Li Xiang can only watch white when she is pregnant. The TV is put on a white cloth.

Li Xiang was rated as the top ten Queen of 2020 in the latest quarter of 2020, creating a lot of live broadcast income.This was Li Xiang, hosted by the female of "Happy Camp", and was praised by the public by the TV series "Quick Mouth Li Cuilian".

Li Xiang’s identity is diverse, not limited to the current role. What is the life story of Li Xiang, who has a variety of identities?

In 1976, Li Xiang was born in Changsha. His father was a judge and did legal work. It was more serious.

His mother is a shareholder of Changsha Automobile Group. The strong woman has a strict work and is particularly severe. She rarely praises Li Xiang and creates Li Xiangchao’s pressure to resist the pressure.

Li Xiang’s mother married Hunan for love for love. At that time, the family opposed it.

Li Xiang’s mother dares to love and hate, and she really gave up everything in Beijing for love and came to Hunan to marry Sanwu’s father.

After the marriage, the husband and wife were loving, and Li Xiang’s mother got up early to cook the longan water for her father. Li Xiang and her sister were not allowed to eat, and only two yuan for two dollars went out to buy breakfast.

It is this personality of Li Xiang’s mother that affects Li Xiang who has a personality that can afford to play.

In 1997, Li Xiang, who graduated from Communication University of China, returned to Hunan and began to host a new variety entertainment program. The program was well received by Li Xiang to become one of the most popular female host.

When Li Xiang met with He Yan for the first time, He Yan looked up his name and saw his deity a little nervous. Li Xiang said not to be nervous. It would be good to follow her to host the show. At that time, it was the first time that he tried to make a happy base camp.

Once during the live broadcast, a sponsor was interviewed. At that time, the director told Li Xiang that he was a man wearing glasses and would come over at night. When the live broadcast, he found that the audience was sitting in a row of men wearing glasses.

Li Xiang walked to the middle and pointed to a man and said: This is the leader of our sponsor. Please say a few words.The admitted to hurriedly waved and denied that Li Xiang said very interestingly, not you, thank you, who is it, and then invite the leader.

How can it be said that if it is replaced with another host, it is estimated that it will be bold, but Li Xianghao’s personality does not care too much about this, and it is particularly indifferent.

During the live broadcast of Li Xiang and He Yan, both of them forgot the process. Li Xiang was born with wisdom, saying that he entered the advertisement. After the advertisement returned, he continued to play the game.

In fact, there was no arrangement at the time, and the on -site guide had to hurry into the advertisement.

Li Xiang hosted a 7 -year happy base camp and never asked for leave. This show itself was broadcasting and widely praised. Li Xiang enjoyed playing games with the audience on Saturday night and enjoyed it.

Seven years later, Li Xiangyi, who was hailed as "Hunan Satellite TV Sister", chose to leave the Happy Base Camp because of a word from her mother. Mom stimulated her. What would she do in addition to the happy base camp?

Li Xiang, who is strong in nature, is unwilling to be said, and in order to prove his strength, Li Xiang resolutely left, and his reputation was not as bright as before.

Although he has slowly withdrawn from the host circle, Li Xiang founded his own film and television company, investing in movies, creating a homemade drama, signing the artist, Li Xiang turned behind the scenes, and he was so good.

Speaking back to Li Xiang’s first marriage, Li Xiang and Li Houlin met were participating in time activities. He was the sponsor of the event. At that time, she was participating in a DIY game to win the championship. At that time, it was the award from Li Houlin to her.Leave the event site after the award.

Later, through the dinner organized by a common friend, Li Xiang belonged to Aquarius. Li Houlin also said that he was the same as Aquarius born on February 10. In the same birthday, the two began to be familiar with themselves.relation.

After talking about more than a month, Li Houlin asked Li Xiang to propose. There were no diamonds and no gorgeous scenes. They only said that they would protect her. Li Xiang believed that this was the one who wanted to cross his life. Every word he said deeply moved Li Xiang., Nodded and agreed, tears and eyes, and found a person he wanted to marry.

The next day, Li Xiang called to inform his mother and said that he would marry. The mother thought it was a joke. After waking up, she asked who it was?

Li Xiang described Li Houlin’s basic situation that his mother is also a bold person, as long as the daughter determines the other party.

The 33 -day lightning fate makes many people feel incredible. Some people have the case, and some people suspect and guess.

As the best friend, He Yan said that many people say that she is a big one. In fact, Li Xiang is a big model. There is no need to say that he puts herself in a relationship because of money.

Li Houlin feels that he has never considered getting married within 5 years, and the possibility of getting married is very small. It is not reliable for a 20 -year -old man in 30 days. HoweverI know what he wants, or whether this relationship is suitable, he will have his own rational judgment.

The two flew to Changsha to see Li Xiang’s parents before they got married. When Li Houlin took the plane, they sweated their palms. They went to pick a few clothes before going. Li Xiang’s father organized a group of relatives and friends to eat together.After holding it for a long time, I said, and called my dad.

After Li Xiang and Li Houlin’s wedding news was exposed, there were reports of Li Houlin’s scandal, but for Li Xiang as a man to talk about friends, it is normal to feel that Li Houlin loves himself.

As a quasi -wife, Li Xiang performed very generously and said that the other party had explained to himself as soon as possible.Li Xiang, who has a bold personality, makes her feel like she wants to protect Li Houlin. When he is accused by others, she wants to be his backing and become his retreat.

Both of them firmly believe that each other is the one found in this life. They support each other and encourage each other. In the face of various criticisms, Li Xiang is still high -profile and never destroy their emotions for these things.

At that time, Li Xiang was shooting the "Happy Camp" in Ningxia. It was in the desert and could not receive the signal at all. After coming out, there were a lot of text messages, including the phone interpretation of Li Houlin, Li Xiang calmly comforted him, okay.Instead, Li Houlin felt a little wronged.

On January 2, 2005, Li Xiang and diamond merchant Li Houlin held a grand and romantic marriage in Beijing. At the wedding, Li Xiang cried several times due to movement, and the two shook hands tightly.

Two years later, this high -profile marriage announced failed, and the two were no paths.

After the divorce, Li Xiang has never argued this marriage. He only devoted himself to his career, not only limited to the hosting world, but also released his personal album across the border to shoot MVs, but laid a foreshadowing for her second marriage.

At that time, Wang Yuelun was a highly respected music video director in the circle. He once recorded MVs for singers such as Faye Wong and Yuquan. It was also responsible for Li Xiang’s MV production. It seemed that the unusual cooperation was the beginning of the two popularity.

At that time, the two filmed the first MV. Li Xiang’s plane was too late to let Wang Yuelun wait for a few hours. Li Xiang hurried to the scene. It is estimated that the director would be scolded.

As a result, Wang Yuelun’s spleen was very good, but he asked her to make up quickly. At that time, the impression left to Li Xiang was Wang Yuelun’s mild character.

Li Xiang felt embarrassed when he was late. He pulled Wang Yuelun to talk about his family, jokingly to introduce him to his girlfriend. Wang Yuelun responded politely. Anyway, there was no object.

Li Xiang’s personality was very careless. Following the topic, asking Wang Yuelun what is her?Unexpectedly, a casual sentence was taken seriously by Wang Yuelun.

At that time, Li Xianggang’s divorce was not announced after confirming the relationship, and he was quietly together until he was disclosed. Some people said that Li Xiang used Wang Yuelun as a repair period. The two were lazy and their feelings were not affected.

After the two were together, Wang Yuelun, who was responsible for the work behind the scenes, was gradually recognized by the public and felt pressure. After a year of love, they got married in January 2009. After receiving the marriage certificate, they were simple.I ate on the ground and then became pregnant.

The pure and lovely girl has gone through the controversial marriage stage, and to the prospective mother today, Li Xiang is free and easy.

Li Xiang was painful during pregnancy. She was hospitalized and suffered from white control. She could only see white clothes, black or other color clothes. Once they saw it, they would vomit strong.

After Wang Yuelun, who was busy shooting "Panda Heroes" at the time, came to the hospital, he would take a white clothes and put it on the bag to visit.

Li Xiang also used the sofa quilt at home, all the TVs used in white cloth. At that time, Li Xiang vomited, vomited bile, vomit blood, and dripped.

The pain of this pregnancy tortured Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun to divorce. He did not want to give birth to this child. As a result, Li Xiang’s parents quickly flew from Changsha. Everyone scolded Li Xiang to be ignorant and did not know how strong.

Even Li Xiang’s dad still "stabbed" her. You couldn’t give birth to one. Look at the country in the countryside, don’t be so delicate.

On October 13, 2009, the little princess Wang Shiling was born smoothly, and the pain of once disappeared overnight. For Li Xiang, the little princess Wang Shiling was a gift given to them by heaven. The important family of three was happy and happy.

Wang Yuelun is often busy filming a movie. This time, Li Xiang felt dissatisfied. It was very critical to educate his child’s growth period. Can you play with Wang Shiling and practice piano and the like.

Until Wang Yuelun and Wang Shiling participated in the show "Where’s Dad", Wang Shiling’s performance in the show was remarkable and praised numerous, which also made Li Xiang push to the public again.

Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun have a good background. For Wang Shiling’s training, the monthly living expenses are about 700,000, which once caused controversy.

Li Xiang pays attention to the education of Wang Shiling. In addition to cultural classes, Wang Shiling has to learn calligraphy, piano, oil painting, yoga, chess, woven sweater, learning skating, and learning piano and piano prince Li Yundi.

Wang Shiling’s grandfather is a famous painter Wang Hui. The disciples of Wu Guanzhong, a famous painting master, paint a portrait of Wang Shiling every year. Wang Shiling’s painting technology is also quite achieved. A painting can sell high prices and get the silver medal in the chess game.

When Li Xiang presided over, a child said to Wang Shiling, I think you are fat, is it because he eats too much, and Wang Shiling, who seems to be careless, is wronged and grievances.Health is more important.

Li Xiang’s educational method of Wang Shiling is to understand hardships, high emotional intelligence, and empathy. For fat, Li Xiang’s attitude is that the family is fat. It is important to be together.

In the 23rd years of her debut, she had no intention of becoming entertainment and seriousness, success and criticism, cute and charm, and became the topic of the current topic, which made people mixed with her.

Today, Li Xiang has fallen into the marriage, and finally finds the shadow, and finds real happiness. The two are quiet and complementary. They are spoiled by Wang Yuelun infinitely.

Li Xiang has always felt that it is domineering, speaks straightforward, and is easy to offend others. Li Xiang feels that there is no need to explain to others. It is enough to live happily.

Li Xiang once said in "Very Quiet":

Everyone has advantages and disadvantages, and I will try to avoid shortcomings and carry forward their own advantages.What is important is to live happily.

Sister is the three female treble in China. His parents accompanied Beidiao.

The 5 -year -old father died and won the third place of the Hong Kong sister at the age of 22.

In 9 years of marriage, he has only shared the kitchen and restaurant with her husband.

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