Looking at "Jin Fan Shijia" again, how lucky is it to get married by the unmarried autumn, but how lucky is it successfully married into the Jin family

Lao Qingqiu and Jin Yanxi Xiangshan played (the original book was Xishan), and Jin Yanxi was a heavy routine. In the end, Jin Yanxi flickered Xiangshan. After this night, Leng Qingqiu completely fell into Jin Yanxi’s palm.

Soon after, the deserted and deserted autumn, the deserted and deserted autumn, was about Jin Yanxi. After meeting, it was shy. In the clouds and fog in the clouds, Jin Yanxi heard it somehow and was full of mist.

Seeing that Jin Yanxi never understood, Leng Qingqiu was shy and refused to say clearly that he had a dumb mystery "Planting melon and soy beans", but Jin Yanxi became more confused.

Qing Qiu frowned: "You don’t understand, I’m tired of me." Then, a footdate: "You have hurt me." When he said, the tap pens inserted on the buttons were taken down, and againIn Xiaoti Bag, took out a business card, but on the back of the business card, he wrote a line: "Flowing the flowing water to the spring, the Puyang River is not around."

Honestly, this poem is more obscure than the previous sentence. It is estimated that Confucius couldn’t understand it, and Mencius couldn’t understand it. It was really difficult to be the playboy of Jin Yanxi.come over.

Leng Qingqiu complained about Jin Yanxi: "Didn’t I tell you a long time? Is it so good? You always say that it is not tight, and you will give all kinds of reasons. I also said last time,You always have to prepare a little, you don’t care. What can you do now? "

Yanxi brought the coffee cup, slowly squeezed out, and frowned: "If it is true, but it is a tricky thing. I can’t think of a way and make me considered."? I think it is more than one day and one day, and this matter must be done. You have to consider it, I can’t wait. "Yanxi said:" Why so anxious? Just according to youThe month’s preparation. "Qing Qiu said:" I think so too. Simply, you sent me to the hospital to solve this problem. "

Lao Qingqiu is really panicked now. She is a woman in Hanmen and Jin Yanxi is a nobleman. She was inappropriate to the door, and it was difficult to marry the Jin family.

What’s more, Jin Yanxi also has a girlfriend who is right -Bai Xiuzhu. In the eyes of everyone, Jin Yanxi and Bai Xiuzhu are only one wedding.

And what about Leng Qingqiu?He never appeared in the eyes of Jin Yanxi’s parents, but he heard some winds, but he thought it was one of the many female friends of Jin Yanxi. Suddenly rising to the level of marriage was incredible.

What’s more, it is the unmarried first pregnancy, such as desertedly, and can’t be dragged. Not only will you get married, but you have to get married as soon as possible.

The reason for getting married as soon as possible can not be said to be exported, otherwise it will be light to be seen.

In general, in the normal situation, deserted and Qingqiu wants to conceal the truth of unmarried first pregnancy and marry into the golden house as soon as possible.

Therefore, Leng Qingqiu couldn’t calm down, and felt that the hope was slim.

However, she didn’t know that the law at that time, abortion was illegal, and the regular hospital could not go. The black clinic would inevitably hurt her body.

(Note: Grandma Peifang and Feng Jusu, who wants to abandon, want to discuss the law at the time. "Chinese women, she doesn’t understand anything. The fetus is a criminal offenders.Maybe a third -class prison in prison.)

The unmarried pregnancy before the deserted autumn was a robbery at the time. It was far from the light and lightness as the result. It can only be said that the luck of the deserted autumn is really good."Force", the situation of her time, with a little waves, at least it will be dragged to pregnancy and dynamics.The mind, the life is bound to be difficult.

At this point, if she cannot marry into the Jin family, she will only be even more tragic.

However, such a difficult marriage did not have a lot of twists and turns. In terms of marriage, her ending was successful than expected.

See how lucky she is:

No matter how scum later, Jin Yanxi, at least at the time of the death of deserted autumn, he took out all the responsibility of a man. While comforting the panic, he could find a way.

His vision is still good, and he went directly to the best candidate -the four sisters and his husband.

Daozhi appreciated the deserted Qiu Qiu very much. On the one hand, because of the younger brother he loves, the love house and Wu, on the other hand, the appearance of the cold Qingqiu is very recognized and the character is extremely recognized.

The Tao has both hearts and sufficient minds, and how much you can talk about when you see the Tao:

The Dao Zhi is clearly the Prime Minister of Golden Mansion. Generally, Mrs. Jin generally said, of course, Mrs. Jin must be found first.

Mrs. Jin said: "It is not possible to rely on me alone. I have to ask your father first. What do you mean? If I agreed, in the future, I will be fully responsible.""That’s not necessarily, and as long as your old man can be the master, your father has no opinion. If you say that, you are not responsible."

Dao took Mrs. Jin high, and forced her vague words back. If Mrs. Jin couldn’t do the Lord, she would lower her authority.

As long as Mrs. Jin agreed, it would be much easier to persuade Prime Minister Kim, because Prime Minister Kim believed in Mrs. Jin, as long as Mrs. Jin nodded, Premier Kim always rarely rejected it.

The Chinese language of our old seven can be said to have only 80 %.After knowing people, hundreds of words of articles have been well done, and they have also been poetry.People look like and put aside now, that is the gentle look, which is happy at first sight.The seventh person is a person who can spend money like that, and he does not need a ledger in his life.If he gets him to marry a capable young grandma, it is better to marry a bitterly, and he can give him the key."

Dao’s words talk about Mrs. Jin’s heart again. On the one hand, which mother does not want her child to become talented?

After Jin Yanxi and Qing Qingqiu were together, they had a director, and Mrs. Jin would definitely see it.

Secondly, it is a gentle personality in the Qingqiu Qiu. This is the favorite point of Mrs. Jin. You know, Grandma Peifang and San Shao Yu Fen, who did not hit her, may not be their fault, but Mrs. Jin always was uncomfortable. Of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, of courseI hope the daughter -in -law is a peace of mind.

And the poor background of Leng Qingqiu was said to be suitable for financial management, and I was really convinced!

In this way, Mrs. Jin was persuaded by the Tao, the biggest.

And Prime Minister Kim ’s side could not go around, but Mrs. Kim was persuaded, and Prime Minister Kim generally would not be too opposed.

And Tao played a means, first took out a collection of cold and autumn poems, let Premier Kim commented, and with the eyes of Prime Minister Kim. Although it was found that there were shortcomings, it was more valuable than young people.Seeing people, I already have five points of good feelings, and Taoism is supplemented with a few good words, and successfully convinced Premier Kim.

It can be said that deserted autumn can be so smooth.

At that time, society was in the period of old and new ideas. There may be enlightened parents, but it was really rare to this extent to this extent that Jin Yanxi’s parents.

If it weren’t for Premier Kim and Mrs. Jin, they were extremely enlightened, and they were alone, and it would be not easy to successfully convinced it.

I do n’t advocate my children’s marriage. What is the door? As long as the child is good, even if her family is too poor to eat, it does n’t matter.We are marrying children, not marrying the door.

This is what Mrs. Jin said, God!I have been touched, let alone that era, even in today’s era, how many giants do not care about each other’s family?

Just like the girl -in -law Xiao Lian, the opposite is just the opposite of Liu Chunjiang who really treats her sincerely. She is a hundred times better than Jin Yanxi, who is scum, but because his parents are stubborn and old, they are mad and a monk.

If Liu Chunjiang met Liu Chunjiang, it would not be more lucky.

Moreover, at the wedding, because the deserted autumn married Jin Yanxi, Jin Yanxi’s girlfriend Bai Xiuzhu was abandoned. Bai Xiuzhu’s cousin Yufen always felt unexpected, so he made a difficulties at the wedding, so that Qing Qingqiu reported in public in public.Essence

Although I understand Yu Fen’s mood very much, for Leng Qingqiu, this is a big problem. How can a girl with an restrained personality report in public in public?

Really reporting is impossible, but if you do n’t report, you have to have something to go through, and he is very opposed to it. It seems that she is too uninhabited.It will be left for people. In the end, it is a small door, a small family, and a small family. It is not worthy of the impression of the Jin family. With her soft and rigidity, if she wants a strong personality, I am afraid it will become a thorn in her heart.

At this time, Mrs. Jin came out with a siege: "Everyone, I don’t want anyone, and I need to report in love after marriage.Have you ever been in love? If you have n’t reported it, the bride who gives up is not an exception. "

Mrs. Kim gave a siege to the Qingqiu, and I had to say that it was of great significance to the Qingqiu autumn. It was not only for her to be ugly in public, but also represents her recognition of her.

Otherwise, if you are not satisfied with the family life of Leng Qingqiu, or have complaints about her urgent marriage, at this time, I am afraid that I will look at her with a cold eyes.

Besides Jin Yanxi’s father -Prime Minister Jin

Premier Kim is a respectable elder. He worked hard for the country and faced the marriage of his children.Also suppressing people because of the status of his prime minister.

During the marriage, his witness words:

The marriage of the world may not be able to break the concept of class.Of course, being an official is to do things for the country, and it is not necessarily noble than all professions.However, people who have always been officials in China, to seeks the heads, not only have officials who want to associate with the officials, but also the officials are not willing to assume relatives with the officials.How many evil marriages in the world are caused by this, and how many good marriage is broken, it is regrettable!"

Premier Kim always serves people, and he does not look at class concepts.

Moreover, he appreciated the deserted autumn. For Jin Yanxi and deserted marriage, he felt that Jin Yanxi had no skills. Compared to the talent of desertedly, Jin Yanxi climbed.

Although there is a polite element, in combination with what he said before, he did think so.

There is such a wise and enthusiastic four sister.

There is such an enlightened mother -in -law!

There is such a kind father -in -law!

Jin Yanxi is also the most responsible moment!

If this is not the case, if you want to marry the giants smoothly before the remarry of the unmarried autumn, it is definitely a foolish dream. At least you have to experience it difficult, and it will be long for a long time.In vision.

No matter how tragedy life after marriage, no one can predict the development of the matter, but as far as the successful marriage is concerned, it is the biggest luck of the decentralized autumn and fulfill her dream of giants.

Original book: She also thought about it, but this marriage was successful.I have been to the Jin family once, but I only feel that they are in their homes. The grand and rich are enviable. Now, it is one of the owners of this house.Thinking of this, it was naturally a joy.

Leng Qingqiu had been to the Jin family with Jin Yanxi before, and was envious of the luxury of the Jin family. At that time, I just thought about it. I did not expect that one day I could reach my wish.

In the future, the tragedy can only say that she is blessed. At that time, Premier Jin saw her poems and said that she was blessed. Of course, Premier Kim would not look at it, but she would look at people.

For Leng Qingqiu, the vanity is high, and the wealth of the giants cannot be integrated into the giants.

But no matter what, she finally had a dream of giants. Even if she finally left the Jin family and took her child to depend on each other with her mother, this dream was enough to make her intoxicated for a lifetime. Compared with Xiao Ping, she was so lucky!

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