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It is even more Chinese cuisine

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It also appeared on the top champion of the "Top Ten Most Disievable Foods in the World" in the United States CNN (CNN)

It is a folk recipe for healing Liu Bei Dajun Dianding in "Three Kingdoms"

Cross novels to conquer countless people

"Black Egg" that creates wealth

Source of life

There is a figure in "The Three Kingdoms", and the story of Wujiang County, Jiangsu, Jiangsu in the Ming Dynasty. There are many legends. The truth is unknown.But one thing can be determined that Songhua Egg is a traditional Chinese traditional food. As for whether it is a food, it is like people drinking water.

Songhua egg and Songhuajiang …

In fact, it has nothing to do.

Name for many years

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Borrowed me

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It is called pine flower egg because it forms a pattern of pine branches and snowflakes during the preparation process.

Pine flower eggs are also called preserved eggs.

Preparation Process

In the traditional preserved egg processing formula in my country, Huang Dan powder (PBO) is added. Huang Dan powder is lead oxide, which has the effect of making eggs a beautiful pattern.


Put the required raw materials into the container and add water to the water.The following chemical reactions occur:

Just look at it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand:

CAO+H2O = CA (OH) 2

CA (OH) 2+NA2CO3 = CACO3 ↓+2NAOH

CA (OH) 2 +K2CO3 = CACO3 ↓ +2KOH

Apply a layer of raw materials on the surface of the fresh eggshell, roll it a few times into the rice bran or sawdler, and squeeze it to fasten it, put it in the container, seal it, place it at the ambient temperature at 18-24 ° C.It can be eaten after 10 days.

The origin of Songhua

In these 10 days

NaOH, KOH) covered with fresh egg surface raw materials will be infiltrated into the egg white and egg yolk via egg shells. It is effective with the protein in it, causing the protein to decompose, solidifies to form a gel -like protein, and release a small amount of hydrogen sulfide.(H2S) Gas.

Studies have found that the "Songhua" composition is formed by magnesium hydroxide (Mg (OH) 2) generated during the preparation process.The analysis method proves that the crystal obtained by isolated is the fiber -shaped magnesium hydroxide water syndrome crystal.Himeli and others have determined that pine flowers are also determined by infrared spectrum and burning loss.

So why are magnesium hydroxide?

Magnesium ions are used as the essential trace elements of creatures that exist in eggshells, eggs, and eggs, rather than thought in the production process.Among them, because the magnesium ions in the egg are not the majority, magnesium ions that form a pine flower stripe on the surface are mainly in the eggshell.The magnesium content in the shell is 0.2%, with about 170 mg. The magnesium ion on the shell will be penetrated into the egg by alkaline agent, and magnesium hydroxide crystals are formed during the molding process of the preserved egg.This theory can also explain why the white "Songhua" is formed only near the surface of the egg, not in a gel -shaped egg whites.

The hydrogen sulfide gas acts with the minerals in the egg whites and egg yolks to generate various sulfide (many black substances in the preserved eggs are iron sulfide, copper sulfide, zinc sulfide, manganese sulfide, etc., and the sub -iron is the material of the blood.There is a layer of gray -black substances on the surface of the egg yolk in the boiled eggs), so the color of the egg whites and egg yolks changes, and the egg whites are special tea brown and egg yolks.

"Lead" about the change of color change

Huang Dan powder is used in the traditional production process of pine eggs, which will introduce lead pollution.According to national regulations, the lead content of pine eggs per 1,000 grams must not exceed 3 mg, and the pine eggs that meet this standard are also called lead -free pine eggs.Therefore, "lead -free pine eggs" does not mean that it does not contain lead, but refers to the standards of lead in leadership than the national regulations.

Due to lead is a toxic heavy metal element. Relevant scientific research departments have studied the substitute substances of lead -oxide, of which EDTA (ethyleine tetharine) and FWD (a substance synthesized by trace element magnesium and manganese) are better.EssenceIn the case of other auxiliary materials formulas and processing processes, as long as leading lead oxide is removed, then EDTA or FWD can be replaced. Preserved eggs are almost free of lead, and the possibility of heavy metal poisoning is greatly reduced.

About Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that preserved eggs can cure eye pain, toothache, hypertension, tinnitus and dizziness.

In our country, preserved eggs are often used to treat throat pain.

"Preserved eggs, flavored, astringent, sweet, salty, can diarrhea, sober, remove the large intestine, treat diarrhea, can scatter and converge."

—— "Following the Equipment of the Diet" Wang Shixiong

"Liggaining lung heat, alcohol, removing large intestine, treating diarrhea, can scatter and converge."

—— "Yinlin Compilation Essentials" Wang Yan

Edible method

After peeling the preserved egg, dip some water on the hand,

Do you feel very slippery on your hands?

This is precisely because preserved eggs are very alkaline, and it is indeed possible to stimulate the stomach and intestines.

Therefore, adding vinegar when eating preserved eggs can be neutralized, so that the alkaline of the preserved eggs weakens and tastes healthier.

Many people say:

Preserved eggs cannot be eaten, containing lead, and stimulating the stomach.With the improvement of the manufacturing technology, the improvement of food safety management, preserved eggs are not as dark as it looks like.

Leaving metering and talking about toxicity are pseudo -science. Eggs are nutritious. If you eat too much, you can digest bad digestion?IntersectionAs long as you eat reasonably, preserved eggs can still be enjoyed.

Gossip incident of preserved eggs

In English,

The most commonly used translation of preserved eggs is related to time

for example

Even some foreign youths,

Pretty egg


However, taste and taste are the most difficult reasons for them to accept preserved eggs.Due to a special smell, preserved eggs are called Horse URINE EGG in Thailand and Laos.Gel -like protein, sticky egg yolk.Over time, some people mistakenly thought that preserved eggs were soaked by horsesuria.

Regarding preserved eggs, I also boarded the United States CNN (CNN)

"Century Eggs Are Popular AMONG the CHINESE AS A PUNGENT APPETIZER.But for Others, The Idea of Feasting on Black Eggs that has preserved in Clay for Months May NOT be appgetizing. ""

"Songhua egg is an appetizer that is widely welcomed by the Chinese people. However, for others, this kind of black eggs that have been wrapped in clay for several months can make people appetite at all."

CNN’s report of the big injury to the egg lovers was accused by Chinese netizens.The "saliva war" on the Internet is endless, and China’s largest egg processing enterprise has officially issued a letter to protest and favored the "protest letter", asking the United States CNN to apologize.

The CNN website that published the article responded officially with two versions of Chinese and English.

Editor -in -chief Andrew said preserved eggs are a kind of food in the eyes of Chinese culture and global gourmet.


The story about preserved eggs is here. Love and not love. The preserved eggs have gone through a long history. What can be circulated is classic.Reasonable diet can make health and deliciousness complement each other.

Reasonable meal makes health and deliciousness complement each other

Source: Dalian Disease Control, Consumer Guide Magazine

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