Keke, many people continue to sore throat 丨 teach you 6 tricks to relieve throat problems!

After the May Day holiday, did you find that there were more coughing sounds, and there were more people who shouted to dry and itching and pain in their throats. Many people started to feel itchy in their throats.inflammation.

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Although the throat is used to say together, it is actually two parts. We talk about the throat, and the throat is like a "anti -theft door" in our respiratory pipeline.Redness and pain occur.

Salmonitis is a common throat disease. It refers to the inflammatory response that occurs in the throat mucosa and surrounding lymph tissue. 70%-80%of the pharyngitis is caused by the virus., Chain bacteria infection, etc. are relatively common sore throat.

Bacterial, dust, and smoke, such as allergic constitution, suffer from allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, gastroesophageal reflux, etc., can also cause inflammation in the throat.

Most patients with pharyngitis are prone to dry itching and burning of the pharynx in the early days. Because of throat discomfort, it can cause cough, sound change, or even losing sound. It may also cause fever, headache, fatigue and other conditions, causing physical discomfort to affect daily life.

Most patients with laryngitis will heal at about a week. During the throat pain, pay attention to replenishing water to avoid speaking loudly, avoid smoking, drinking and intake irritating food, so as to better protect the throat and eat less rough and spicy foods as possible.

1. Follow the doctor’s advice: Drugs usually have a slow release effect within 1-2 hours, and even more time. Pay attention to the amount of taking during this time to avoid having plenty of drugs to cause liver metabolism.

2. Cold food sedative: Pogee, ice cubes, ice water are contained in the throat, which can play a certain numbing role, temporarily reduce throat pain. Be careful not to eat more and avoid stimulating the stomach.

3. Control of diet temperature: Diet should be not to eat hot foods. Over -hot liquid or food may cause throat pain in the throat.

4. Moisturizing food arrangement: Foods such as honey, coriander, etc. can relieve sore throat, especially candy containing mint ingredients. It reminds that children under 6 years of age should pay attention to eating hard sugar and mint ingredients.Function, avoid accidents caused by hard sugar card throat.

5. Drink the amount of water: Avoid hot water, keep the throat moist, and accelerate your body metabolism.

6. Improve air quality: Far away from second -hand cigarettes and dust in the room. You can keep the environment moist and clean through the humidifier.

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