Love!Reba Huang Jingyu has been in love for four years, and the woman’s recent photos showed a pregnancy.

The news in the entertainment industry is there every day. This month is particularly many. When a blogger broke the news about Cai Xukun, it also broke the news that a new relationship was revealed.Or all the places that are slightly linked all burst out.

I have to say that the entertainment industry is really a big dyeing tank. Not only does it have a new relationship, but also the scandal of Wang Junkai and her agent. Of course, many people believe this boy.I have seen the world since childhood, and this should not happen.

In fact, sometimes it may be a misplaced picture. The two people who had nothing to do at first would be used by someone who was attentive because of a picture. It may also be because they blocked the other people’s fortune and deliberately followed them. This situation is not uncommon in the entertainment industry.Essence

Let’s talk about who they broke the news first, and it was Dili Reba and Huang Jingyu. They also said that the two were mixed together at the beginning of the year.A large number of people who eat melon.

But it is unknown whether this is true or false. They have previously cooperated with TV series. After the broadcast, they had CP fans, and they also revealed that they were in love because of the drama, and even came out.They already have children’s rumors, after all, they were single at the time.

In fact, it may be that they were really nothing at that time, but they were very good at their two feelings. They wanted to make them into a pair. Reba debuted for ten years. She has performed a lot of works, and she is very beautiful in itself., Attracted a lot of fans.

Although Huang Jingyu has not made her debut for a long time, he also has a lot of positive works. Although he has not studied orthodox, he is a model, so the image of the positive energy in many characters is very deeply rooted.The handsome man with beautiful women, many people naturally want to match them together.

However, they did not respond in this matter. It should be that this is nothing. The entertainment industry is updated faster, and soon it passes, but the matter of his and his ex -wife was turned out again.Has suffered a domestic violence caused a abortion of his ex -wife, and it was difficult to have children in the future.

However, Huang Jingyu immediately clarified that the two of them were peaceful divorce, and there was no domestic violence. There was no substantial evidence on the ex -wife.It’s just that she trained Judo herself.

Of course, because of this incident, Huang Jingyu was still affected, and the situation developed very seriously. They also had a lawsuit, and he won each time.It has developed for 4 years.

Many people have said that since the debut of Reba, there are also many actors who have cooperated with him. Every time there is a scandal, they will basically clarify, but they are entangled with Huang Jingyu, and everyone is puzzled, and this is also puzzled, and this is this, and this is puzzled.The breaking news and breaking news Cai Xukun is a person.

But after yesterday, the two of them were disclosed together, and I had nothing, but the fans fry the pan. They went directly to the studio and let them lie down.Pakistan’s inaction did not clarify this incident. This time they had to explain to the company.

It is relatively serious. Reba’s backup will speak directly, saying that the support club has nothing to do with the studio. They have to choose Aite to solve the problem. They are like everyone, and they have never given up.Communication and their demands.

Moreover, their legendary passed down for 4 years. They never explained that paparazzi often took out the eyeballs, and before that, Reba also had a scandal with others.Things, but in Huang Jingyu, there have been no follow -up.

If this is the scandal of other female artists, people’s studios have always been actively stated. Sometimes people who blame rumored rumors should not believe it at will, but when they are two of them, they will be allowed to develop. I don’t know if it is.Not speculating.

However, fans still believe in Reba. They can only clarify for the Lord on the Internet. The studio does not care about the incident, and she did not see her fans who did not know how many times they were scolded for this matter.It was also disappointed, and many people began to take off.

What they think in their hearts is that stars rumors are often things. If they really meet together, they will reveal a little news, or directly disclose them. Although this is their right, they should also consider the mood of fans appropriately.Instead of playing with them here.

And for the incident they do not respond, Reba was also scolded. If the studio did not respond to this, she would never work. It can be seen that they were really hurt by their behavior.If you don’t, you won’t say such words to slander your idols.

Of course, many people are still onlookers. They said that although they are celebrities, they always have their own lives. She has been more than 30 this year. What happened to love? And what happened to this person is the talent of this person, and it is not a human being.Can’t they chase it when they get married?

Of course, many people think that they have been together before, but now they broke up, and even before, there were news that Reba disappeared eight months after the show was pregnant. Fortunately, she did it in this matter.A response was released, but fans were dissatisfied.

She said: Pregnant children are very normal for women. She just doesn’t want her life to be disturbed, and the actor is just a career. This ambiguous thing makes many people do not buy it, which also causes a large number of fans to leave.

In this regard, they all feel that the two people have been married and have children, which may be about their own private life, so they don’t want to announce it to the outside world to protect their children. In fact, in order to protect their privacy in the entertainment industry, this situation is very common.Essence

Later, the careful netizens also saw the ring on Reba’s ring finger, and the expression pack of tropical fish was also placed in the photo. In addition, some people had posted photos of Huang Jingyu to visit Reba, but it was just a side face, in case it was in case, in case it was in case, in case of itIt’s just that people are photographed, and news in the entertainment industry just listen.

Sure enough, it was clearly clarified, saying that Huang Jingyu’s crew, the staff member was just a few workers, and the staff still appeared in other crews. He was wearing this dress at the time.Well.

And some people say that the senior management of Reba in the company said that they would not post a promotional video for the TV series starring Reba, so there was no Huang Jingyu who went to the class to visit the class.It’s just two similar people, but the company has no movement.

Moreover, they also started to find the common points of two people from all aspects, and also turned out their evidence in the same place and various couple models. Not only that, but also the staff of the previous crew.There was a major event that happened on this day, but he couldn’t say.

And Huang Jingyu also filmed a TV series with others, but his performance is really different. After these things have been turned out, they directly give up the love of the two people to death, but there are fans still hope that they will speak in person to speak in personIt is also a respect for them.

They felt that Reba’s behavior was too disappointing, and they were directly taken off, and even cursed her evenly before getting rid of the powder, but in this case, she was still commonplace for many years, but it was unexpected.From a person who loves him very much, what is so evil, what is it for?

Not only that, she was still exploding a lot before leaving. She also said that they had been dating for 4 years and released a lot of photos they met. After all, they had been with her for many years.Just looking for the studio hoping to speak, but they were lying on the corpse from beginning to end.

This kind of behavior makes many people think that they have default this relationship. It has been mixed in the entertainment industry for many years. It is not easy to be able to walk today.It may also affect their future development, but they feel unwilling to disappoint many people.

They are all public figures, but they are also ordinary people. Even if they really declare their relationship, it is not a bad thing. Maybe they will also get a lot of people’s blessings. Although it will affectStrong, you see Guan Xiaotong and Luhan are not very good now.

Whether they are really together or not, they can make a statement take advantage of this incident. They can be regarded as an explanation for fans, and they are adults. They are at the age of love and marriage.What is difficult, the leaders they do are to go to a better place, not to add.

But to be honest, they have been rumored for 4 years. Except for a photo that I do n’t know if it is true or not, it seems that I did n’t even take a picture of the same frame. I don’t know if it ’s the strength of paparazzi.Top, just use them to see the eyes. Although I do n’t know what to deal with this time, I still wait, it will be known soon.

Written at the end:

Nowadays, people are basically panicked. When they see the bad news of the entertainment industry, they want to insert a bars. Fortunately, fans are still rational now, at least they will not follow them blindly.Some people even found the love object for idols.

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