Lying down in the third trimester of pregnancy hurts all day?"The Holy Ceremony of Pregnancy" tells you what is called pubic pain during pregnancy

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I have written a painful article in the inventory of pregnancy before. A pregnant mother commented below: "Patrum pain with pubic bone pain in the evening of pregnancy, the sour …"

I was worried, Lao Tie, my picture came out.

This kind of pain has to experience almost every pregnant mother. People who come here should feel the same!

Don’t worry about the novice pregnant mother who hasn’t arrived, I will tell you what pubic pain is.

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, some mothers will feel that the hips and thigh pussy are painful, as uncomfortable as being pulled, especially when going up and down the stairs, it is particularly painful.It hurts when turning over and lying down.

Dr. Jiang Yifei at the Maternity and Gynecology Hospital of Chongqing Huaxi Hospital said that this is a typical pubic abortion pain.

"Pregnancy Ceremony" mentioned that pubic bones are the narrowest part of the pelvis in front of the bladder. It is the horizontal bone. In the middle of the two pubic bones, it is the joint of the pubic bone.

During the third trimester, due to the effects of hormones, the ligaments surrounded by the joints began to relax, the elasticity weakened, and the pubic bone separation was separated.Essence

Coupled with the impact of this signal that is about to childbirth on the body hormone, the pubic bone combined with cartilage and ligaments becomes soft, and the distance between the pubic bone will increase slightly, preparing for the posture of the fetus in the future.

However, different pregnant women have different constitutions and the pain they feel. Some pregnant mothers may start to feel pubic pain when the fetus is not entered into the basin. This is normal.

If the fetus weighs a lot or is pregnant with a multi -cell, the pregnant mother will feel more obvious pubic pain.

Although pubic pain makes pregnant women very anxious, it is a very common problem. Once it occurs, there is no effective treatment measures. It can only be relieved through some methods. After the fetus is born, it can usually be restored to normal in about a month or soEssence

Pubic pain is only a symptom of accompaniment during pregnancy. It will naturally recover. What the mothers need to do is to reduce the pain during pregnancy, and it will naturally recover after giving birth.

1. The friction between the two pubic bones is the key to pain, so the pregnant mother wants to save themselves. The key point is to reduce friction.

Pay attention to daily movements. Do not move a leg, try to keep your legs together instead of separation. For example, if you want to turn over, you must stretch your legs and let the knees of the two legs live together. At the same time, turn it over to one side.There is pain.

In addition, many Baoma is prone to such a misunderstanding, and it can be relieved when it feels painful.However, the pain of the pubic bone is different, and the exercise will only increase the pain, so the doctors will recommend that the mothers reduce activities.Usually, be careful, and the amplitude should be smaller. Try not to push some heavy things, lift the west, and mention things.

2. Usually sitting position, straight back, and a support.

Sitting for a long time will cause the pubic pressure to increase, so even if you sit and rest, the pregnant mother will feel tired and painful.The way to relieve pain is just not to sit for a long time, and do not sit on, but to sit on a right place, try to support things such as pillows and backs as much as possible.

In addition, it is not possible to stand for a long time. It is best to sit tired and stand up, stood tired and walk, and lie down and lie down.

Don’t take too long for walking, 20-30 minutes. If the pain is terrible, avoid walking and rest in bed.

3. It is also good to make up a little calcium.

Calcium supplementation is good for bones, and calcium deficiency is also one of the causes of pubic pain, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to their diet.

There are also many ways to understand that many Baoma also understands that eating more egg milk, shrimp skin, and eating more foods containing vitamin D. If possible, you can drink pregnant women’s milk powder, and usually take more sun.

If the pain is more serious, you can also take calcium under the guidance of a doctor.

4. With the help of pregnant women’s pillows and belly belt.

When going to sleep at night, the power of the pubic bone pain will affect the sleep quality of pregnant women. In addition, there are certain requirements for sleeping positions in the third trimester.Essence

In special circumstances, for example, the belly is particularly large, and you can use the belly belt under the advice of a doctor.

The main physical effect of the belly belt is to hold the stomach, reduce the compression of the uterus to the pubic bone, and relieve pain, but it is still emphasized that it should be used under the advice of a doctor to avoid affecting the fetus.

5. When relieving pain, you can also gently make a massage.

Cooperate with some abdomen exercises, such as the muscle movement of the basin of the basin, or the abdomen exercise to reduce some pressure on the muscles in the basin.

Entering the third trimester after pregnancy, the fetal development speed is accelerating, the uterus is getting bigger and bigger, and the weight is getting more and more heavy. When 36 weeks of pregnancy, many fetuses start to enter the basin, the uterine position slowly moves down, and the gastrointestinal and diaphragm muscle is squeezed.A decrease, but the squeezing of the bladder and pubic bone is aggravated, so pregnant women will have adverse reactions such as smooth breathing, increased appetite, frequent urination, belly pain, and pubic pain.

Therefore, pregnant in October is really hard.

However, these will slowly pass in the expectations of pregnant mothers to the baby, and as a family, at this time, you must give the mother -in -law more care and care, and use happy to welcome the arrival of new life together!

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