Li Yisheng has repeatedly stated that he wants to have children to have children, but he has never been able to do so.

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On the evening of July 5th, Li Silin, the sister of the famous pop singer of the Chinese music scene, posted a post through his personal Weibo that Li Yan was born lightly at home on July 2, and was rescued and treated by the hospital team.Essence

According to the China Times News Network reported on July 6, Li Yan has been married to Canadian husband Bruce for many years, but he has not belonged to their own children. In this regard, Li Yan has received many artificial conception in New York.The biggest regret.

According to reports, Li Yan’s Canadian husband Bruce has had a marriage in the past and has two daughters, but Li Yan still hopes to have his own child.One week, even taking Chinese medicine to raise the body.In the past interview, she revealed that "I want to get pregnant soon, I hope to give birth to baby in a natural way." However, in May 2017, Li Yan once thought that he was pregnant, and even when he began to think about helping your baby prepare things.Unexpectedly, it was empty.Li Yan said that because of the symptoms of pregnancy, "I imagined about children at that time, and then I was determined that she was not pregnant, and I cried."

After the news of Li Yan’s death was sent, many people in the entertainment industry have published articles.The 1905 Film Network Official Bo also published a article mourning, and was also equipped with a video of Li Yan’s singing "Sword and Ma Dan".Fans also published their mourning.

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On July 6, Jimu News sorted out Li Yan’s previous Weibo and found that in 2016, she publicly issued a post saying that she hoped to have a good baby, and she was happy to have a 49 -year -old actress Jenna Jackson.tears.

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