Li Nian wore a short skirt in March and went out of the street, cleverly covered the third child’s pregnant belly, and the details hinted that it was suspected to be a boy

A drama of Li Nian and Zhang Jia’s translation of Hai Qing co -starred in "Snail House" became popular. As a newcomer in the entertainment industry, Li Nian was more lucky than strength at that time, but because of the seaweed characters in the role of the role of seaweed, Li Nian was more controversial.Nian chose to get married and had children in a low -key, and after a few years of silence, he returned again. The latest developments, Li Nian wore a short skirt in March.

The weather in March is still cold and hot, which tests the physical fitness of the person, but Li Nian is wearing a black dress and a small jacket. It feels like a summer.It’s a bit big, there is no difference in other feelings.

Li Nian’s legs are very slender and their faces are small. Even if they have been pregnant for five or six months, there is no clumsy posture of a pregnant woman. Li Nian’s details suggest that they are suspected to be a boy.

For Li Nian, if the third child has a son, it is the two sons and daughters. If you have a daughter, there are two little princesses and a son in the family, but for Li Nian, the rich and rich husband are married.With a value of hundreds of millions of, naturally a boy will be more happy. In addition to the young and light men, it also involves the future family inheritance and growth.

Li Nian likes to show off wealth and also like luxury goods. It once caused controversy. Now he has slowly converged a lot, but Li Nian is really lucky. He is introduced to the rich’s husband.The age is equivalent, but he looks average but is absolutely ugly. He also respects Li Nian.

The key to other female celebrities who marry other female stars usually do not have the money of the stars, or have various problems after marriage and love, either listed as a liar, bankruptcy, etc. In the endAfter so many years of debut, the finances of the rich husband have always been very stable. Li Nian has no strong career in his career. When he returns to the family, he will go home and give birth to a child.Freshly popular.

And after marriage, she also gave birth to a child and a daughter. Now she is almost 40 years old and she is pregnant with her third child. She gave her husband three children, and her status was more stable, but she could have the courage and guts during the popularity period.Li Nian, who retired, must not have a bad family. It is said that the introduction is the right of the household. It can introduce Li Nian to the rich man with a value of hundreds of millions. Li Nian’s family will not be worse.

Some girls are naturally smooth, and naturally get the life that others have dreamed of in their lives. It can only be said that Li Nian’s life is really good, young and beautiful, and bless Li Nian to give birth to three babies as soon as possible.

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