Li Jiaxin became the biggest regret of dawn. Now he is attending the wedding with her husband, and the small abdomen is suspected to be pregnant

As the four major kings of Hong Kong, everyone must be obsessed with him.Of course, it is not only our ordinary people. Even a big beauty like Li Jiaxin also has an idea about Dawn.At the beginning, the two people in love with Li Ming and Li Jiaxin were full of trouble. Of course, the relationship between the two people was really a pity.

I can only say that I met the right person at the wrong time. As a result, a pair of golden boy and jade girl could not reach the end.Of course, the two of them are not in love at first sight, but they are actually a little dramatic.

At that time, Dawn planned to shoot a MV, and his thoughts at that time were to recruit Wang Zuxian to shoot.It’s just that Wang Zuxian is also a busy person, and he can’t take time.There is no way, only Li Jiaxin can be found.After contact, the two did not call each other, and thought it was over.

But sometimes fate is so clever, the MV of two people’s cooperation is followed.From the beginning of the strangeness to the later admiration.In the MV, many people also see that the love of Li Jiaxin in dawn eyes.Of course, Li Jiaxin also likes dawn, after all, both sides are really well -matched in any way.

After that, the two cooperated with movies, so that many people were sure they were dragging.In the face of media interviews, Li Jiaxin talked about himself and dawn, and generously acknowledged that two were in love.But Liming faced with such a straightforward disclosure of Li Jiaxin, he retreated and could not take that step.Dawn’s heart is concerned about this. He feels that love now will definitely have a great impact on his popularity.

Therefore, in the face of the media Dawn has always called each other as a friend, although Li Jiaxin did not say anything, he must be sad to Dawn.

The results of the two can also guess, the pair of golden boy and jade girl finally separated.Perhaps in his heart, it is a regret to the two sides. Today, Li Jiaxin married the rich man Xu Jinheng, gave birth to his son, and lived a carefree happy life.

Dawn also has his own family, with his wife and children.It is rare that the friendship between the two people still maintains it. When the concert was opened, Li Jiaxin would participate in no matter what he encountered.The friendship between the two was buried in their hearts so deeply.

Today, Liming will still shoot some film and television works, and will also hold concerts, but relatively speaking, the state is still more peaceful. After all, it has been so long in debut.EssenceAfter Li Jiaxin joined the giants, her superb emotional intelligence was also mixed here.

While attending a wedding banquet with her husband recently, Li Jiaxin, 49, was still very good and his complexion was very good.The face value is still particularly beautiful, but some sharp -eyed netizens will notice that Li Jiaxin’s body is a bit out of appearance, with a circle of meat on his stomach, which is very different from the perfect figure in the past. This makes everyone start to guess.There is a second child.

However, Li Jiaxin has never responded to the news in this regard. Of course, netizens also expressed their blessings. The people like these giants naturally hope that they can be blessed and blessed.It is also very good.

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