Looking back at Wenzhou girls all tingling as plastic surgery, she was pregnant after surgery, and the fetus could only be killed for 49 days.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful moments in life. At the wedding ceremony, the bride hopes to leave her most beautiful side at this moment.In order to leave the beauty, some girls also have anxiety about their appearance and figure. In order to make themselves more beautiful, they will contact the plastic surgery hospital to make the final preparation before getting married.

In July 2021, Ms. Ren of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province was pregnant with a longing for a better life in the future, and the wedding that was about to hold at the end of the year came to a plastic surgery agency in Changsha to transform her body and face value so that she can be more beautifully able to express more beautifullyHe entered the palace of marriage with his boyfriend who has been in love for many years.

On the 27th, after coming to this plastic surgery institution, the plastic surgeon provided her with several plastic surgery solutions according to her conditions. In these setsSurgical plan.After choosing a good plan, she also told some of the things on the plastic surgeon, hoping to get the guidance and suggestions of the plastic surgeon.

In the description, Ms. Ren said that she had not come to a holiday for a while, and this surgery still needs to implement medical methods for systemic anesthesia, so some worry that these will affect their bodies.After listening to her thoughts, the doctor at the time took her to perform a blood HCG test in the institution.

The so -called blood HCG test is actually a horizontal value through the detection of HCG levels in the serum. It helps doctors to determine the early pregnancy of the visitor through the horizontal value, but there are certain errors.

The plastic surgeon also stated when taking her to check that there will be some errors in this examination, and then a agreement is also taken out, which also shows the existence of errors in the agreement, and it means that if the error result occurs, the institution will occur.Fang Yu was not responsible. In the end, Ms. Ren also signed the test agreement.

Later, Ms. Ren did an HCG inspection in the agency. After inspection, Ms. Ren’s HCG level was negative, which also showed that the results of the inspection result were that Ms. Ren was not pregnant at the time.After getting the inspection report, Ms. Ren looked forward to the operation.

On the 28th, Ms. Ren performed plastic surgery. Two weeks after the surgery, Ms. Ren had not had time to feel happy about her better figure, and felt the abnormal situation and discomfort in the body.After going to a three -hospital hospital for examination, the moment she saw the results of the examination, her mood collapsed, because the results of the hospital’s examination showed that she was pregnant and had 49 days during pregnancy.

After seeing this result, Ms. Ren also realized that she was pregnant when she was undergoing surgery. So what was the inspection result of the plastic surgery institution?And at that time, she had a general anesthesia surgery and a lot of drugs. Some of them would have a negative effect on the fetus. After the examination, the doctor thought that she had undergone general anesthesia during pregnancy and used these drugs.It is recommended that she is better to take this 49 -day fetus.

At this time, only about 3 months left from her marriage. After seeing this result, she may even be retired.In order to ask herself a statement, Ms. Ren came to the institution that made her plastic surgery at the time and asked the agency to give her a statement.

In this incident, the first thing to determine was whether the plastic surgery was fulfilled at the time, and whether the institution was in the process of ladies in the process of diagnosis and treatment.

According to Article 2 of the Administrative Measures for Medical Beauty Services, the medical beauty refers to the use of surgery, drugs, medical devices, and other traumatic or invasive medical technology methods to repair and renovate the appearance of human body and the form of the human body.Plastic.

Ms. Ren did a plastic surgery of liposuction and rhinoplasty in this plastic surgery. Both were transformed by surgery to a certain extent.The plastic surgery performed by Ms. Ren is actually a medical behavior.

According to Article 11 of the Administrative Measures for Medical Beauty Service, the main clinician responsible for implementing the medical beauty project must have the following conditions at the same time:

It is qualified for practicing physician, registered by the registered authority of the practicing physician;

He has experience in related clinical disciplines.Among them, those responsible for the implementation of beauty surgery projects should have more than 6 years of clinical work experience in related majors such as beauty surgery or plastic surgery;

After medical treatment or training and qualification, or have been engaged in medical beauty clinical work for more than 1 year;

Other conditions stipulated by the health administrative department of the provincial people’s government.

Institutions and plastic surgeons who perform medical aesthetics for Ms. Ren are not available to anyone. Especially when they involve medical cosmetic cosmetic, doctors need to have the corresponding occupational qualification identification to do medical cosmetic surgery for patients.Therefore, at this time, Ms. Ren could ask the institutions of her beauty and plastic surgery to issue corresponding qualifications, asking the doctors at the time to issue a qualification certificate.

According to Article 1,218 of the Civil Code, if the patient is damaged during the diagnosis and treatment activity, if the medical institution or its medical staff has fault, the medical institution shall bear the liability for compensation.

If there is no corresponding qualifications and qualifications, and implementing a medical plan for others, then the relevant personnel will have a mistake and shall bear the corresponding responsibility for the occurrence of the lady’s damage.

And if you have the corresponding qualifications and qualifications, as a professional medical staff, whether you have fulfilled the obligations before the operation of Ms. Ren, whether there are other faults in the process, and the patient’s damage and institutional side and the institutional side andWhether the doctors’ faults have causal relationships will all be the condition for whether the liability for infringement is.

There are people who love beauty. The pursuit of beautiful appearance is also a pursuit of Ms. Ren’s beauty. She also wants to pass the medical beauty before getting married, so that she can appear more beautiful on the day of the wedding, and step into marriage with her fiance.Hall.But because of one error, her future went to another result.

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