Knowing that my ex -wife was unexpectedly pregnant, my ex -husband wanted to pat her butt and persuaded her to kill: no feelings for you anymore

She came to the mediation site with the Six Jia, surrounding this unborn child, and the opinions of both sides were very different. As the child’s biological parents, the most embarrassing thing was that they were not a legal couple, just a couple of and women.The two were divorced and remarried, remarried and divorced. The relationship was always floating. During the divorce, the woman was pregnant unexpectedly. The child’s sudden appearance became the focus of all contradictions.What kind of story has happened in the past two decades?

Wang Juan (pseudonym) is very determined. Children who are more than four months in their stomachs must be born. Although she has divorced Lingfeng (pseudonym), the child is not born, and he has to hear her as a mother.Both Wang Juan and Lingfeng are about to run four. Their biggest children are at the age of seventeen to study in high school.There are two reasons for Lingfeng to do not want their children: 1. It is difficult to do business, and they are going out of the house when they divorce.

The child’s problem is closely related to the relationship between the two people. Lingfeng is very anxious. He cannot convince his ex -wife Wang Juan.According to him, if the child is going to be born, he will have to choose Fengzi to remarry, which is the result he is unwilling to accept.So since I chose a divorce, why did I choose to divorce and stay at home?

Lingfeng opened a auto trade company with friends. The partner’s wife purchased a group of work clothes to let employees try it one by one. However, Wang Juan felt that the other party did not respect her.After returning home, Wang Juan accused Ling Feng of buying clothes and not discussing with her, so he asked his partner’s wife to buy it.

Lingfeng said that his wife had no less than 6 times for this trivial matter, and the most fierce trouble rushed to the kitchen and took the kitchen knife, saying that he would split him.Seeing his wife holding a kitchen, Lingfeng decided to divorce.The next day Lingfeng wrote a divorce prosecution to the court.

Wang Juan said that the fuse of the divorce is not clothes at all, but the husband’s emotional betrayal.Husband has a group, and Wang Juan has no intention of finding that there is an additional woman in the group. This woman is the derailment of her husband many years ago.Wang Juan asked the husband to kick the other party out of the group. The two big quarrels moved the kitchen knife. The husband was unwilling to move the other party out of the group.

After Lingfeng proposed a divorce, the couple began to separate, and the relationship between the two worsen quickly.At the same time, as the company’s owner, Lingfeng, in the social occasion, another woman appeared around her.Wang Juan said that her husband publicly took a third party to eat, drink and play outside, and also took the other party to pick up the car.

Wang Juan secretly looked at her husband’s mobile phone. Her husband had the habit of calling for call recording. Wang Juan heard the two of them opened the house, which room.Wang Juan went to find Lingfeng for a match. Lingfeng: "You can’t control it, we all have to divorce." Wang Juan found the third party and persuaded the other party to let the third party not destroy their family. HoweverThe three are rampant: "You control your own husband."

Wang Juan said that after the husband sued the divorce, he rented a house outside and a third party ghost. The two hugged in the car and were caught by her.Wang Juan and the third party played, and the third party said very much: "You can’t control your husband yourself, your husband doesn’t want you anymore, why are you entangled?"

Wang Juan did not want to divorce. She asked relatives to help mediate. For the sake of children, Lingfeng also considered not divorced, but he asked Wang Juan to call him 200,000. If Wang Juan made 50,000 from inside, wait for the moneyAfter the deduction is when they divorce.Wang Juan agreed to Lingfeng’s request and gave him 200,000.

However, during the agreement, Lingfeng wanted to continue his relationship with the third party, so he destroyed 200,000 to Wang Juan in advance. In order to divorce, Lingfeng was willing to go out of the house.Less than half a year after the divorce, Lingfeng broke up with the third party and returned home.In order to give the child a complete home, Wang Juan accepted Lingfeng unconditionally.

After Lingfeng returned, the two began a divorce life. Although the Lingfeng people returned, their hearts were still outside, and they had contact with the third party. The two often called.Now that Wang Juan is pregnant, she is determined to give birth to a child, because she had already hit the child once, and the big bleeding was almost gone. This time, when I was pregnant, Wang Juan had to give birth to the child.Lingfeng disagreed that he had no feelings for his wife, and felt that the child was a burden. If he was born, he would be forced to remarry with Wang Juan.

The mediator believes that this situation is caused by Wang Juan himself. Knowing that the divorce of the two also allows the child to appear, and he is willing to have no dignity at all.The man publicly lived with a third party during the marriage.The man does not want a child, why did she get her pregnancy unexpectedly?Isn’t there a little bit in your heart?His ex -wife is pregnant now, but what the man shows is not distressed, guilty, and self -blame, but indifference.Because Fengzi remarried, the component of the breakdown will be very large.The right to fertility is in the hands of women, but women should learn to protect themselves and cherish their bodies.Now that you are pregnant, you will be moved forward by this bad marriage. Is this your life?

After listening to the teacher’s words, Lingfeng realized his mistake. He apologized to his ex -wife, and he decided to respect his ex -wife’s will.If the ex -wife decides to be born, the personality of both sides needs to be changed, and he will also be responsible for the child.Hearing the ex -husband’s words, Wang Juan shed tears.In any case, we still bless them, hoping that Lingfeng is really wrong, and we must be worthy of his wife and children.

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