Lovers have vaginitis?Don’t take it seriously

Vaginitis during pregnancy has brought trouble for many pregnant women. Some pregnant women endure itching, odor, and discomfort caused by vaginitis. They are struggling to treat it, worrying about whether the medication will affect the fetus.

In fact, pregnant women can give you a judgment based on their leucorrhea conditions to see which type of vaginitis is:

Vaginitis classification

1. Subsidity and thin smell of leucorrhea -bacterial vaginitis

Its typical symptoms are: vaginal burning sensation, itching, leucorrhea increases, uniform texture, thin, thin, gray -white or gray yellow, with bubbles and fishy smell.The onset was slow, and 10-50% had no obvious symptoms.

2. Lark leucorrhea is like tofu residue -mold vaginitis

Its typical symptoms are: itching of vulva, and itching symptoms are mild and severe, and it will end.When itching is severe, sitting restless, difficulty in sleeping and eating, and may also occur with pain and sexual intercourse when inflammation.Increased leucorrhea, thick texture, white, tofu -like or custard -shaped, and some women are manifested as water -like leucorrhea.

3. The leucorrhea yellow -green is foam -trichomonas vaginitis

Its typical symptoms are: obvious vagina and vulvar itching, and a few have a burning sensation.The increase in leucorrhea is yellow -green, with a thin foam.Sometimes it also shows milky white or yellow -white thin liquid.If there is infection in the urethral mouth, it can easily cause frequent urination, pain, and even hematuria.

Harm of vaginitis

Some pregnant women do not know much about vaginitis and do not pay much attention.As everyone knows, if you suffer from vaginitis during pregnancy, it is more dangerous for pregnant women and fetuses.

For pregnant women, in addition to the irritability, itching, and odor caused by vaginitis itself, it will also induce vaginal hemorrhage, pelvic inflammatory disease, composite nephritis, and sex pain during pregnancy.It will also cause endometritis, incision infection.What’s more serious is that the long -term dyskilit of vaginitis can cause pelvic and uterus lesions, and can also cause infertility, miscarriage and even cancer.

For the fetus, if the inflammatory infection will lead to the rupture of the amniotic fluid and the premature breakthrough of the fetal membrane, it will cause premature birth.And the risk of infection (skin, intestines, vagina) during delivery during childbirth can affect its development.In addition, trichomonas can have a period and parasitic. After the female baby is infected, symptoms can occur during adolescence due to increased estrogen.

Prevention first, treatment after treatment

Pregnant women who are not only a vaginitis, pregnant women who do not have vaginitis must also strengthen prevention:

1. Speaking of hygiene, the underwear should be cleaned or hot every day, keep the vulva clean and dry, and avoid scratching.

2. Do not use vaginal cleaner on the market for vaginal cleaning.

3. Exercise your body, enhance your physique, and improve immunity.

4. Partners must also be checked and treated, which is one of the important measures to prevent the recurrence of vaginitis.

5. Mainly high -protein, low -fat diet, light diet, avoid irritating foods such as spicy and greasy, seafood hair, alcohol, etc. If it is trichomotoic vaginitis, it is best not to eat sweet things before going to bed.

Warm reminder of health doctrine:

Pregnant mothers who have vaginitis should go to a regular hospital for treatment in time. Through relevant examinations, the type of pathogenic microorganisms can be determined to determine the type of vaginitis so as to be able to treat and guide medication more targetedly.Prevention is greater than treatment. For the health of you and fetal treasures, we must also strengthen prevention. Do not take it lightly.

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