Looking back at the women’s house in isolation due to the epidemic, but I was pregnant unexpectedly in bed?Immediately after unblocking

When the Wuhan epidemic first came out, everyone did not expect that they could not end for 3 years. In the past three years, everyone’s life was greatly affected by the epidemic. Some people went bankrupt because of the epidemic. Some people got rich because of the epidemic.It was divorced because of the epidemic, and some people had fired again because of the epidemic …

For some couples who are divorcing or divorce, it would be too embarrassing if the epidemic was forced to live together, and it would be even more embarrassing in case of "life" again.

Some time ago, there was an epidemic in Anhui, and many places were temporarily closed. A female netizen in Huainan, Anhui was also named in her husband’s house that had been separated for a long time. As a result, she found that she was pregnant a month later. She and her husband couldn’t believe it.

Female netizens said that after marrying her husband, they just started their feelings, and there were two cute children, but starting a year ago, two people quarreled because of various life trivial matters, and sometimes they quarreled.Everyone knows that these two sons often quarrel and fight, and divorce sooner or later.

Some time ago, the female netizen was completely disappointed with her husband and was ready to divorce him. Because divorce needs to have a cool period of a month, so after the two people propose to divorce, they will have to wait a month.After moving out and starting to live in, the two of them looked at each other, and they both wanted to divorce early.

A month ago, the female netizen missed the child very much, so she went to the husband’s house to see her daughter. I originally planned to accompany her daughter to play for a while. I did not expect that the epidemic suddenly broke out. The community had positive cases, and the community was suddenly closed.There was no way, she had to continue to live with her husband. Although embarrassing, who couldn’t call it!

Female netizens said that the two were forced to live together because of the epidemic, and did not let their feelings be repaired. Within a month when the community was closed and controlled, although the female netizen lived in the same room with her husband, she slept in different rooms.Husband laid a cushion on the ground, and usually slept on the floor. The two people had no need to speak, and no one cared about anyone.To get a divorce certificate, I didn’t expect an accident.

That day, the female netizen felt that her physiological period had arrived but hadn’t come to the month, so she used the pregnancy test stick to test it. She found that she was actually pregnant.It has nothing to do with him.

Female netizens spit on the Internet and said that she was obviously on the ring. How could she get pregnant?Some netizens speculated that it may be that she did not know that she did not know, but it was difficult to lose the contraceptive ring in the woman’s body.Only surgery can be taken out.

Female netizens said that they already have two children, and they are still very small and do not want to regenerate, not to mention that the two people had planned to divorce, and what was the matter of having a child, so after the community was unblocked, she was for the first time.I went to the hospital for abortion surgery.

Although female netizens said that she was sleeping in the room in the room this month, it was also thoughtful that she could get pregnant to sleep separately.Contradicance measures are a bit unknown.On the one hand, two people have not divorced, and the life of husband and wife is also normal. On the one hand, two people are clearly cold, and they can leave one certificate. How can they still have a room?Is it embarrassing after the two are over?

Some netizens feel that since they are pregnant, for the small life in the stomach, they should reconcile with her husband. Anyway, the two are not really divorced. By taking this opportunity, they can live a good life.Some netizens feel that since they have decided to divorce, although they have not obtained a certificate, if it is not because of the epidemic, the two will have been a stranger for a long time. How can they sleep together, it is really irresponsible to themselves.

In fact, netizens are discussing. After all, everyone is not a parties. Female netizens have decided to get a fetus. It must have her own truth. We just respect.

Children are indeed a very precious life, but if the child is born and cannot give him a good living environment, then the child will hate his parents when he grows up.This female netizen and husband are not emotional. If they leave their children, they are nothing more than divorce and non -divorce, but no matter which one is selected.

If she choose to divorce to bring her children, it is not easy for single mothers to, plus two children in front, how can she bring her?In the future, I ca n’t help but blame the children who do n’t blame this?If you choose not to divorce, are two parents who often quarrel and fight really? Is it really what the child wants?

Xiaobian thinks that although female netizens did the first step, they chose to get rid of the child. It was the right choice.

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