Menstruation is clean and clean for 7 days. Which woman is more likely to aging?Don’t guess it

Menstruation is the physiological phenomenon of women’s reproductive systems and one of the symbols of mature women. Women will begin menstruation after adolescence starts.

Menstruation refers to the blood and tissue discharged from the endometrium. Generally speaking, the first day of each month is the first day of menstruation. Menstruation usually appears in women aged 13-50. The monthly cycle is21-35 days.

Every time menstruation usually lasts for 3-7 days, but sometimes it will last about 10 days, and the menstrual cycle and duration will vary between different individuals.

The menstrual cycle consists of two stages: the first stage is the preparation period of ovarian and uterine endometrial, and this stage usually lasts 10-14 days.The second stage is the period of ovulation and endometrium. This stage usually lasts 3-7 days.Without pregnancy, the endometrium will fall off and discharge in vitro to form menstruation.

Menstruation is an important indicator of women’s reproductive health. It reflects the normal operation and reproductive health of women’s endocrine systems. It is also an important physiological process. Women need to pay close attention to menstruation and maintain good health.

Due to the different physique of women, during menstruation, the duration is different. Some women are clean in three days, and some women are clean in 7 days. Which is more prone to aging?


What are the normal menstrual standards?

Division time: Generally, it is 28-35 days. Each person’s cycle is different, but it should be relatively fixed in the physiological cycle of the same person.

Duration: Generally 3-7 days.

Menstruation: Adult women are generally 40-60 ml of menstrual periods each time. The small amount of menstrual flow of the initial tide should gradually increase and stabilize in 2-3 years.

Appearance: dark, dense, blood clumps are normal, and obvious banana, yellow -brown, and unsatisfactory interruption are abnormal performance.


Menstruation is clean and clean for 7 days. Which woman is more likely to aging?Don’t guess it

The length of the menstrual duration is not directly related to the aging of women. The length of the menstrual duration mainly depends on the physiological and living habits of women, including hormone levels, weight, living pressure, and sleep quality.

During the menstrual period, the level of estrogen secreted by ovulation ovulation is reduced, which can easily cause increased appetite and physical fatigue, but this is a normal physiological phenomenon and does not cause aging.

Female aging is mainly related to genetic factors, lifestyle, eating habits, environmental pollution and other factors, and has nothing to do with the cleaning time of menstruation.

Whether it is clean or 7 days of menstruation or 7 days, as long as you maintain good living habits and a healthy lifestyle, you can slow down the process of aging.


What are the main factors of women’s menstruation?

Physiological factors: The length of the menstrual cycle is related to the difference in individuals. Generally, it is 21 days to 35 days, and the duration of menstruation is usually about 3 to 7 days.

If hormone secretion in the body is unbalanced, such as excessive estrogen or lack of progesterone, it will cause changes in menstrual time and cycle.

Age factors: Women gradually become aging from the beginning to menopause, and the menstrual cycle and time will also be affected. Generally, the earlier the age of the initial tide, the later the menopause, and the menstrual cycle and time may be longer.

Environmental factors: Factors such as work pressure, improper diet, living habits, and irregular sleep will also affect the length of menstruation. For example, factors such as physical fatigue and excessive emotional pressure may lead to irregular menstrual cycle and time.

Diseases: Many diseases can also affect the length of menstruation, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction, etc., which will cause irregular menstrual cycle and time.


How to maintain the health of the uterus when women come to menstruation?

Pay attention to hygiene: During menstruation, pay attention to cleaning the vulva and replacing sanitary napkins every day to keep the genitals dry and clean to prevent infection.

Reasonable diet: Diet should be balanced, pay attention to the intake of protein, vitamins and minerals, eat less spicy, greasy, heavy food, you can eat more nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains.

Moderate exercise: exercise can help promote blood circulation and enhance immunity. You can choose some mild aerobic exercises, such as walking, jogging, yoga, etc.

Avoid excessive fatigue: When menstruation, you should appropriately reduce work and study burden, pay attention to rest, reduce fatigue, and maintain emotional stability.

Maintain good living habits: not smoking, drinking, not staying up late, avoid sedentary or standing for a long time.

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