Masturbation: You (maybe) don’t know

Masturbation is a safe and natural way that makes you feel good. It finds what makes you hot and releases the accumulated sexual tension.

Of course, masturbation is a good way to relieve stress and improve sleep.However, the same time with you and your body.

In fact, single -player games have unlimited benefits to health, and there is absolutely no shortcomings -and it is very interesting!

Masturbation does not necessarily cause orgasm.However, if you have the mood and the urge to endure endorphins, you must know and do something to help your body achieve big O.

This setting sometimes has a great impact on whether you will have a good solo meeting.Think about turning off the lights, lit candles, listen to easy music, and make your mood better.

When you are awakened, your body will lubricate yourself, making masturbation a smoother and pleasant experience.

This may be self -evident, but you can open yourself by simply thinking about the hot girl you met last week.Let your brain fantasize those who make your spine numb or situation.It’s fun to make your thoughts, but you don’t have to always use your imagination.If you want to adjust the temperature, read a dirty book or watch a sexy video.

You don’t have to rush to masturbate.Playing skills, spend time enjoy all your feelings.

Play with your sexy area -think about you, ears or thighs -can exude a happy spark on your body.

The vibrator and fake penis are fun to play, but they are not the only sex toys in the town.For example, some people like to stimulate themselves by using a shower head or rubbing the pillow of the vulva.Women are more likely to use sex toys than men. When asked if they use "sex toys" during masturbation, 43%of women say "sometimes" and men are 13%.But every time men masturbate, they say that they are twice as the possibility of using fantasy.

If you have rich practical experience for many years, you think you know everything about masturbation, maybe you don’t know.Here are some things that may surprise you:

It’s not just with you.If their partners masturbate, many people will feel angry, but sometimes you only need to feel comfortable on your skin.Because you can figure out what you like, you can also tell your partner. When you go to bed together, this is a more pleasant experience.

Who would think that the vibrator would be cute?Japanese, that’s it.In Japan, it is illegal to create sexual toys like penis, so they designed rabbit vibers and also showed their middle finger to the Japanese government.

The symptoms of hysteria include faint, anxiety, fatigue, depression and emotional instability.So how do these symptoms treat?Of course, it is awakened by women.Doctors will call for women with hysteria and treat them with a "healing massage" to treat this diagnosis.The vibrator is here.These magical devices are strictly preserved in the doctor’s office and are only used for medical purposes, but later larger companies began to create them and began to sell them very subtle advertising in women’s magazines.

At least for women, this is very, very gentle.Your heart rate still increases with your breathing, and you even find yourself sweating.You also know that you can obtain a guaranteed orgasm if you are infertile or infected infection.But for boys, masturbation and sex are very different because their bodies have different responses to this.

Men have more masturbation than women, and they start from when they are younger.Most women did not start until their teens or 20 years old. Until they were mature enough, they could have sex.The main reason behind this is not to wither happiness, but because they want to be more comfortable to their bodies.Therefore, women have an average masturbation of about 5 times a month, while men find time about 12 times.

Do you think you are the only biological species on this planet with sexual needs?Whenever the animals feel that they are in love, they will do it, and then do it.They don’t even care if anyone is watching.This is definitely the biggest difference between you and these animals.It’s not that you can’t fly, but because you don’t like the audience.

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