Madam is infertile, and Yahuan will accompany the master overnight. Mrs.: You are very interested, but you have a fire and burning.

“Headline article development plan”

In addition to a seedling staff in Hejianfu, when the seedlings were young, they did a cloth business when they were young. Later, they married a wife and had a child.Beauty is like a pearl on the palm of the palm by the Miao staff, and it is loved.

In a blink of an eye, the new year, the mother outside Miao, the grandmother of Qian Yun, missed the granddaughter very much, and sent a letter to the trustee, asking his son to send his granddaughter back to his hometown to the New Year.

The mother outside the Miao staff lived in the hometown of the countryside, and the elder brother outside the Miao staff took care of the old man. After receiving a letter from the mother, the Miao staffer quickly packed up and took a look at her daughter Qian Yun.

When Grandma saw her granddaughter Qianyun, she was naturally intimate. She asked the cold in her arms and asked warmth.

In the blink of an eye, it has passed the fifteenth month of the first month. Grandma still wants to stay for a granddaughter for a while. How can the business of the shop outside the Miao staff say that he said to his mother, mother, I have to go back to take care of the business of the shop, waiting forIn the Dragon Boat Festival, I sent Qian Yun back and let her live at home for a while.

Grandma was reluctant to be separated from Qian Yun. Miao staff instructed the driver to rush the carriage and took her daughter Qian Yun to rush home.

My hometown is not too far away from the county seat. It is only a day of full calculation. The carriage is as good as flying. When it is almost noon, it has gone to the suburbs. It is not far from the county seat.

Miao staff said to the driver, A Sheng, after a long time, everyone is tired, just find a teahouse in front.

Haole, the driver Ansheng promised that after walking, there was a Sanchakou not far ahead. There was a restaurant and a tea stall. A Sheng’s reins were called, and the horse stopped.

Miao staff walked into the restaurant with Qianyun outside, and chose a window to sit down. Here we were facing the road. Miao staff called a few side dishes.Talk while eating.

At this time, two people ran on the road. The 13 -year -old girl was running in front of the road.Bad phase.

Brother Grandma shouted while chasing, you are a dead girl, don’t run, run again, see if I don’t kill you!

The girl was frightened and fled in panic, and for a while, she ran towards the restaurant.

The girl was panicked, and she didn’t pay attention, mixed with garlic under her feet, and fell to the ground instantly. The elder brother behind was chasing up, holding the girl’s hair, and raising his hand to fight.

Miao staff really can’t stand it anymore, drink a lot, stop!He rushed out and talked, and a big man bullied a little girl, what a good man!

The son stretched his eyelids and glanced at the Miao staff obliquely. Yin and Yang said strangely, she was the Yahuan I bought home, and I loved it. Can you manage it?

When Miao staff heard this, she couldn’t help but stun, and said to the girl, don’t be afraid of girls, what’s going on, can you tell me?

The girl suddenly became red, choking and talking about her life.

It turned out that the girl named Agui was a foreign country. She suffered a flood in her hometown a few months ago and her mother was killed. She fled here with her father.

The death of his father was left alone, and A Gui couldn’t get the money of his father’s money.

The name of this son in front of him was Liu Jian, the son of the local Liu Caizheng. This boy was not something. When he saw Agui growing water, he became bad.

Liu Jian faked to buy Agui, saying that he took her back to the house to be a ya ring, and helped A Gui to bury her father. Agui began to think that Liu Jianren was pretty good, thinking that he had met a good family and was very grateful to him.

Unexpectedly, when the funeral cuisine was completed, Liu Jian was revealed, and he was incompatible with Agui, and often handed her hands on her. Agui could only endure it silently.

Early in the morning, Liu Jian drank a few large bowls of wine. When he saw the color, he had a bow to Agui Bawang. Agui couldn’t get to death, and then he escaped from the government.

When I heard this, Qian Yun moved his heart, and said to Miao Mean, dad, see how pitiful this little sister, please help her.

Miao staff thought out that if Agui stayed in Liu Jian’s house, sooner or later was spoiled by this bastard, she must save her from the sea of suffering.

Miao staff said to Liu Jian, how much money did you spend, I lost it, I bought this girl!

Liu Jian listened to it, and he stunned. A pair of little black -eyed beads dripped and turned around. He said that he would not make a profit while taking this opportunity, so I said that I bought her to spend 12 silver.

Agui was shocked and immediately refuted, you are nonsense, and you obviously only spent five or two silver.

Liu Jian was angry, and he was going to hit Agui when he raised his hand.Said that the 12 silver was handed over to Liu Jian, saying that this is Twelve Silver, you take it!

Liu Jian took the silver, then glanced at Agui, and said, today, you are lucky, falling into the hands of the little master, he must not be able to spare you.

When Agui saw Liu Jian go away, he hurriedly kneeling towards the Miao officer, and thanked Master for his life -saving grace.

Miao staff quickly supported Agui, hurry up, get up!

Qian Yun pulled A Gui and said happily, sister, go home with us, our family will treat you well. When he hear this, A Gui instantly wet his eyes.

After the Miao staff brought A Gui home, she asked her to make Qianyun’s close -fitting girl, saying that it was the Yahuan. In fact, Qianyun treats Agui like a sister.Gui Yi, if the parents make new clothes for themselves, Qian Yun will also ask her parents to make a new clothes for Agui. The mixture of the Miao staff is very close to Agui and treats her as her daughter.

After the time, Qian Yun was 20 years old and at the age of marriage. The matchmaker who came to mention the relatives came to the end of the same, and he almost set the threshold of the Miao family.

Miao staff has a lot of choices, and personally chose a Ruyi Langjun for her daughter, who is a business partner who has cooperated with him for many years, Yang Hongguang, the son of Yang Yuan.

Yang Hongguang can be said to be young talents. Not only is he growing up and elegant, but also very talented. He inherits the family’s paper fan business and does it. It is a rich household in the county town.

Choosing a good day, Yang Hongguang rode a high -headed Malaysia and took the sedan of the welcoming family to marry Qianyun’s scenery into the house. Agui also came to the Yang family as a dowry.

After Yang Hongguang and Qian Yun got married, the young couple were loving and affectionate, respecting each other as guests, and their lives were sweet. Qian Yun respectfully respected her in -laws, served as the grandfather, gentle and virtuous, and knew the scholarship.

This day is the Mid -Autumn Festival, and a family of Yangfu sit around, taste tea and eat moon cakes, and celebrate the festival. At this time, the servant came to report that there was a young man outside the door. He claimed to be Mrs. YangNephew.

Mrs. Yang listened to it for a moment. She had only one sister in her mother’s family and had no brother. Where did the nephew? Someone recognized that the ancestors could not be!

Mrs. Yang said to her servant that the nephew of my family, you sent him away.

Yes, the servant promised, and was about to turn around.

At this time, Qian Yun talked, mother -in -law, since he can find here, it must be known to know you.Isn’t it a gift to drive him away?

Mother Yang listened to Qianyun’s reason, so he said to his servant, you bring him in.

After a while, the servant led in a young man in his early twenties, and he was mighty and magnificent.

Mother Yang asked, what is your name, how do you claim to be my nephew?

The young man replied, my aunt, my name was Qiao Gang, and I was the son of Qiao Wanfu.

Oops, you are the son of Qiao Wanfu. When Mother Yang heard the three words Qiao Wanfu, she stood up and rushed forward to pull Qiao Gang’s hand and asked excitedly. Your father and mother are fine.?

Qiao Gang became a circle of eyes, choked and said, my aunt, my father and mother have passed away. When my father was dying, he told me to go to the city to come to you.The fire occurred, and the film was burned. I really did n’t have a way, so I came to you.

Hearing this, Mother Yang hugged Qiao Gang and cried. My hard -working child, I finally saw you today. Your dad is gone, so don’t say it to me. I didn’t even see him last.ah.

Qian Yun quickly stepped forward to comfort Yang’s mother and said, "Mother -in -law, don’t be too sad. Now you see the son of the old man, you should be happy, right, what’s going on, can you tell us about it?Intersection

Mother Yang stopped crying. Hey, look at my excitement, and forgot this matter, so I pulled Qiao Gang and said to Qian Yun that this was my elder brother’s son. Speaking of this big brother, then thenIt’s my big grace.

It turned out that when Mother Yang was young, she played around the river and accidentally fell into the river. Seeing her life is difficult to guarantee. Fortunately, Qiao Wanfu, who passed by, rescued.

In order to thank Qiao Wanfu for his life -saving grace, the Yang family asked Yang Mu to admit that Qiao Wanfu became a brother. The two often moved around. Later, the mother Yang was married to the city.To Qiao Wanfu’s son, of course, he couldn’t help it.

After knowing the inside story, Yang was immediately decided to accept Qiao Gang and stayed in the house to be a family servant.

Qiao Gang was grateful for Yang Yuan’s collection. After coming to the house, he was very hard to do things. In addition, his brain was flexible, and he knew the words.For the housekeeper in the government, his position has been raised, and his salary has risen a lot.

After Yang Hongguang and Qian Yun got married, the relationship between the couple has always been very good. The only thing that is in the only beauty is that Qian Yun’s belly has never seen movement. Qian Yun has invited a lot of famous doctors to see and tried a lot of recipes, but there is no effect at all.

As the saying goes, there are three afterwards, and Qian Yun cannot continue the incense for the Yang family. He is guilty in his heart. On this day, accompanied by Agui, he went to the mother -in -law temple outside the city to burn incense. When he returned, he should have left.The door of the front yard, suddenly the sky was raining, and in order to copy the road, he entered the house from the back door.

The back door of Yangfu is a small alley, which is connected to the kitchen. The kitchen puts the bucket at the back door every day, and he will drag himself.

Qian Yun just walked to the back door, and saw an old beggar in a rafted beggar looking for food in the barrel.

But seeing the old beggar’s hair pale, it was less than 70 years old, with wrinkles accumulated, as if it was engraved with a sharp knife.

The bucket exudes a smell of 馊, which is disgusting, but the old beggar does not care about it, and finds a little bit to find a little to fill in the stomach.

Qian Yun saw it, and Yu Xin couldn’t bear it. He stepped forward and said, uncle, don’t turn over the barrel. If you are hungry, I will give you some food, say that I will run into the kitchen, take a few white noodles, and send it.For old beggars.

The old beggar looked at Qianyun and looked at the white noodles. He was a little surprised and hesitated to pick it up.

Qian Yun stuffed the crickets into the old beggar, and said softly, the old man, don’t be afraid, take it, I have greeted the kitchen, I will leave a bowl of clean rice every day in the future, put it here, get it here, get to it, get to it, get here, get here, get here, get here, get here, get here, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it, to it.You can come and eat directly.

Hearing this, the old beggar’s eyes were tears, choking and saying, girl, you are really a good person, this, how can this tell me how to thank you.

Alas, the old man, do you say thanks, you are older than my father and mother. Please eat a bowl of rice. What is it?

After that, the kitchen girl in the kitchen followed Qianyun’s advice, and a bowl of rice was put in the back door every day.It is considered a repayment.

Seeing that it was almost the Chung Yeung Festival, Qian Yun’s mother wrote that she was not very good recently.

After receiving the letter, Qian Yun was anxious in his heart, so he asked Xianggong Yang Hongguang to discuss the matter. Yang Hongguang also considered his wife and said that there was nothing at home now, so you can go home and visit your mother with peace of mind.

Qian Yun packed a few simple luggage, and Qiao Gang rushed to the carriage and returned to his mother’s house. Originally, A Gui wanted to go back with Qian Yun. Qian Yun told A Gui, "I will go this way, I don’t know when can I be able to do it.Come back, Xianggong and father -in -law need to take care of someone, please take care of me.

Since Qian Yun said so, Agui had to do it, so he stayed in Yangfu.

Qian Yun returned to her mother’s house, and it was more than a month. That night, Yang Hongguang was checking the account of the store in the study. Suddenly Agui walked in with a bowl of ginseng tea with a bowl of ginseng tea.Ginseng tea, just drink while it is hot.

Yang Hong bing didn’t lift his head, replied, okay, let’s put there, I will remember to drink.

Grandpa, this human ginseng tea is not delicious, you still drink it.

Yang Hongguang really felt a little sleepy, so he lifted the tea bowl and drank the ginseng tea with his neck.

As soon as he put down the tea bowl, he suddenly felt dizzy, his body was hot, and his face flushed. He hugged Agui tightly and wanted to tear her clothes.

A Gui shouted, don’t, the aunt doesn’t want it, but his arms hugged Yang Hongguang tightly and helped him to the bedroom inside.

Early the next morning, Yang Hongguang woke up from his sleep, but felt dizzy, had a headache, and opened his eyes. He was so scared that he and Agui fell asleep naked.

Yang Hongguang grabbed his clothes, rolled out of bed, and said in surprise, you, how do you sleep here.

Agui said with a shameful face, did the aunt sleep well last night? Why did you remember after a night?

I, I really don’t remember anything.

Hum, your men are all virtue, and I do n’t recognize the account when I finish it. I am still a big yellow flower girl. You ruined my innocence and told me how to have a face to see people in the future.Woo crying.

Seeing that Agui cried was pear blossoms with rain, Yang Hongguang shivered scared, please, A Gui, don’t cry, don’t you want to say this, you can rest assured, I will never wait at a loss.You, said that Yang Hongguang fled in panic.

After the New Year, Qian Yun’s mother’s body had recovered as before, and Yang Hongguang took Qian Yun back.

The husband and wife are small. Of course, there are many words to say. That night, Yang Hongguang and Qian Yun were whispering in the house, and Agui suddenly came in.

Qian Yun was a stun, and asked, Agui, so late, why don’t you rest? Is there anything wrong?

A Guirou said, Mrs., I was pregnant with my aunt’s child. Today I came to you to ask you to say it.

Seeing this, Qian Yun was shocked, and she changed her face, staring at Yang Hongguang fiercely, and asked, what’s going on!

Yang Hongguang fell to the ground, begging Qian Yun, and said, the lady is wrong, I blame me, I can’t control myself, lady, you hit me and scold me.

Seeing Yang Hongguang admitted, Qian Yun was shivering, his chest was lying together, his face rose red, and his face was red.

Yang Hongguang and Qian Yun made a noise. When the couple of Yang Yuan heard the movement, they immediately rushed over. After learning the details, Yang Yuan slammed Yang Hongguang a slap. How can you make such dirt?In the case, our Yang family’s face was lost by you.

Mother Yang saw her son being beaten and had a heartache. She quickly comforted Yang Yuan and said, "Master, you can dispel anger, what’s the use of scolding and scolding, can you solve the problem?If you have any requirements, just say it.

Agui returned, my old lady, I have no other requirements. I don’t want my child to have no father when they are born, as long as I want to give the child a name.

This, —– hearing this, the couple outside the Yang staff immediately understood that Agui wanted Yang Hongguang to marry her as a little sister, but the Yang family as a face with a face in the city, and the young master married a ya ring to do it to do it.Xiaoyu, it is certain that it is not good to say this.

Mother Yang thought for a moment, and said to Agui, it is better to do this, we all give a step. After this child is born, you are her nursing mother and the child’s dry mother. Your treatment is equal to Qianyun’s treatment. You are equal. YouWhat do you want?

Qian Yun and A Gui heard Yang’s mother said this, and they were stunned in an instant. Mother Yang said to Qian Yun that her daughter -in -law, only aggrieved you, today is a mother -in -law begging you.

Qian Yun’s tears were like the rain, replied, mother -in -law, don’t say anymore, the daughter -in -law promised you.

Seeing this scene, Agui was thinking about it. If today is forced to force the palace, I am afraid that they will lose all the defeats. It seems that it is impossible to want Yang Hongguang to marry herself.After the France was open, Agui decided to accept it, and immediately thanked Yang’s mother and thank the old lady.

At the end of the year, Agui gave birth to a big fat boy. Mrs. Yang named Yang Hongyuan for her grandson. I hope he will have a great ambition when he grows up.

Under the careful care of Yang Hongguang and Qianyun’s family, Yang Hongyuan grew to three years old. He was born with a tiger head and tiger brain, which was very loved.

In the early spring season, the spring returned to the earth, the flowers bloomed, and there was a vibrant scene.

On this day, the weather was fine and the sun was shining, and Agui said to Qian Yun, Mrs., I heard that the rhododendrons on the suburbs have been opened. Today, the weather is so good. What about our whole family to enjoy flowers together?

Qian Yun hasn’t gone out for a long time, and wants to take this opportunity to go out and go, so return, then you can arrange it.

Agui arranged two sedan seeds and sat on his own. The other sedan was prepared for Qian Yun and Yang Hongguang. The business of Yang Hongguang’s shop was too busy, so he asked Qian Yun to go by himself.

One after the two sedan seeds, when they got out of the county, they walked to the suburbs. When the sedan seeds walked to the Sancha intersection on the mountain, the sedan that raised Qianyun suddenly changed the direction and ran quickly towards the depths of the mountains.go.

When Qianyun found that it was wrong, the sedan was already turning into the dense forest, and Qian Yun shouted loudly in the sedan seeds, stopped, stop, and stop!

Regardless of the two sedan notes, they raised the sedan seeds and ran fast. They ran into the mountains and stopped.

Qian Yun was frightened from the sedan seeds. The two sedan suddenly pulled out the dagger and approached Qianyun step by step.

Qian Yun was full of anger, scolding, who are you and what do you want!

One of them sneered, replied, lady, we also took people’s money and eliminate disasters for people. When you arrived in the ground, don’t entangle us without letting go!After that, raise the knife and stab.

Qian Yun closed his eyes and finished his heart. He couldn’t think of dying today, but he died in this wilderness, and he couldn’t even find a corpse capital.

The thief’s dagger had a evil wind, and it was before Qian Yun’s eyes. Just when he was at this moment, he suddenly heard a sound, and then it sounded.

Qian Yun was surprised, opened his eyes and saw that the carfare’s dagger fell to the ground. He covered his wrist, and the painful mourning. It turned out that a stone flew in the distance, just to hit the thief’s tiger’s mouth.

Another thief was frightened, holding a dagger, whipping loudly, who, who is, who is rolling out!

As soon as the words fell, a dark shadow flew from the tree, and a strong diamond leg popped up. The front chest of the thieves was kicked out of the thief’s chest, and a sip of blood rushed out.

All of this happened too fast, in the blink of an eye, but in just a few seconds, Qian Yun was stupid. At a time, the shadow turned out to be an old beggar. I couldn’t help but be surprised, the old man, how come you come!

The old beggar replied, the girl, I followed you all the way, and I expected that they were going to be unfavorable to you. Sure enough, I didn’t expect it. The two thieves took you to such a secluded and were so poisonous.

Qian Yun listened, was terrified, and asked, the old man, who are they, why do they hurt me?

Girl, don’t be afraid, with me, no one can hurt you a little hairy. If you want to ask them why they will harm you, they will be honest when they wait for the county’s lobby.With the sedan seeds, Qian Yun returned to the county seat. The two thieves led the old beggar’s kung fu. They couldn’t do it.

When Qianyun and his party came to the county’s lobby, I saw Agui and Qiao Gang kneeling in the hall. Qiao Gang saw that the two sedan was taken in by the old beggar.The neck flowed down.

The county’s slamming was shocked, refers to Agui and Qiao Gang, drinking, bold and bold, and do not recruit your crimes from the facts, so as not to suffer from flesh!

Agui had been scared for a long time, and when the county commander said that he used his sentence, he explained the crime in 151.

It turned out that after being collected by the Miao staff, Agui was envious of the life of Miss Qian Yun. Seeing Qianyun’s life in Jinyi and jade, he was both envious and jealous in his heart.

Qian Yun married Yang Hongguang’s house and became a rich grandma. Agui was even more jealous in his heart. Why do you have everything?Is it true that I was born with the life of the Yahuan!

Agui is unwilling to live like this for a lifetime, but how can she reverse her fate? When she thought of hard work, the opportunity finally came.

Qianyun was infertile for a long time, and just returned to the mother’s family to take care of her mother. Agui seduced Qiao Gang with beauty. Qiao Gang was in his early twenties. He was young and he had not touched a woman.The temptation quickly became treacherous with Agui.

After Agui was pregnant, he dispersed the aphrodisiac in the ginseng tea and gave it to Yang Hongguang to drink. Yang Hongguang didn’t know it was a plan. After drinking the aphrodisiac, he lingered with Agui overnight, and was caught by Agui.

After Agui and other Qian Yun returned, she showed her best of her pregnancy, so as to force the palace. She thought that she could force Yang Hongguang to marry herself.

Seeing that his son grew up, Agui wanted to occupy the Yang family’s property, and then the upper conspiracy could not succeed. Agui was unwilling, so he found Qiao Gang. The two discussed a poisonous plan.Only when Qian Yun died, Agui had the opportunity to be in place.

Agui promised Qiao Gang. After the incident was completed, he gave Qiao Gang’s half of his family. When Qiao Gang saw the money, he saw the profit, and immediately took a picture with Agui.

Qiao Gang bought two killers, pretended to be a sedan, and took advantage of the opportunity to send Qianyun to the mountain to enjoy flowers.

Qiao Gang and Agui thought that the planned Tianyi was seamless. How could they know that they were overheated by the old beggars outside the door when they discussed the poison.

This old beggar is not an ordinary person. He was originally the head of the dart bureau. He was strong in martial arts and was a good book. Unfortunately, in order to save his brother, he was severely wounded by the robbers and lost his root.After the rice bowl, this became a beggar.

The old beggar walked south and broke into the north. For many years, Agui and Qiao Gang had a trick to hide the eyes of the old beggar. Then he quietly followed and rescued Qianyun.

The case was finally clear. The county magistrate was sentenced to the court, and the Qiao Gang and Agui were equipped with a charging army and sent it to the frontier to serve hard.

Yang Hongguang and Qian Yun fell in the life -saving grace of the old beggar, and hired the old beggar as the head of Yangfu’s nursing home. The old beggar accepted it.

Two years later, the old beggar found a secret recipe from an old Taoist. After serving Qian Yun, Qian Yun finally gave birth to a beautiful daughter for Yang Hongguang.Holy and sweet happy life.

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