Liu Yuxi: The original intention is an indispensable pride in life

Author: Diko


In the river of Tang Shi, from the early "Wang Yang Lu Luo" to the heyday of "King Li Du Meng", the context of culture not only never interrupted, but also became more vigorous.

In the year of Kaiyuan and Tianbao, how many dazzling poets were born.They made a good time, made suggestions, set up their careers, and paid their blood and prosperity, and obtained the answer sheet that made them satisfactory.From this point of view, the history of poets and poetry has staged a climax during this period.However, if there is a lack of wonderful ending, the perfect plot will be greatly reduced.

This perfect ending is the "love and hate entanglement" starring Liu Yuxi, Bai Juyi, Yuan Yan, Han Yu, Liu Zongyuan and others.Although the middle and late Tang Dynasty lived under the rivers and rivers, their names were not inferior to the few people in the past.On the contrary, because of their own characteristics, they made people today and praise them.

Among the starring actors in the middle of the Tang Dynasty, Yuan Yan was crowned with the notorious "scum man" and was delayed to this day.Bai Juyi was always "teased" because of her misfortune and raising a prostitute.Han Yu and Liu Zongyuan can be called a person, with noble morals, and selflessly. As the master of ancient Wen, he became a model of later students.

Speaking of Liu Yuxi, although he is not as famous as Han Yu and Liu Zongyuan in the article, he is also very distinctive.The description is realistic, the needle is disadvantaged, and the words are not talked about.As for the poems, from the perspective of the intention, it is comparable to Yuan Yan and Bai Juyi, but there is an extraordinary momentum hidden in it.This momentum is non -white and Yuan, it comes from the author’s own spiritual world.That is, this momentum made Liu Yuxi stand out from many poets, becoming another poem after Li Du and others!


Liu Yuxi’s story should start with the six years of the Tang Dynasty Da calendar (that is, 771 AD).This year, Liu Xu was transferred to the deputy envoy of salt and iron in Jiaxing. He was dedicated and cured in order.The only regret is that there are no children under the knee."There are three filial piety, no posterity is great."Although the word "no" has multiple explanations, from the perspective of the survival concept of the ancients, raising children to prevent the elderly is obviously a matter of success.

One morning, Liu Xu’s wife Lu Shi told her husband: "I had a dream last night and dreamed that Dayu gave us a son." The husband didn’t care about the incident at first, but it didn’t take long, LuThe family was pregnant and gave birth to a white fat boy the following year (772).At that time, Liu Xu remembered the words of his wife, and quoted the famous sentence in "Yu Gong": "Yu Xi Xuan Gui, successful sue", named his son Yu Xi.After adulthood, the mother Lu’s dream was given again.

After the joy of Yuxi, Liu Xu and his wife never added Ding.As a result, Liu Yuxi became the only child at home.Although as the only child in the family, the educational eyes of the ancients are not worse than today.Although Liu Xu has a good family situation, rich and powerful, his wife is a well -known Fanyang Lu family.However, all of this result made his son’s education more stringent.

At the age of nine, Xiao Yuxi, who was just enlightened, boarded He Shan Miaoxi Temple under his father’s leadership and visited the famous poet monks Jiao Ran and Ling Che.Jiao Ran is the ten generations of Xie Gong Xie Lingyun.His poems are chanting landscapes, clearing out of dust.The most widely circulated in the future is the "Find Lu Hongjian":

Although moved home with Guo, the wild path was entered into Sangma.

Near the chrysanthemums, there are no flowers in autumn.

The door has no dog barking, and wants to ask the West family.

Report the mountains, daily oblique.

Through a poem, Lu Hongjian, an unknown hermit, has since Liufang’s future generations.Jiao Ran’s poetic power is evident.As for Ling Che, just look at his song "The Cen Wang Tiantai Mountain", you can see one of the two:

Outside of the rooftop, Hua Ding was the cold air.

Sometimes I see it half, Cui Yan is in the clouds.

Ling Che and Jiao Ran are just like the two peaks hidden in the clouds, sometimes they ca n’t see it, and sometimes they are in the air.Let the future generations never give up!Yuxi can be taught by such two superiors, so that Cai Si is widely advanced, which has a profound impact on his later poetry creation.


In the seventh year of Zhenyuan (791), like all students who eager to enter the official, Liu Yuxi, who had just weaker, also came to Changan, who was yearning for everyone.At this time, Chang’an City, because of the war, prosperity is no longer better than that year.The streets and lanes are full of Xiao Se, which seems to be gradually waiting for the cold winter.

After a few months of tour, Liu Yuxi met a group of literary friends such as Han Yu, Li Yan, Liu Zongyuan.As he visited and rolled around, some ministers and celebrities in the DPRK also noticed this talented young man.The following year, Li Yan, Han Yu, and others were scattered. Liu Yuxi was quite excited, thinking that he was a scholar and the first as a scholar and was used by the country.However, Liu Yuxi was still worried about the exam next year.After all, Wenhao like Han Yu also took a test and exam until the third test, and then he got a jinshi.This bright and bright avenue does not look easy.

Fortunately, there are some big people’s encouragement and support, such as Du You and Taichang Dr. and Tai Chang of "Tong Dian".Liu Yuxi rose well in Beijing and had confidence in her chest.After the tribute test in the spring of the following year, he took the wine to enjoy flowers and travel around every day. When the March Emperor List was announced, his name was deeply burned on it.At that time, Liu Yuxi felt that his life was extremely lucky.And Liu Zongyuan on the same day as him.Although the two knew each other at this time, they had a lot of interest and had discussed several poems.What kind of fate is it?Intersection

After entering the scholars in the exam, Liu Yuxi returned to his hometown and province.At that time, the child who followed his father up the mountain to worship was 23 years old.His mother had to return to her son, and had long selected the next woman who knew the book Daoli and the beautiful look.This girl is the Pei family of Heidong, Ming Yaqing.When you first listen to this gentle name, you seem to feel that this is an indispensable symbol in the love of talented and beautiful.

Liu Yuxi obeyed his mother’s arrangement and soon married Pei.After the marriage, the couple love each other and love each other, and they are extremely happy.At this time, two major events have been completed.However, in Liu Yuxi’s heart, his aspirations have just entered the journey since childhood.


In the eleventh year of Zhenyuan (795), after passing the exam of the Ministry of Officials, Liu Yuxi was awarded the position of the prince school.The work of Prince Edward School is to recommend reading books for the prince.However, before the recommendation, you must review it, because the class of princes will affect his thoughts to a certain extent, and even the decisions of future countries.Liu Yuxi was responsible and dared not slack.I only indulge in the library every day, and I don’t hes.Soon, he met a friendly friend.This person was the prince who read Wang Shuwen, and later Yongzhen’s innovation leader.

After talking with Wang Shuwen’s hearty conversation, the blood in Liu Yuxi’s chest was even more spulsored.At this time, Wang Shuwen had gathered a large group of backbone for reform.Their representatives are Wei Zhiyi, Han Tai, Liu Zongyuan, Ling Zhun, Lu Wen, Han Yan … After many years of planning, everything is ready, only the prince Li chai this east wind.Unfortunately, it was out of this critical.

In the first month of the 21st year of Zhenyuan (805), Tang Dezong collapsed in Huining Hall.At this time, the prince Li Cha, who was supposed to successfully inherit the throne, suddenly stroke a few months ago.This disease is quite serious, not only unable to stand, but also lose the language ability.In this way, it provided the eunuch’s power.

The eunuch’s authority in the Tang Dynasty had a trend since Xuanzong, and he had already held military power to Dai Zong.At this time, Lieutenant Lieutenant Juden Zhen was the same.He and Xue Yingzhen and other eunuchs demanded that Guangling Wang Li Chun inherited the throne on the grounds of the prince’s disease.Li Chun was the son of Li Cha, the later Tang Xianzong.Although the son’s seriously helling father succeeded, it did not seem to be inappropriate.But the two sides have different abacus in their hearts.

For eunuchs, King Guangling was more friendly to them, but he was very disgusted with Wang Shuwen and others.The reason is that on the one hand, it may be because the people are too positive for the innovative figures, often in private, and there are already gangs.On the other hand, according to Wang Shuwen, Wang Shuwen had suggested to Li Shu to abolish his storage and put Liu Yuxi drafted the book.Didn’t Li Chun know that he remembered?And if the prince succeeds, the situation will be the opposite.

Just when Wang Shuwen and the eunuchs argued endlessly, Li Huanqiang appeared on the throne with the disease and blocked the mouth.The world is not telling the world for Tang Shunzong.Unexpectedly, there was a regret in Liu Yuxi.According to his preface in the "Injury", "The teaching room was nine years old." It can be seen that when the first wife died, he should be around 32 years old.


After Emperor Shunzong ascended the throne, a group of people led by Wang Shuwen immediately began to innovate in full swing.The long -planned reform started from finance.At the same time, they used a group of people with high prestigious prestigious noodles and began the deployment of officials.

Du You was appointed as the prosecution school, and he also received the salt iron envoy.This is just a false job. Important events are still decided by the leadership team of innovation.Wang Shuwen was appointed as a living in the house and the post -to -Hanlin scholars, and then appointed the deputy envoy of the salt and iron to master the salt and iron profit.

Liu Yuxi was a Tunian member Wailang, and the salt and iron case was also judged.Ling Jun was supported by Bachelor of Hanlin and sent to the hair.Chen Xun is Cangbao Langzhong.After Cheng Yi was stayed in Yangziyuan, he also participated in salt and iron.Wei Zhiyi, who has been intersecting with Wang Shuwen for a long time, was promoted to Shangshu Zuozhang and the same book of the same book door. He was responsible for the establishment of Wen Yan, managed six parts, and implemented new orders and supervision and implementation.Liu Zongyuan is a member of the Ministry of Rites Wai Lang, in charge of etiquette, enjoying sacrifice, and tribute.Wang Yan is the most closest to the emperor, and is the most closest to the emperor.

These measures are similar to the significance of the three regulations of the three divisions established by Wang Anshi later.The purpose is to appoint a large number of people who support the new policy and implement reforms through strong measures.This lineup looks very powerful and does not lose to the later Xining reform.However, Wang Shuwen and others ignored the Emperor Shunzong who was paralyzed on the bed.At this time, the group of eunuchs who wanted to support the king of Guangling were carefully brewing a bloody change of the dynasties.

In the twenty -first year of Zhenyuan (805), the fourth day of August, only seven -month -old bed emperor Li recitation, sent a meditation book, passed on to the prince Li Chun (Li Chun was renamed purely for the prince).Behind this is manipulated by eunuchs.

Although the innovation faction was very dissatisfied, the derogatory scriptures arrived soon.On August 5th, Li Chun dismissed Wang Yan to Sima, Kaizhou, and Wang Shuwen was a householder in Yuzhou.On the 9th, he ascended the throne.Then he went down again, degraded Liu Yuxi to Langzhou Sima, Liu Zongyuan was Sima in Yongzhou, Lingzhun was Lianzhou Sima, Chen Yan was Sima in Taizhou, Han Yan was Raozhou Sima, Han Tai was the Qizhou Sima, Cheng Yi was the Chenzhou Sima., Wei Zhiyi is Sima, Yazhou.History is called "Two Kings and Eight Sima" incident.


After arriving in Langzhou for less than a year, when he heard the news of Wang Yan’s death and Wang Shuwen’s death, Liu Yuxi’s heart was in his heart, and it seemed to feel his future.

In the first year of Yuanhe (806), Emperor Xianzong was amnesty in the world.Many stream officials were recruited back to Beijing.Liu Yuxi’s heart also swayed with joy.But soon, the joy of joy was extinguished by the ruthless ice water.In August, Xianzong’s subordinates: The left of the left officer Wei Zhiyi, Han Tai, Chen Yan, Liu Zongyuan, Liu Yuxi, Han Yan, Ling Jun, Cheng Yi and other eight people.This announces that these people’s futures have basically qualitatively qualitatively qualitatively.

Liu Yuxi was a little disappointed at first hearing his life, but it was within his consideration.He knew that Xianzong Li Chun was a careless person, because of the past, it was difficult to broaden them for a while.But as a 35 -year -old middle -aged poet, his way is still long.

In the deserted place like Langzhou, it does not affect new friends.Liu Yuxi soon became a confidant with the stabbing Shi Yuwen.He placed his house on the side of Zhaoshui.At that time, Qu Yuan drove the car and ran to the west, and later he devoted himself to the Luo River with a hot original heart.The local people fell in love with Qu Zizi, hoping that his soul would come back from the month, and then built Zhaosu.

For Liu Yuxi, Qu Yuan is naturally a great hero in his heart.However, he would not devote himself to Qishui like Qu Yuan, but chose to continue alive.Although the court abandoned him, he couldn’t give up himself.And he believes that all this is temporary, one day is mature, and you can return to Chaotang to realize your ideals!


When there was nothing happened on weekdays, Liu Yuxi and Yu Wensu, Dong Yan, and Gu Yan were drinking tea and drinking in Zhaosing.After the wine is hot, write a few verses of the mountains and mountains.On the occasion of early spring, I would like to find Taohuayuan with interest with my friends.Where is Taohuayuan?I’m afraid even Tao Yuanming may not know.Liu Yuxi and his party were very expensive, but he did not find the hole in the hole of "the beginning is extremely narrow, only the talent".Although this incident was a bit sorry, he quickly realized the mystery in Taohuayuan.

On the night of the Mid -Autumn Festival, Xie Shi Yuwenu invited Liu Yuxi to watch the moon at the peach blossom.After pushing the cup and changing the cup, after three tour, the moon looks particularly bright.It was almost a year when I thought of moving here, Liu Yuxi’s heart was slightly bitter, looking at the cute moon, and could not help poetry.

Seeing the moon in the dust is also idle, and the situation is between Qingqiu Xian’s house.

The glory was leisurely, and it was standing at the highest mountain at this time.

Bi Xu has no clouds, and the mountains on the mountains are lagging on the mountains.

The group moves leisurely, and the sky is high.

Shao Jun led me to the Jade Altar, and Li Kongyao asked Zhenxian.

Yun fights for the stars, and Tianle sounds cold.

Jin Xia Xinxin gradually went eastward, and the shadow of the round was still looking at it.

It is difficult to get again when the scenery is good.

—— "August 15th Night Taoyuan Play Month"

Later generations of literati evaluated the poem saying that comparing the fairy palace to the court, looking forward to being able to return as soon as possible.This wish does not need to be denied, but this is not exactly the case.At this moment, what really made him really meander should be to return early in the morning and afternoon with Han Tai, Liu Zongyuan and others.Those days have become an indelible vicissitudes, deeply hiding in my heart.


After the first wife died unfortunately, Liu Yuxi continued to marry the daughter of Xue Xue, the History of Fuzhou.Although Ms. Xue has supported the excellence from a young age, she did not choose to give up because of the later Chaoyun.On the contrary, her vows, as Wen Tingyun said later, "Gogo Long Mo Go (Wife)".With her affection and tenacity, Xue’s adding a warm and brief light to Liu Yuxi’s life.

In the eight years (813), Xue, who accompanied Liu Yuxi in Langzhou for eight years, finally exhausted the last ray of her life and scattered people.Liu Yuxi wrote two mourning poems for her.

沙 He He, Changsha is humid.

Seeing spring upstairs, I hate the wind before flowering.

The ape sorrowed the intestines, and the crane was sick.

Niu Yi sleeps alone, who sorrows Zhongqing crying?

Yu Yu Yu Yu, Changan was as far as day.

Throughout the country, Yan Lai Hongfu returned.

Pan Yue was cold, Qu Ping’s face.

Looking at the road diligently, no rain is climbing.

– "往 —— to the two"

Compared to other men in the same generation, Liu Yuxi has a lot of true temperament.He is a person who is crying for the dead wife in front of others.While crying, I still complained in my mouth: "Ten years of husband and wife, you have accompanied me to a glory to a lonely life, and you have added two sons and daughters. Now once you leave, you can not see me who returned.Chaotang was deeply regrettable, that is, life in front of me, how can I live? I sat in the empty room and stroked the child in the cradle. He was still so small.Is it hungry and crying, who can hear it? … "

I often say that Chaoyun’s departure is lucky, because no woman will see Mr. Dongpo’s flowing on Hainan Island.I think the open -minded Dongpo is unwilling to happen like this, because he knows love.Liu Yuxi is different from Dongpo. Although he lost his wife, he still had an 80 -year -old mother to support it.This day is really miserable!


In August of the 199th year (814), Huaixi Jiedushi died of illness. His son Wu Yuanji held heavy soldiers and blatantly confronted the court.This significant contradiction in the Dezong period finally broke out at this time.However, in Chaotang, he could not find a available talent that could lead to combat. Thinking of Xianzong a few years ago, he recalled Cheng Yi for showing Rende. Li Jifu took advantage of this opportunity and suggested that Liu Yuxi and others recalled them to let them report to work hard to work hard.The country will be atonement.At the same time, it also shows the generosity of the Lord.Xianzong considered repeatedly and heard this suggestion.

At the time of autumn, Liu Yuxi was sitting on a high -rise building to drink.A few years ago, Dong Ye and Gu Yan died one after another, which made Liu Yuxi’s life less happy.In the seven years, Yu Wensu also left, and Dou often came to Langzhou to serve as assassin.After Dou Chang came, the people lived in peace, and the grand occasion in the market was very different compared to the previous years.Everything is developing in a good direction.

Everything is getting better, but Liu Yuxi’s situation has not changed at all.Dou Chang couldn’t help but sigh: "It has been nine years of dreams. It has no impact on you in the world’s vicissitudes. It is really regrettable to think of this!"

"Speaking is a pity, but it is also created. How should people be violated? But, for many years, they ca n’t see old friends and do n’t know what they have become?”

"They must be as heroic as before!" Dou Chang comforted.Liu Yuxi respects each other with a cup and has a high interest.

Since ancient times, the autumn is sad and lonely.

On the clouds on the clouds, the poetic sentiment was quoted to Bixiao.

—— "Two Autumn Ci" (one of the first) (one)

Dou Chang tastes carefully, and he praised him successively. At this time, Liu Yuxi has made a second song:

Shanming water is clean at night, and several trees are red and light.

Try to clear the bones on the tall building, just like the spring of spring.

—— "Two Autumn Ci" (second) (second)

"Like the crazy of spring", people reach middle age. If they do not bow their heads to life, they will be proud, and the rest is the pride.This feeling does not care about rich or poor.But on the aristocratic son Liu Yuxi, it seemed even more valuable.


When winter came, Liu Yuxi fell ill.Liu Zongyuan heard the news of his friends’ illness, not only sent the prescription from Yongzhou, but also the monk Jun Su who was good at medical skills to treat him.Within a few days, Liu Yuxi recovered.

Perhaps he cherished him, in addition to the care of his friends, it is also related to another big event.In December, Liu Yuxi finally received a book waiting for nine years to return to Beijing.For him, it was both the lenient of the emperor and the new start of the hope of day and night.At this time, his mood was no less excited as Li Bai’s early hair.So he hurriedly packed his luggage and embarked on the return journey.Walking to the River River, Liu Yuxi met Liu Zongyuan, who had been waiting for a long time.There are thousands of people in their hearts and endless words.

Liu Zongyuan joked: "Is it really full of bitterness this time?" Liu Yuxi was so arrogant, looking at the waves on the river rolling, and said resolutely:

Mo Dao said that his words were deep, and Mo Yanqian was like sand.

Although there are thousands of hardships, they have started to get the golden sand.

– "Lang Tao Sha" (its eight)

Liu Zongyuan listened to it, and the bitterness of the depression for many years was no longer half, and he answered: "Returning to the court today, it is necessary to realize the ambition of this accent." So, he also chanting a seven must -have:

The south did not make Chu Chen sadness, and re -entered the repair door.

In order to reward the spring wind, Mo will be wavy.

—— "Luo Luo Yufeng"

After a few months, when the spring came, Liu Yuxi and others had returned to Changan.Living in the hometown, watching the new life, a grass and a wood, the past years have been circulating in front of them.In February of the lunar calendar, it was the time when the peach blossom opened.During the Lang, Liu Yuxi wrote a flavor folk song of "Shan Tao Red Flowers Full, Shujiang Spring Water Shooting the Mountains".At this time, if you go to enjoy the flowers, the first place is Xuandu.Liu Yuxi and Liu Zongyuan, Bai Juyi, Yuan Yan and others met here.

As soon as I entered Tao Lin, there were bustling crowds.Most of those people are noble officials, but there are no lack of insidious, cunning, elegant, and no talents.They talk about these vulgar and despicable topics.Among them, a few of the Ministry of Housekeeper’s Lang Fu Lang are discussing how to collect bribes.And this view of the Taoist priests also made a lot of sesame oil money because of the arrival of power.

Liu Yuxi was boring all the way. Compared with Langzhou, it seemed to be completely in the dirt.Bai Juyi said: "How can there be no poems here?" Bai Juyi was reused in the DPRK in the past two years.

Zi Mo’s red dust came, and no one looked at Hua Hui.

Xuandu Guanli Tao Qianshu, Liu Lang went to plant it later.

—— "Yuanhe Ten Years from Langzhou to Beijing Opera to See the Gentleman of the Flowers"

Yeah, "Xuandu Guanli Tao Qianshu, all Liu Lang went to plant it later." For ten years, now returning again, but facing a precarious court and a group of party members who are fighting for power.How can this make the loyal ministers of Huaizhizhi not complain and disdain?Soon, he was degraded again because of this poem, and he affected his friends.


In March of Yuan and the decade, Tang Xianzong re -adopted it again, using Han Tai to leave the history of Zhangzhou, Liu Zongyuan as Liuzhou Assassination History, Han Yan as the history of Tingzhou Assassin, Liu Yuxi as the history of the sting of the state … Everyone couldn’t touch this sudden derogation, butIt will be clear soon.It turns out that behind this is the scourge of Liu Yuxi’s poem a few days ago!

Although some of these old friends have complained about Liu Yuxi, there is no way, they have to clean up things on the road again.Only Liu Zongyuan asked Pei Du to ask Pei Du after receiving the imperial decree: "There are eighty mothers in dreams, and when they go today, they will leave and die.Heart, please sue the Holy Ice and promise me to change it with dreams. "Pei Du leaving tears in an emotion.After he said a word, he reported to Xianzong after he finished this incident.Xianzong looked at Pei Du and said for a while and said, "Although Liu Yuxi committed the law, his mother was not guilty. Today, in the case where his mother was unattended, let him be renamed Lianzhou. As for Liu Zongyuan, see, see, seeCome is also a benevolent person, let him continue to serve as Liuzhou. What about Ai Qing? "

Ten years of bitterness, once again stepped on the road of derogation.Liu Yuxi and Liu Zongyuan are going to be separated from the crossroads.At this time, their feelings were more than how many times more than when they were degraded for the first time.

Although Liu Zongyuan was degraded because of Liu Yuxi this time, he didn’t care about it.At this moment, he cherishes the friendship between the two.This time, I wonder if there is a time to see you?Maybe I will die in Liuzhou.He couldn’t help groaning a farewell poem:

Ten years to Qinjing, who expected to turn into a layman.

Fu Bo’s old -fashioned cigarette, Weng Zhong’s grass tree is flat.

Directly discuss it with diligence, and take the text name.

At present, there is no need to stay in the river, and we tears thousands of lines.

—— "Hengyang and Dream Scores Gift"

Liu Yuxi’s heart was burning like a fierce fire, maybe it was the only talented wine.However, the brain becomes extremely sober, and no matter how much alcohol is paralyzed, a painful nerves can be paralyzed.He contained tears and ways:

After going to the country for ten years, he went to call together, and Different Xiang Qianli was different.

The prime minister is different, and Master Liu Shi, the name of the three crickets.

When you return to your eyes and return to the geese, the sadness is when he meets the ape.

Guijiang eastward through the mountains, looking at each other.

—— "Again Lianzhou to Hengyang Liu Liuzhou Gifts"

Liu Zongyuan couldn’t bear Liu Yuxi too sad, so he said, "Dream, wait for the old to return to the hometown, we will live together, we can talk about poetry papers every day … I believe this day will not be far away." Liu Yuxi nodded, said, sayingSound: "It is very cherished!" Then stared at the leaves of the leaves until it completely disappeared on the turbulent river.


Not long after Liu Yuxi was in Lianzhou, the news of Wu Yuanheng was stabbed in the middle of the North Korea.Regarding this matter, he didn’t know if he should be happy or regrettable?However, concerns about the future of the country have increased.From today’s form, the court will soon start war with Fanzhen.Sure enough, Yuanhe Twelve years (817), Pei Du personally led the soldiers. This time, the grain and grass were abundant, and there was no interference in the army. It not only calmed down the Huaixi rebellion, but also created the myth of Li Yanxue’s night attack.The victory of Kaige quickly spread all over the four fields, and Pei Du and Li Yan became the heroes praised by everyone.

In the fourteenth year (819), Liu Yuxi’s mother finally went to bed with ninety -year -old life.He resigned from the official position and returned to Luoyang for his mother Ding Say.As soon as he arrived in Hengyang, another incredible thing made him incredible -Liu Zongyuan died of illness.Liu Yuxi never expected that in just ten years, he was spoken by him.At this time, no more poems can not express their inner suffering.Only in the cool breeze in the winter, he wrote a tear in tears for him:

Woohou thick!I have a saying, do you smell it?


Woohou thick!What is this?Looking at Guishui in the south, crying for me.Yu Yun Suwa, what’s so great!


Woohou thick!Qing is really dead!In the end of my life, I have no meeting.Who does not reach?Make Jun finally.Who is not old?Make Jun dying.Emperor Emperor’s soil, Hu Ning endured this!Knowing sadness and no benefit, Nai hated no.If the son is not heard, he ignores it.Writing in acidity, restore.Vowing Saturday, with his own son.The soul is coming, knowing me deeply!

Liu Yuxi’s essay makes people unbearable and can’t bear to read again.This friendship must be that Zhuangzi and Boya can understand.

In the same year, Tang Xianzong died, and the cause of death was poisoning of elixir.At this time, Liu Yuxi’s turning point came again.


In the winter of the first year of Changqing, Liu Yuxi Ding expired.After the recommendation of Yuanzhang, the History of Puzhou assassin was awarded.For Liu Zongyuan’s two children, he taught carefully and regarded himself.In the first month of Changqing (824), Emperor Mu Zong died, and the cause of death was the same as Xianzong.At this point, the opponent of the court strengthened its blow.A large number of Taoist priests were dedicated to exile, and many Taoist views in Beijing were deserted.Soon, Liu Zongyuan was transferred to the history of Hezhou.

In the second year of the treasure calendar (826), Liu Yuxi and the state were full. After the recommendation of Pei Du and Li Cheng, the grievances of Jingzong had forgotten the grievances of his grandfather, and Liu Yuxi finally got the imperial purpose of returning to Beijing.When he was passing by Yangzhou, he was invited to attend the banquet at the invitation of Wang Ping in Huainan.These two old friends have been having hair.Just a few words of a few words, each of them burst into tears.After drinking a glass of empty, Bai Juyi held Liu Yuxi’s arm and groaned:

Quote the cup to add alcohol and drink with Jun.

The poem claims that the national man is a man, and his life is unhappy.

The scenery of his eyes was long and lonely, and the official duty was alone.

It is also known that the name is folded.

—— "Drunk Liu Twenty -Eight Master Jun"

From the 21st year of Zhenyuan (805), it has been twenty -three years between Ba Chu.Twenty -three years, the most precious youth of a person’s life, just like this.Such a sad poem made the people sitting cry.Only Liu Yuxi is still bold and not changed.No need to mention the past, just welcomes the dawn of the next day.This is the poet’s mentality.During the meeting, everyone was quite sad, so he and Bai Juyi’s poem:

Bashan Chushui was desolately abandoned in 23 years.

The nostalgic emptiness smelled the flute, and when he went to the country, he turned like a rotten Ke.

The sideways of Shenzhou passed by, and Wanmuchun was in front of the sick tree.

Today, listen to the song of Junge, and temporarily relieved the wine.

—— "See Gifts on the first meeting of Yangzhou in Yangzhou"

As soon as Liu Yuxi’s poem came out, even though she was like Bai Juyi, she dumped it.Later, Bai Juyi said in "Liu Bai Sing and Collection": "Pengcheng Liu Mengde, the poet is also. It is fragile and young.Thousands of sails on the side, the sentences of Wanmuchun in front of the sick tree are really wonderful. Everywhere, there should be spiritual care. "The poets of the contemporary times can let the" poetry "go hand in hand.Only "Poetry" Liu Yuxi.


In December of the second year of the Bao calendar (826), Emperor Jingzong, who had not been in the throne long, died of the eunuch’s hands.After that, Wen Zong ascended the throne and changed Yuan University.After Liu Yuxi returned to Beijing, he served as Lord Langzhong.His responsibilities are mainly to deal with foreign guest reception.In spring, it is the season when the peach blossoms are in full bloom.Liu Yuxi came to Xuandu Guan, stepped in, and saw weeds, and there was no figure.And the red flowers that danced in the sky that year are now gone.So, he couldn’t help but feel sorry:

In the hundred acres of court, there are half moss, and peach blossoms are clean.

Where does the Taoist Taoist go?Liu Lang now came again!

—— "View of Xuandu again"

This time, no one can frame him.Chaotang is his friend.In the past, most of the groups of flies and dogs had disappeared.In the autumn of the second year of Yamato (828), Liu Yuxi was promoted to Ji Xian’s bachelor.Three years later, because of tired of fighting the Bull and Li Party, it was the history of Suzhou.Although it is a foreign office, it is not degraded.

Suzhou is the pearl of Jiangnan, which is beautiful and windy.Bai Juyi has done a history of assassination here.Here, Liu Yuxi came here to benefit the aspirations of the benefit and did a lot of good things for the people of Suzhou.Later, the locals built the "Three Sage Temples", worshiping Weiyingwu, Bai Juyi, and Liu Yuxi.

In the eight years of Yamato (834), Liu Yuxi Suzhou Ren Man, and he was the history of Ruzhou.In the nine years of Dahe, he served as the history of Tongzhou.In November of this year, the "changes of mannal" occurred in the DPRK.Two years later, Wen Zong was killed, and Wu Zong succeeded.At this time, Liu Yuxi had completely lost confidence in the court.He is no longer keen on any affairs. Except for drinking poems with Bai Juyi every day, he has no wish.

In the autumn of the second year of Wuzong Huichang (842), Liu Yuxi died of illness in Luoyang’s house. The official inspection school of the Ministry of Rites Shangshu, also a guest of the prince.

Looking at his life, the most brilliant page of it should naturally belong to Yongzhen’s innovation. Although the official movement improved in his later years, he was mixed in the seam of the Niu Li party and eunuchs.However, for him, he has never fallen on the road of derogation for more than two decades. Whether it is an old illness or loneliness, whether it is rain or the sea, he still hopes to move forward.

This is the original intention, and it is an indispensable pride in life!

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