Meibao Star: How can I improve frequent urination and urinary incontinence during pregnancy?

There are pregnant women at home. When you are more, you care about whether she eats well or not, whether you rest well. For bowel movements, you may ignore it. In fact, you ca n’t do this. For pregnant women, bowel movements should attract more attention.Many pregnant women will have embarrassing situations. Just after going to the bathroom, less than an hour, the urine came again, and hurried to go again.Even a few minutes later, urinary incontinence appeared. This situation is really bad.

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Pregnant women are thinking, how could this be, I even had frequent urination and urinary incontinence. Is this too bad? In fact, in pregnancy, it is very common. For pregnant women, I should understand why it is so frequent.At the same time, the precautions for urination should be clear.

Why is frequent urination and urinary incontinence?

1. Changes in the position of bladder and urethra

With the relaxation of the pelvic foundation, the position of the bladder and urethra will also change. At the same time, the autonomic nerve function of the urine is also affected with the pelvic base fascia.These changes can cause pregnant mothers to easily urinate and urinary incontinence, but do not have to worry, because normal conditions will return to their original state after childbirth.

2. The pelvic foundation becomes loose

The fascia that supports the bladder, urethra, uterus, and rectal organs is called "pelvic foundation".After pregnancy, ligaments, joints, and fascia will become soft and relaxed in order to welcome childbirth, so it is more difficult to control the discharge of urine than usual.

3. The uterus is oppressed to the bladder

Throughout pregnancy, the uterus is like a balloon slowly swelled, and the gradually increased uterus compressed into the bladder, making the volume of the bladder smaller, so the pregnant moms will feel more frequent than usual.

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What should I do if I have urinary incontinence during pregnancy?

Doctors point out that urinary incontinence is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy. Pregnant women should not urinate, but should immediately go to the bathroom for urination.Some pregnant women deliberately reduce the intake of water because they want to reduce the number of urination. The doctor said that this approach is quite wrong.Because artificially interrupted the intake of moisture, it is easy to cause another trouble: constipation.Therefore, pregnant women should not deliberately restrict their own drinking water during pregnancy, but should pay attention to replenishing a lot of water in time to supply circulation and digestion and maintain skin health.

Under normal circumstances, the frequent urination during pregnancy is normal, and it is not too worried or special treatment.However, if you have abnormal symptoms such as urgency, pain, and turbid urine at the same time, you should ask your doctor to check in time.

Develop the correct habit of urination

The urination time is too long, which is easy to affect the bladder function, and it is possible to aggravate the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Therefore, pregnant women must have the correct habit of urination. Do not urinate.

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It is particularly reminded that because the most common urinary symptoms during pregnancy are frequent urination, and developing the correct urination habit can also reduce the problem of bladder or urinary tract infection, which is very important for pregnant women.

How to relieve frequent urination incontinence?

It is a large amount of exercise for the muscles of the fetus.Compare the muscle group of the pot to a spring. If the fetus is responsible for a long time, the elasticity of the spring will be damaged, and insufficient elasticity will cause frequent urination incontinence.Therefore, pregnant mothers should often do anal reduction exercise to train the tension of pelvic floor muscles to help control urination.After giving birth, there is also a very important part of the basis. To do the rehabilitation training of the bottom of the basin, in order to recover the original state of the basin muscle, it does not affect the quality of life after giving birth.

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