Maternal and baby health (1) Can you get pregnant immediately after marriage?What should I do if the elderly women should not drag again during pregnancy?

Q: What is pre -marital examination?

Answer: "Pre -marital examination" refers to a comprehensive physical examination that men and women must do before marriage registration.So what is the significance of pre -marital examinations? You can understand if there are genetic diseases or genetic defects through a marriage check. If you have it, you should not be married or given to reduce or avoid the occurrence of genetic diseases, which is conducive to eugenics.

In addition, if there is a marriage examination, it is found that men and women are not suitable for marriage or should not be pregnant, such as: acute infectious diseases, mental diseases, blood diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and severe heart, liver, and kidney disease.If so, it should be remarried after these diseases are cured, which is conducive to the health of both parties.You can also find whether there is a reproductive system disease or defect through a marriage inspection, and give treatment or treatment before marriage to avoid discovery of the contradiction between husband and wife after marriage and break the emotion.Through the marriage check, you can gain relevant knowledge from the doctor, which can make sexual life harmonious and life more fulfilling.It can also be educated related to family planning, which is conducive to arranging family planning.

Question: Can you get pregnant immediately after marriage?

Answer: Is it good to get pregnant immediately after marriage? It can be said that there are many disadvantages, at least not the best time to conceive.Decoration of houses, buying things, and preparing for marriage before marriage, the physical strength consumption of both parties is greater; and the wedding wedding, welcoming, or traveling, long journey, poor rest, not used to diet, people are very tired; at this time with smoke;There are also more contact with wine; newlywed Yansur, more frequent sex, men’s semen consumes a lot … such factors such as such factors will affect the quality of sperm and eggs.Moreover, the newlywed woman is often not adapted to sexual life, and the secretion of estrogen is not normal, which is not conducive to eugenics.In addition, the life of the husband and wife has just begun, and each other needs to have a process of adapting to each other. If a little guy breaks in at this time, both the husband and wife lack sufficient preparation in psychological and life, which will inevitably affect the next prenatal education.EssenceTherefore, contraceptive measures should be taken during the wedding period. It is not advisable to have children immediately. It is best to get pregnant after 1-2 years after marriage.

Question: What should I do if women can’t be dragged when they are older?

Answer: If the two sides are older, especially the woman is older, and the fertility time should not be delayed, they can be conceived after three months of marriage on the basis of being fully prepared before marriage.After a period of adjustment and rest, the fatigue of the wedding has basically disappeared, and the two parties have also adapted to sexual life. You can consider accepting a new family member.

Question: What is the impact of premature pregnancy on the body?

Answer: Women’s reproductive organs are basically mature in adolescence and theoretically believe that pregnancy can be pregnant.However, before the age of 20, all parts of the body are still in development, and at this time, the energy, memory, time and other aspects are at the best stage of learning knowledge. Premature pregnancy will affect women’s body, work, and learning.From a medical perspective, the chances of congenital malformations produced by early childbirth are higher.

Q: When is the best pregnancy?

Answer: It is now advocated that late marriage and late childbirth. However, the fertility ability when he is too old will also be affected. Maternals over 35 years old are called "old maternal".At this time, women are not only aging egg cells, but also vulnerable to virus infections. Women in this period are generally the backbone of the unit. They have a heavy burden at work and have a lot of energy. At this timeEssence

So, when is the best age of pregnancy? Medically, it is generally believed to be the best childbirth age at 25-30 years.This period from physical conditions to social experience is a golden period for women.The abnormal rate and surgical rate of maternal abnormalities and surgery are lower than other stages, and the incidence of pregnancy hypertension is also low. The health of mothers and children can be guaranteed.

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