Many people only eat rhizomes, in fact, leaves are babies, now just season, it is a pity not to understand eating

Introduction: Many people only eat rhizomes. In fact, leaves are babies. Nowadays, it is a pity not to understand eating!

Hello everyone, I am a silly sister’s food. In my life, the only food and beautiful scenery cannot be disappointed.The busy life every day makes life more exciting. The first thing that gets up early to open his eyes is to want to eat today?Is this what every housewife thinks?As a housewife, three meals a day must not only be carefully calculated, but also eat nutrition. I will choose some special vegetables every day to go to the vegetable market, so that a month will save a lot of expenses.A few days ago, I went to the vegetable market to see that the special celery was very fresh and green. It was only 1.5 pound, which was much cheaper than other vegetables.

Do you throw away celery leaves every time you eat celery and only eat celery stems. In fact, our way of eating is wrong!The seemingly inconspicuous celery, in fact, its leaves are treasures and can be eaten.Compared with celery stems, many people think that, especially those who have eaten, they will feel that the taste of celery leaves is poor and has a slight bitterness.The nutrition of celery leaves is much higher than the nutrition of celery stems. Celebrity leaves are rich in protein, calcium yuan, and vitamins. Among them, protein is 1-2 times higher than ordinary fruits and vegetables, which is very suitable for autumn!

The seemingly inconspicuous ingredients will make it change for seconds.The following editors will share with you the simple and common practice of celery leaves. It is also nutritious for meals. It is fried with eggs. It is fresh and delicious than spinach. The whole family loves to eat.Make sure you will never lose it after reading the celery leaves. Let’s take a look at how Xiaobian did it!

[Celebrity leaves fried egg] The ingredients prepared are: eggs, celery leaves, thirteen incense, salt, edible oil, garlic

1. If you buy it, you can refrigerate in the refrigerator if you do n’t eat it for the time being. When you eat it, take it out when you eat it.The celery you buy is taken off, put it in a large bowl, add an appropriate amount of cold water, add a little salt for 30 minutes, wash the dirty things inside the celery leaves, and then wash it with water to control the water.

2. The celery leaves that control the dry water are placed on the chopping board, chopped it into the large bowl, and poured two eggs, and the appropriate amount of 13 incense with chopsticks quickly stir in one direction until the egg liquid is evenly wrapped in the celery.On the leaves.Do not add too much seasoning, just put a little salt and a little thirteen incense, so that the cooked celery tastes more tender and delicious.

3. Put an appropriate amount of edible oil in the pot. Put the oil heat into the garlic slices and sauté. Pour the chopped celery’s leaves into the pot and fry the medium and small heat until the two sides are slightly yellow.The celery leaves fried in this way are more fresh than spinach, more nutritious than leek, delicious and nutritious.

Cooking tips: 1. If the celery we bought can not be eaten, we can also pick the celery leaves directly in the fresh -keeping bag and save it.Emerald green and tender.2. Celebrity leaves and spinach are the same as stir -fried eggs. Don’t fry on high heat, pay attention to the heat, otherwise the celery leaves that are fried will not be fresh!

Have you ever eaten celery leaf fried eggs?What are the best ways to eat celery leaves?Welcome to leave a message to share your cooking experience and make more friends learn to benefit. If my sharing is helpful to you, remember to like it, collect, and pay attention. Today’s sharing is here. Thank you for your reading and support. WeSee you tomorrow, goodbye!

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