Master of Nortel Du Yingzhe was exposed to seduce minors!To the number of students who are pregnant, I will post a response

The entertainment circle on the evening of September 19 can be described as very lively!Earlier, Zhao Weixian, the director of Bei Power, was exposed to seduce more than a hundred students to take private photos. During the communication, the words were insignificant and did not let girls wear underwear and underwear.Related evidence.

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The waves of unrest and waves are rising again. The characters involved this time are greater and the behavior is worse. If the facts are established, then it must be criminal behavior, and it will be damaged.Affected by public opinion.


According to one of the "victims" Shi Ziyi, he revealed that the person with a damaged teacher was not an ordinary person, but Zhao Weixian’s reliance on the mentor Du Yingzhe.

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It is understood that the teacher named Du Yingzhe is the principal of the industry director and art test institution. He is 40 years old and graduated from the Bachelor of Literature at the Department of Literature of Northern Power."One of the screenwriters.

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The victims listed a total of three points and issued a severe reprimand, accusing him of the most serious nature, the longest duration, the largest number of victims, and the smallest exploitation of the victim.

First: Process

Regarding this art test training institution, many people register each year, and there are as many as 500 people in the peak period, which also provides a good environment for its "criminal".At the same time, there are students who have been sexually harassed by them.

According to Shi Ziyi, he will dig students through the group of other director classes, and then add the student’s WeChat, and then care for the students to care, and repeatedly praise. The purpose is to ask the other party to come to his own institution.Some failed.

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Because I refuse, I think other ways to make it easier.On the grounds of the professor’s writing script, some homework was arranged. Shi Ziyi recalled that these topics include "My Sexual Fantasy", "My First Self -self" and so on.

Because she refused again, she was digging the walls through her "lover" (also one of their students) for the convenience of seeking convenience.

Du Yingzhe showed off privately: more than a hundred students who slept through more than a hundred students, claimed to be the "film industry" godfather.

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Second: Perseremer tells

Shi Ziyi quoted the two victims of the two victims Du Yingzhe.

One of them was invited to the home when he was in the Thai camp and was invited to the home and took the purpose of teaching, but he was in fact.When he arrived at Du Yingzhe’s house, the other party tried to surround the back, but was rejected.

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After that, Du Yingzhe took her to the underwear area on the grounds of helping him to choose the interview clothes, and hit her chest during this period, and then took her to the nightclub, and tricked him to try to have a relationship.Essence

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The second victim revealed that she had heard various rumors before, but she thought that she was self -reliance. As long as she was studying, she would not be harassed by the other party. What she did not expect was to meet a girl in the study. The girl was very very very very likelyBeautiful, but was "ruined" by Du Yingzhe, and there were many women.

Third: response

The incident has stirred a lot of attention inside, so there were art candidates who went to the institution to pull the banner and hit Du Yingzhe, but did not change a lot, and he continued to do bad behaviors.

The reason why these years (15 years) did not speak because of fear.Because of her personal experience, Shi Ziyi also called for the harmful women to contact her for this.

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In response to Shi Ziyi’s breaking news, Du Yingzhe himself also responded in the circle of friends. He said: My teaching methods in the art test are indeed controversial, but it is also very effective, because the naive and simple candidates have no way to compete for contact in the art test.Candidates of the adult world.

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Human nature is very complicated. I can’t guess several of them stand out to accuse my women’s real journey, but I am willing to use the facts to match them …

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What kind of results do this need to see follow -up evidence to make the storm more violently and repel those tumors in the educational community.

Related reports:

The sexual harassment incident of Northern Power continued to ferment.

Recently, the sexual harassment of Zhao Weixian, a professional student of Bei Power, continued to ferment on the Internet. At present, not only the real -name system of female students broke the news, but also the well -known actor Sun Yan’s sister Sun Yan also spoke for this incident, which once again attracted a lot of attention.Essence

Not long ago, Sun Yan’s sister Sun Yan reposted a Weibo long article named "Shi Ziyi", and wrote the text: "List of several” North Power 20 director Zhao Weixian” !!!"

At the same time, the Weibo user named Shi Ziyi, who also claimed to be Nortel for herself, said that she was harassed by Zhao Weixian. Therefore, it can be judged that Sun Yan also spoke for her friends this time.

In Shi Ziyi’s long article, she claimed to mention that she was also harassed by Zhao Weixian, and she broke the news that Zhao Weixian’s art test teacher, that is, Du Yingzhe, the principal of the art test training institution, "Evil.

In the long text, Shi Ziyi mentioned that when she was in the art test, she was harassed by Du Yingzhe, but because she was afraid of the other party’s power, she did not dare to say. Until she was admitted to Nortel, she found that the classmates in the same class were also harassed by Du Yingzhe.

Shi Ziyi said that several art test girls had a relationship with him in Du Yingzhe’s intimidation. Among them, there was a little girl who was only 17 years old in 2003. After being deceived by Du Yingzhe, she dropped out of school and gave birth to Du Yingzhe.child.

Shi Ziyi claimed that after understanding, she found that Du Yingzhe had not been disturbed by her. From 07, it was 15 years since it started. Many girls have been killed in each session.Du Yingzhe also showed off hundreds of students who slept with her, and claimed to be "the godfather in the film industry."

Secondly, Shi Ziyi learned through Shi Brother that in 2013, Du Yingzhe was protested by a victim’s parents pulling banners and a severe physical conflict, but this incident did not wake Du Yingzhe.

In the end, Shi Ziyi also exposed the description of two other victims and signed the real -name system under the name "Bei Power 21 Film Shi Ziyi".

It is reported that, as Shi Ziyi said, she is not only a student produced by Nortel’s 21st film and television, but at the same time, she also has more than millions of fans on Weibo, which is enough to be called a small and famous Internet celebrity.

Of course, in addition to Du Yingzhe, as the person who was the first to be broke, Zhao Weixian was also unforgivable.

It is reported that at the beginning of the incident, some netizens broke the news that Zhao Weixian, a director of Director of Bei Dian, sexually harassed girls. His behavior included:

1. On the grounds of "software testing", nearly 200 people (most of them are girls) borrowed iCloud and network disk accounts to view and download the other party’s private photos without permission.

2. During the period of 19-21, about 20 girls came home to ask girls to record videos such as swimsuits, super shorts, etc. under the name of "homework shooting", recorded girls’ "heavy breathing sounds", and harassing girls in the middle of the night on the grounds of shootingThe other party takes nude photos.

A few days ago, Zhao Weixian’s affairs also attracted great attention after being disclosed, including other netizens who also broke the news and encountered the same thing, but it was strange that the subsequent heat did not continue to follow as the outside world imagined.superior.

Therefore, simply speaking, although Shi Ziyi, who spoke this time, was used to borrow Zhao Weidian, the main content emphasized Du Yingzhe’s crimes, but similarly, no matter which one, the two were worthy of attention and attention.

It is also hoped that under the supervision and heated discussion of the public, this matter can be properly resolved as soon as possible, and the victims are justice!

Source: Yufeng Entertainment room

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