Looking back on this week, the man learned that his girlfriend was pregnant after pregnancy.

From the day when he learned that his girlfriend was pregnant, it was the joy of a man who couldn’t bear the heart.

It was an afternoon of wind and sun. Girlfriend passed a clinic and bought a early pregnancy test paper at get off work as usual.

Back to the rental house, she couldn’t wait to perform a wave of operations. I was busy making lunch in the kitchen, and she showed me some excitement.

And I preached to me: "Look, these two bars should be the winning. When I dismantled the roots of my ear yesterday, I wanted to vomit the taste, and I knew the winning."

I didn’t believe it a little back: "Isn’t it?" I didn’t know much about reading the instructions. I still couldn’t believe my eyes.

Immediately after she continued: "Don’t you have the WeChat of the reproductive doctor? You ask her."

I immediately sent the relevant situation and the picture to the friend Xu, and she must have responded and explained: "After a week, check whether there will be an ectopic pregnancy!"

Of course, at first it was happy and sweet, and she got her consecutive incense kisses. I think how happy I was at that moment.

She later said something to me: "You won’t be jealous in the future, right?

I looked at her sweetly and didn’t answer, but just answered her: "Isn’t it to see if you are always angry!"

Next is a long waiting. On Friday, it was a week later that the friend named Xu said, but suffered from the capitalist.

So I waited for the weekend again. Because she was on Saturday that day was her birthday, she prepared her birthday red envelope early, and chose to transfer it to her at 5:20 in the morning.

But then she didn’t want it, and turned it back to me through Alipay. Maybe I was thinking about our appointment of rent and one person. Maybe something was something else, and I couldn’t say it.

On Saturday, we did not work overtime at night, so we dragged a can of gas bottles after get off work and took her battery car for more than half an hour to her parents’ residence.

As soon as I entered the house, my father and mother began to prepare for food at night. It was still convenient, so I ate hot pot. A few days ago, Weiwei bought two pounds of lamb online on the Internet and made bamboo shoots and vegetables.

In fact, she didn’t eat that lamb at all, and asked her why?She told me: "Because when I went to other people’s house to carry lamb, I didn’t like to eat mutton."

I asked her this time: "Is that taste that smoked you!"

She couldn’t say why and added: "I think you want to eat lamb, so I buy something, and you know that you do n’t like to eat it if you buy it." You never buy it. "

The matter came to an end. Earlier the next morning, two people went to the hospital to check for preparation.

I didn’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning. In the future, my mother -in -law asked: "You go out so early. I soaked in rice noodles there, and I will cook it for a while!"

"No! Let’s go outside." I replied a brief return."Where are you going?" My mother then asked.I was not convenient for me to reply, and said to Weiwei, "Ask you too!"

Because Weiwei had previously told me not to say what to say, and went to the intestinal powder for breakfast meals outside the outside. He first came to a small clinic. The girlfriend said that there can be B -ultrasound.

However, because I didn’t open the door, I chose to go to other places and came to the shortest distance from the nearby distance. I watched a lot of beautiful scenery along the way.

In the past, I briefly asked the uncle of the front desk, and learned that the earliest number to hang was at 11 o’clock at noon.

Then the girlfriend was not happy as soon as it was so long, and then we chose to go back to the small clinic and bought some food by the way on the way back.

There are cabbage sweet potato pork chicken legs and the like. I put on those things and put them back to my mother -in -law’s home. I briefed a few words and rode a tram all the way to the point where we stepped on us in advance.

When I arrived, I waited for a long time until the doctor opened the door. The result was that she couldn’t do it, and two boxes of folic acid were opened.

Then in this case, I can only solve the problem in the afternoon. Fortunately, my girlfriend found one on the Internet and successfully made an appointment.

It was the bus and the subway tossing back and forth. The whole process was long and full of expectations. The end result was to determine pregnancy, but at that time, I was so happy that I wanted to send a circle of friends to express joy.

However, she was stopped by her boring, and the attitude in the process of waiting was not to show the joy of making a mother, and I had to mention some details here.

When the doctor asked her for the first time she was pregnant, she said lightly: "Fifth!" I didn’t show anything at the time, because she had at least three predecessors before me.

There are two people who are still in the world, and two have long become dusty, so will my fifth fifth come to the world?My heart is not sure.

Because this week, she and I were living hard, cold war, quarrel, from nothing to nothing to say.

Today is the most difficult Saturday. In the morning, she simply told me some of her thoughts and requirements. The two people and the kind of people went to buy fried buns.

What is more warm is that she was afraid that I couldn’t eat enough and ordered a frying powder, but later I thought that the requirements she mentioned with her for two years was not unable to do it for me.

It is just that after doing it, you ca n’t reach the expected result, and you might as well spend the money at the place where you should spend.

Just because this I had no communication with her, I didn’t say anything, because when I was at work, I accidentally heard her in the office in the office when I was going to drink water.Five! "

I stopped for a few more minutes, and she didn’t notice that I was here to be forced there. I couldn’t help but look at the number, and the name didn’t save one.

This division did not look at that relationship, because the sound was like my brother -in -law’s voice, but these details did not want to mention it.

Because in my cognition, what is the significance of the two people telling the third party?There are many people in this world who watch your jokes. How many people really care about how you live!

What kind of mentality did she treat my current boyfriend when she said to others?At all, I took me as an enemy.

Shouldn’t hear those conversations, otherwise how do I know that the woman I chased in half is so vicious!

That morning I didn’t know what to do because of her parent -child identification, and then her attitude was too cool, and people were still there.

Sometimes I think about those things that are really chilling, and I am uncomfortable to die in myself. I bought it myself alone to drink.

I didn’t say a word in the afternoon, but the cheap woman in front of me and the man not far away from me pulled for more than an hour without stopping.

I don’t say that she is afraid that she wants to get off work.

When I was about to get off work in the afternoon, my sister told me to be happy. The tears that I didn’t hold back suddenly fell off in the workshop.

The man had tears and did not bounce lightly, but he hadn’t reached the sad place …

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