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Dental eyelids, rhinoplasty, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation … Beauty plastic surgery is gradually becoming popular in Taizhou, especially micro plastic surgery such as hyaluronic acid filling injection, botulinum toxin removal and thin face, water light needle skin, and facial line carving.Beauty welcomes.The reporter learned from the various medical institutions of plastic surgery in our city that adults who accept micro -plastic surgery cover all ages, and of which women aged 30-50 are mainly.Experts remind that women who are pregnant or have a pregnancy plan are best to suspend micro -plastic surgery to avoid accidents.

It is understood that compared with traditional plastic surgery, micro plastic surgery has the advantages of minimally invasive and fast recovery. At present, no micro -plastic projects have side effects on the human body.However, for family planning women, the opinion of beauty plastic surgery experts is best to suspend related treatment.

Lu Jingyao, chief physician of the Medical Beauty Center of Taizhou Municipal Hospital, explained that the materials currently used for micro -plastic surgery are mainly hyaluronic acid and botulinum, and there are collagen.From the perspective of ingredients, hyaluronic acid and collagen are relatively safe. They are the ingredients necessary for the human body itself. Injecting hyaluronic acid or collagen is a small impact on the body.

However, the injection process is minimally invasive, the wound may have infection, and some people with allergies may cause allergies or rejection of synthetic hyaluronic acid or collagen, which may affect the health of the mother and fetus.Moreover, depending on the treatment site, the time required for the injection is also different. For a few minutes, as many as half an hour to one hour. Some people may be difficult to bear during the pain in this process, and the body has an emergency response and causes abortion.

"From the perspective of the health and safety of pregnant women and fetuses, it is not recommended to make micro -plastic surgery during this period." Lu Jingyao said.

In addition, during pregnancy, human hormones have changed significantly, their bodies are becoming more plump, and their faces are changing."Micro plastic surgery is to change the appearance through local injection, but the face shape of pregnant women has been changing, and the expected results cannot be achieved at all. Such treatment is worse than not doing it." Lu Jingyao suggested that beauty love women are best to wait for the end of the breastfeeding period and then consider micro -micro -micro Plastic surgery.

What should I do if I did an injection micro -plastic surgery before?Lu Jingyao said that if the injection is hyaluronic acid or collagen, there is no allergies or rejection reactions. Generally, pregnancy should not affect the pregnancy after injection. If the injection is botulinum, it is recommended to get pregnant after 3-6 months.Therefore, if there is a plan for pregnancy, it is best to start 3-6 months after micro -plastic surgery.

In case of treatment just last month, I found that I was pregnant this month, and we must tell the obstetrician to do it seriously during the pregnancy check during pregnancy.

Lu Jingyao reminded that medical beauty must go to regular hospitals and find doctors with medical beauty qualifications."Don’t trust private studios and beauty salons to avoid causing disfigurement or infectious infectious diseases"

Original title: micro plastic surgery 3-6 months before preparing pregnancy

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