Milk tea sister Xiaolong acknowledged pregnancy: the little guy came before the wedding

Milk tea sister admits to pregnancy before the wedding

Original title: Milk tea sister admits to pregnancy: the little guy comes before the wedding

On October 1st, Liu Qiangdong held a wedding in Australia. On November 1st, a photo of Zhang Zeyan’s "milk tea sister" Zhang Zeyan went out to eat. A gray dress was slightly mature, and the slightly rising abdomen was suspected of pregnancy.On the evening of November 1, Zhang Zetian acknowledged that he was happy in the WeChat circle of friends, saying that "the little guy can’t wait to run before the wedding ceremony."

The circle of friends also received a reply from Liu Qiangdong. The ID was nicknamed "Boss".

At the same time, Liu Qiangdong’s career tea sister’s high -definition photos also showed people. The two were happy and completely sits on the news of pregnancy.

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On November 1st, Zhang Zetian was taken out by netizens for dining.

Zhang Zeyi graduated from Tsinghua University and went to marry with JD Liu Qiangdong.The two were only married for a month. On November 1, some netizens posted photos of Zhang Zetian in the restaurant a few days ago.In the photo, Zhang Zetian is still a signature ponytail, but the gray dress failed to cover the slightly bulging belly, causing pregnancy guessing.

On the evening of November 1, Zhang Zetian confirmed the news of pregnancy in the WeChat circle of friends.In the screenshot of the circle of friends, she said: "The little guy couldn’t wait to run before the wedding ceremony, and gave us the two of us. From the moment we decided to be together, we thought of each other. As for the children, sooner or laterThings. The economy is going up, the population keeps up! "

On October 1st, Liu Qiangdong and the milk tea sister Zhang Zetian were married. At the wedding scene, Liu Qiangdong wore a handsome suit, the milk tea girl Zhang Zetian laughed like a flower, and the pure white wedding was full of fairy.The two sometimes kissed each other, and they looked at each other, and they all revealed their strong love.In this regard, netizens have sent blessings: "The shooting place is so beautiful, and happiness is long!"

It is reported that there are about 150 people attending the wedding, both of the relatives of both parties, including investors and old employees.At about 5 pm local time, Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian walked into the wedding scene and waved to everyone. They were very loving.From the photo, the groom Liu Qiangdong wore a bow tie and wearing a white suit. The bride Zhang Zetian wore a pure white wedding dress with a flower and a full of fairy.The two exchanged rings, read oaths and kissed on the spot under witness, and they were sweet and warm.

"Milk Tea Sister" Zhang Zetian held a wedding with Liu Qiangdong in Australia on October 1.(Data map)

Zhang Zetian, who is 22 years old on the 18th of this month, graduated from Tsinghua in July this year. He was exposed in early August and was exposed to the news of his marriage with Liu Qiangdong. The two held a grand wedding in Australia on October 1.

Below, let’s review the love history of the two together!

Liu Qiangdong’s love road with milk tea sister

News on April 7, 2014: Liu Qiangdong and the milk tea sister in the United States were filmed. Xiaobian knew that the news would have a pleasure to wait for the parties to explain.How do you explain this time? The last time I said it was quite wrong. Of course, this is also your own business, but it is a bit overwhelming to make some reasons to get rid of some reasons.

This is all this, is it still ordinary friends.American society is really open. No wonder Orange is born in Huainan, and it is born in Huaibei.Fast advice, do you have to wait until you are revealed?

Earlier, the source of the relationship between Liu Qiangdong’s relationship with milk tea was this photo. Liu Qiangdong hit a rake, referring to Ma Yun’s framed, and the milk tea sister responded to the Chinese people’s imagination. Now this group of photos is exposed. How should the two explain?Should I bless a pair of old and young?

On October 27, 2014, a business school in Spain awarded the International Friendship Award. The milk tea sister Zhang Zetian and her boyfriend Liu Qiangdong appeared at the scene. The milk tea was delicate and stylish.

On the afternoon of January 3, 2015, the milk tea sister Zhang Zetian suddenly emptied all Weibo, and her boyfriend Liu Qiangdong also deleted "Xiaotian is the simplest and kind person I have ever seen … I only want to hold hands in the future …"This loving Weibo has caused netizens to conjecture.

News in January 26, 2015: A few days ago, netizens met Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian in Thailand, and took photos. In the photo, the two seemed to be sightseeing in a Buddhist temple in Thailand.

Milk tea sister voiced and denied rumors

The breakup of milk tea sister Zhang Zetian and Liu Qiangdong aroused the public’s attention.On January 13th, the sister of milk tea spoke to the incident for the first time and published a lawyer’s letter saying that he would use legal weapons to fight back and slander and investigate the legal responsibility of the parties.

Sister Milk Tea wrote on Weibo: "These years, the slander and insults of a few rumors have forced herself to bear it. But I did not expect to endure it again and again.Even if you do n’t do it, it ’s wrong. So today I break the protective circle I have established and maintain the most basic right of me as an adult. I only look forward to belonging to me, a 21 -year -old girl’ s normal life. Recently, many friends encouraged me, I want to tell me, I want to tell me, I want to tell meYou: move, gratitude, cheer together! "And issued a lawyer’s statement through a lawyer.

The lawyer’s statement wrote that some Weibo bloggers such as "Dr. Wang’s Spiritual Homeland" fabricated the "Milk Tea Sister’s father and involved in a case of a certain secretary", "Milk Tea Girl asked Mr. Liu Qiangdong for 30 million", named "The Boyao Master of the Dance Master has fabricated the "milk tea sister to develop a new relationship with the film and television investor Zhang Jiaming in order to enter the entertainment industry", and so on, all of which are not true remarks.The malicious degradation of Ms. Zhang Zetian’s personality and dignity maliciously hindered her normal work and life, causing serious mental damage.It is required to immediately delete the relevant infringement content for inconsistent speakers and related network platforms, and immediately take measures to clear the adverse effects.Related evidence has also been collected, which will be held accountable.

According to reports on February 26, 2015, Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian, a "milk tea sister" Zhang Zetian, recently staged a reversal. At the end of January, the two were filmed with Thailand.After that, the man suddenly called Zhang Zetian in the interview. The two recently held hands back to Beijing, suspected to have been secretly married.

One day before the Spring Festival, the reporter came to the Capital Airport and soon saw Liu Qiangdong, who returned to Beijing from abroad, and the "milk tea sister" out of the VIP passage.The two suspected that they were suspected to return to Beijing after marriage.Zhang Zetian still looks like a cute girl next door. He can’t see the joy of his wife, and his expression is very calm.Liu Qiangdong is still the standard for black sweaters, down jackets, and jeans. The local tyrants are dressed up.The most eye -catching thing is that the two have been holding their hands tightly, sweet like a love couple, holding hands, and leaving by car.

It is reported that when Liu Qiangdong attended the opening ceremony of an event, the reason why he chose to start the "French Pavilion" because "wife" likes France, and he regrets that "the two travel to Thailand and transfer to France after returning to China.The problem has not come together. "In addition, last month, some netizens took the milk tea sister and Liu Qiangdong to travel in Thailand, and it also made everyone speculate that the two seemed to be quietly married.

On February 16, 2015, the screenshot of Liu Qiangdong’s circle of friends was exposed. The photo showed that Liu Qiangdong took a picture of the ring with a ring with a ring finger. The suspected milk tea sister’s account also liked it. It seemed that the two seemed to be near.In addition to the ringing ring, Liu Qiangdong also said: "At this moment! There is your happiest … the best birthday gift." He also personally left a message saying: "Thank you for your brothers, sisters, friends, friends, and classmates".EssenceIn the screenshot, you can also see the likes of the micro -signal "Xiaotianzhang" suspected of milk tea, which seems to be a response from the milk tea sister.Later, during the Spring Festival this year, when Liu Qiangdong returned to his hometown to send money to his father’s fellow, he was also carrying milk tea sister around him.

February 17, 2015: According to@Nantu Entertainment Weekly report, Zhang Zetian accompanied Liu Qiangdong to return to his hometown of his hometown to celebrate the New Year in Suqian, Jiangsu, and also visited an enterprise with the leaders of Suqian City.Subsequently, some netizens showed a dinner photo of the two and relatives and friends, and Zhang Zetian toast from time to time.The two were still taking a photo next to a 8 -layer cake.

This year’s Spring Festival, her sister of milk tea accompanied Liu Qiangdong to the New Year’s Eve in Suqian, visited the enterprise together, and also sent a red envelope to the villagers.On February 19th, some netizens revealed that the two of them were holding hands to visit the mall.The picture shows Liu Qiangdong and Milk Tea.

News on May 25: On May 24th, some netizens broke the news on Weibo that Liu Qiangdong and her milk tea sister Zhang Zetian took wedding photos in Sydney. The two appeared on the campus of the University of Sydney with the photography team.The milk tea sister Yan Ran, who is wearing a wedding hand, is dressed as Yan Ran, Liu Qiangdong is a suit, and the two kisses affectionately.

Report on July 16: In the morning, the netizen "Matsumi Tina" posted a group of photos suspected of encountering milk tea in the hospital on personal Weibo, and left a message: "Today, come to a harmonious family physical examination.","

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