezi, and she had no interest in her.As long as anyone is unwilling, he will beat the pure son as a sandbag.

The four bad teenagers headed by Miyano, in order to continue to satisfy their perverted desires, they started to violate new objects near the park.This also has a scene mentioned at the beginning. Miyano was in a bad mood. He returned to the attic to torture Purezi with his friends. At that time, it happened to be January 4, 1989. Three days after the New Year, Junzi was beaten."Traumatic shock dies".

The four -person criminal gang was not afraid, but found a cement barrel to put the pure son inside, and then poured into the soil. When it was thrown on the side of the outskirts of Tokyo late at night, Miyano might be a little scared.The idol show videotape was put in the cement can, hoping that her undead would not find herself.

Miyano, Watergate, Kakura, and Bian Jing did not stop their sins behind the corpse of the pure son. Instead, they continued to find a girl who went home alone and carried out turns violations. It was finally on January 23, 1989.They were caught in the police station for violating the 19 -year -old girl.

During the interrogation process, the police just received a case of being killed by women and children, so they asked Miyano. Miyano thought the other three members had exposed their killing of purezi.

So they took the initiative to make all the things they did to Junzi, and then revealed the sensational "female high school student cement murder incident". The police found Junzi’s corpse, not only detecting Miyano’s four -person gangs led by the four -person gangs led by Miyano.The DNA also found that she was pregnant, but as to whose children, there was no way to investigate it, and she could only prosecute the four of them.

In the end, Miyano was sentenced to 20 years in prison, Watergate was sentenced to 5 to 9 years, and Xiaocang was in 8 years. Bianjing was imprisoned for 5 to 7 years. Although the mother of Shuimen had not reported it, she helped Junzi escape, so she was exempted fromGo to punishment.

Although the wicked were punished, they were not enough to offset the experience of pure son. What is even more terrible is that the prisoner’s parents believe that it is a "unsuccessful point" of pure son, which will hurt his son to bear the prison.

What a terrible parent, not only failed to reflect on their mistakes, but also blamed all the sins on a victim. May they regret their behavior in their back their lives.

As for the four -person gangs, headed by Miyano, they still failed to change their nature after they were released from prison. They just simply changed their names to cover up the past and continued to engage in gangsters. Some even got married and had children, but after all, there was no good result.

The "pure child incident" is something that every Japanese people are unwilling to mention. I hope that such a tragedy will never happen, and I hope that there will be more tenderness and less indifference in the world to save more innocent "vulnerable groups".

Well, the content of this issue is over here. Friends like friends pay attention to reposting. We see you next time.

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