Let Liangshan children "sell miserable", should not become a "traffic password"

If you see such a video when you browse your mobile phone -a dusty child stands in front of a dilapidated house, saying that he has no father and mother, you can only help your neighbors and take care of your brother and sister, you willDo n’t you have compassion, do you want to do his best for this group of children in the mountains?

On the 23rd, the video entitled "I can’t think of dreaming, and the child wants to fertilize" was published by the short video blogger "Mr. Lu Liangshan Xing" on the relevant platform, which instantly attracted warm attention from netizens.However, this false video was actually interpreted by Lu to obtain the eyeballs and deliberately let the children in the Liangshan area be performed. The children in the video actually lived in a concentrated house with grandma and enjoyed policy subsidies.According to the latest news, Lu has been summoned by the public security organs according to law, asking him to immediately delete false and non -real videos and publicly apologize.

I thought it was a positive energy relay, and the result was a absurd "selling miserable" farce, which was so shocking.This is not the first time that children in Daliangshan have appeared in the public’s vision for the first time. Artificial planning, malicious patch, and later synthesis … The false videos with children as vulnerable groups are not only the bottom line of challenging the public, but also the bottom line of the public.It brought the spiritual shadow that could not be "deleted" for children in this video.

Children growing should not be a "password" that earns traffic.The newly revised minor protection law has established a "six protection" system. Among them, for the network protection of minors, Article 72 clearly stipulates that "information processors to handle personal information through the network shallFollow the principles of legal, legitimate, and necessary. If you handle personal information of minors under the age of 14, you should obtain the consent of the parents or other guardians of the minor. "The short videos made by the use of children’s shooting not only violate the law, but also the laws and regulations.More importantly, this will inevitably affect their physical and mental health and the values that have not been formed, bringing children the original thinking of the original thinking and unnecessary social attention to the children, which will affect the child’s daily life andfuture development.If the situation of false information reaches a certain degree of severity, it must also bear the corresponding criminal responsibility.

At the beginning of 2019, the "Specifications for the Management of Network Short Video Platforms" was released, and it was clear that the online short video platform implemented the content of the program for review and then broadcasting the broadcast system; at the end of 2020, the State Administration of Radio and Television issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Live and E -commerce Live Management of E -commerce"It is proposed that the platform should implement the management of management and construction, and achieve precise early warning and timely blocking of bad content.At the national level, it has been explicitly stipulated in platform supervision. Since the responsibility is clear, why is the video "sell miserable" still happen frequently?How to improve the illegal cost of short video publishers and let goodwill release on the real basis?This deserves our thoughts.

In this regard, the short video platform operator can establish orientation screening of the review link, and use keywords, content composition, etc. to make such videos second filtering to increase the threshold for review and make the accountability of the post -after -to -after -to -event prevention.Information that contains the physical and mental health that harms minors should immediately take disposal measures such as deletion, shielding, and disconnecting links to save relevant records and report to online information, public security and other departments.At the same time, the legal guardians of the local government departments and minors shall conduct a positive investigation and response after the incident. For those who do constitute a fictional fact, they must clarify and pursue the responsibility of short video publishers in time to ensure that the high cost of violations must be investigated.Short video production method.

Children in Da Liangshan do not need to "sell miserable", they just need to grow freely between mountains and rivers, and then go out of the mountains and give back to Dashan.This is the common responsibility of the whole society, and it is also our greatest goodwill for this group of children.

Source: Procuratorate

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