Just because I heard the doctor’s words, I doubted that I was not pregnant, and I almost went to do Yin Chao

On the 12th day after ovulation, that is, I went to the hospital on Friday. The doctor was sure that I was not pregnant.I said whether it was biochemical, and she said no.I have confirmed that it is definitely not pregnant? It is not possible that it is biochemical? She answered yes, no.I said that the three brands of the three brands I tested have double bars. She said that it is subject to blood drawing! Let me go to the thickness of the endometrium, and see if it is necessary to take medicine to promote the case.Then I paid very depressed.Fortunately, the B -ultrasound was a male doctor that day, and Yin Chao couldn’t do it.I think this is also God’s arrangement, and I decisively retreated it.Go home and test paper. Although it is not obvious, it is still a little deeper.

And my body temperature has not dropped, and today I was so angry that I went to draw blood again.The result is really excited, because I found a polycystic at the end of the 14th, which is a kind of infertility.Generally, you need to promote the tinker to get pregnant, so this time it is not easy! Thank you God for your gift.

For the versatile, I haven’t taken medicines such as British. I want to rely on exercise, moxibustion, soy milk ovulation naturally.That’s it for half a month, and this time I was in China.I don’t know if it doesn’t matter.

Below is my two test reports, which are tested four days apart.The sisters who understand it for help me see, is the value low? And the early pregnancy test paper I tested, Costy Lan Xiuer was tested on September 8.David said that I was not tested after pregnancy.

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