Just released!About pregnant women’s maternity examination, child vaccine vaccination … Experts from Changzhou Maternity and Gynecology Hospital said this

When a new type of coronary virus was encountered during pregnancy, many mothers and expectant mothers started to worry.It’s time to check the checkup, should you go to the hospital for a check -up on time?The newborn baby is hot, do you want to go to the hospital?What should I do if the child is in the time of vaccine and is delayed?To this end, the reporter interviewed experts from Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital to answer these questions that mothers and expectant mothers care about.

Must go to the hospital in these 5 stages

Wang Huiyan, chief physician of the Conglou District of Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital and the Yidou District of Changzhou, introduced that, overall, there are five stages of examination from pregnancy to childbirth.

The first stage is when I was pregnant. I usually go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound in the hospital. This is to exclude ectopic pregnancy. You can also find out whether there is a fetal heart.Around Zhou, that is, when three months, when you go to the community service center where you are located, you must have two inspections during the early pregnancy.

The second stage is between 15 weeks and 20 weeks. Examinations need to be checked to eliminate chromosomal deformities. Generally, it is determined according to age. Under 35 years of age, it is a Tang family screening.In addition, at this stage, you can make an appointment for the fetal B -ultrasound screening.

The third compulsory stage is between 20 and 28 weeks, one is the screening of the fetal system, which checks the fetal deformity, and the other is the examination of diabetes. If the appointment time is about 24 weeks, you can use this to take this.Two inspections were done together.

The fourth stage is from 30 to 34 weeks. The doctor reminded the blood to test blood at this time to understand the situation of the organs of the whole body, whether there is anemia, etc., and the B -ultrasound to understand the development of the fetus.

The fifth stage is from 37 weeks, and pregnant women are required to go to the hospital once a week. The purpose is to do fetal heart monitoring each time, including regular B -ultrasound monitoring.

The infant fever within three months must be visited in time

The baby’s immunity is poor,

Therefore, colds and fever are common.

Especially winter and spring.

But due to the epidemic,

Parents do not dare to take their children to the hospital easily.

What kind of situation can be observed at home?

What situations must I go to the hospital for treatment?

Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the Zhonglou District of the First Hospital of Changzhou, Wang Huaiyan, director of the Newborn Department and the Chief of Pediatrics, said:

"For children with a fever at different ages, the treatment methods are different." The baby within three months has fever, and it must be a doctor.At the same time, the baby does not mean that there is no problem without fever. The clinical manifestations of newborns are different from big children. If there is a decrease in breastfeeding, the complexion of the face is suddenly yellow, the face is suddenly blue, white, or sleeping time ratio than sleep time ratio.In general, there are significantly increased, and they must come to the hospital as soon as possible. These symptoms may be an early manifestation of the worsening condition.

For a larger child, usually a fever does not need to go to the doctor immediately. If it is a low fever, the duration is not long. Generally speaking, the problem is not big.She suggested that ordinary colds have fever, runny nose, and sneezing. You can take some antipyretics at home, drink water to observe, or appropriately assist in taking a little proprietary Chinese medicine, but if it is high fever, it is more than three days in a row, and the mental state is not very good.Well, in this case, I went to the hospital to do a check.

In addition, the doctor reminded that if the child has a fever, there is no history of contact with Wuhan, suspected patients, or diagnosed patients in the near future. Parents do not have to be too nervous. At this timeIf you really need to see a doctor, you must also take good protection measures, wear a mask, and cooperate with the guidance of medical staff for inspection after you go to the hospital.

These three vaccines must be vaccinated in time

Due to the epidemic,

Many parents are worried,

What should I do if my baby’s vaccine is delayed?

Can it be delayed?

Will there be problems with the postponement?

Wang Huaiyan told reporters

Some vaccines are unsatisfactory, that is, they must be planted. For example, rabies vaccine and tetanus vaccine must be planted in the hospital in time if needed.The other is the hepatitis B vaccine of the neonatal. The particular mother is a newborn of hepatitis B. must be timely to take hepatitis B high -efficiency immunoglobulin in time. These three vaccines must not be delayed.

As for other vaccines, Dr. Wang introduced that depending on the situation, some vaccines have no strict time limit. You can also make up if you postpone it, and you do not need to start from scratch.For example, influenza vaccine and chickenpox vaccine, these vaccines have no time to limit it. At this time, it is not necessary to be hit, and there are ash vaccines. Starting for two months, the child needs to take the spine of the spine.It doesn’t matter if you start eating a month, it can also achieve a certain degree of immunity, but the time to reach immunity is delayed for a while.

For some time -limited vaccines, we must understand the scope of time. For example, if the card seedlings, they need to be vaccinated within the age of four. There is no need to vaccinate when they are more than four years old.Wang Huaiyan introduced that if the vaccine is required within one year of age, it is enough to take the vaccination within the age of the year.

She reminds that the vaccine that can be delayed will not affect the ultimate effect of the vaccine. If the delayed time is longer, parents can contact the corresponding vaccination clinic to consult. If you need to go out, you can go out.Good appointments in advance and take corresponding protection measures.

Some vaccination clinics have also recovered in an orderly manner

Parents can get vaccines in time as long as they make an appointment in advance

It is understood that a total of 12 children’s vaccination points in New Taipei District have been resumed from 10 children’s vaccination points since February 27.

Mahang Community Health Service Center

At present, children’s prevention clinics of the Malaysian Community Health Service Center have resumed work.At the scene, the hospital specially opened a special channel for vaccination pre -examination and section. Only one parent was allowed to accompany them, and inquiries about the temperature measurement and healthy inquiries with the "health code", and fill in the "Health Declaration Form".EssenceIn the prevention of the clinic, the registration office, the area of vaccination, and the observation room, some medical staff toured to guide and kept the queue distance of more than 1 meter.

Wujin District began to fully and orderly restore the vaccination work on February 25.In the past few days, professionals and control of the Wujin District Health and Health Bureau organized district medical control, district health supervision and other professionals conducted comprehensive inspections on the opening of 18 children’s prevention clinics and 20 adult prevention clinics in the region.Essence

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