Junior high school girls are pregnant, more boys should learn to protect themselves!

Today, the parent group in the class was bombed in the pan. What a parent said. So far, I feel incredible and deeply shocked!

The following is a real thing. For privacy, the names are all pseudonyms.

A mother in the group said that her friend A’s son, Wu Wei, had a big naive belly and pregnant.Both children are still students. Wu Weigang was just in high school. He was still in junior high school. A high school student was pregnant with a junior high school student.

Although in recent years, the folk customs of our country have become more and more open, and society is becoming more and more tolerant. Many things are strange.But junior high school students were pregnant, which still shocked me and was difficult to accept. At the same time, I felt heartache and sorry for this girl!

It is said that both parents A and B are friends. When they happened, their families were embarrassed. What should I do in the end?The girl’s mother was crying and regretted, and ran to the boy’s house and scolded the boy. The parents of the man gave 2,000 yuan to give birth. Because everyone is a friend, it is not easy to make trouble.The parents of the two parties also said that if they are still interesting in the future, they will let them be together, probably marriage, and this is over.As a result, the girl did not take a high school and went to the vocational school.

It is reported that the parents of both sides have previously known that boys and girls are falling in love. The girls and dads have also governed, saying, scolding, and fighting.However, the girl also fought against it, saying that the control was too tight, and the parents were afraid to force too much.Friends have also reminded their children’s mother to pay attention to the problem of this pregnancy.It can be described that Qian Ding Wan told that the girl was still pregnant, and the girl was still pregnant for 4 months, and the parents needed to sign it. The girl took the initiative to confess. At this time, the parents knew.It’s really bloody!The girl is a student and goes home every day. The parents did not find it, especially the mother did not find any abnormalities, and said that she only thought that the child was getting fat.What a big heart!This incident has a great impact on the two sides, especially for girls, hurting the body and mind, and I do n’t know if it can be over this hurdle, or how long it takes to flatten this trauma!

In my opinion, parents are very responsible, and family education must reflect more.Although the child is living at home, the parents and the child meet every day, and the geographical distance is close, but the psychological distance is gradually drifting away. What the child thinks and what, the parents do not know, of course, there is no suggestion, let alone the suggestions.When the child’s heart starts to close, it is the most dangerous moment in the road of growth … Trust each other, the child feels warm, and natural love is relatively rich. Even if they change physiological and psychological changes in adolescenceI feel that I like and admire, and I am more in the heart. Reasonable guidance and confusion can avoid going towards an extreme path, and to avoid being traumatized by physical and mental.The source of this incident is also very complicated. Anyway, there is a problem with family education. I estimate that the parent -child relationship is also a problem. A good parent -child relationship, the child’s heart is warm, and trusts the parents.If there is anything, the probability is to be willing to share with parents.I think that this mother does not pay enough attention and carelessly, just education that stays orally.

This incident has aroused fierce discussion of parents in the class, especially as parents of girls. What’s more, girls need to conduct sexual education early and learn to protect themselves.In fact, I think boys and girls are the same, and they have to carry out sex education to protect themselves.Even boys need more, because most of the harm of girls in this area comes from the opposite sex. If boys have a correct understanding of sex education, they know early, which reduces the incidence of damage from the source.This is the root cause of the problem, not just letting girls protect themselves. Although our family is a son, I often educate children. As a boy, I must be responsible, be brave to take responsibility, know how to protect themselves, and we must know how to protect themselves.Don’t hurt others.

I don’t know if you disagree with such concepts?Welcome everyone to express more opinions!

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