Ming Dao’s wife was pregnant and announced that her second child was pregnant, the baby’s gender exposure, Chen Qiaoen wanted to be the child

In recent days, the entertainment industry happy events, the daughter of the gambling king He Chaolian sweetly married the actor Dou Xiao, and the artist Ma Guoxian also married a 20 -year -old girlfriend with a younger girlfriend not long ago.Immediately afterwards, another well -known artist official announced that he would become Erbao’s father.

On the morning of April 19th, the well -known male star Ming Dao rarely showed a video for his son to hold a 3 -year -old birthday party. In the video, his wife Wang Tingxuan also showed up.In addition to the atmosphere happiness and joy, Ming Dao’s text announced that his wife was pregnant with the second child, and at the same time, he also said that the baby was a girl. He was about to usher in his own little princess and made the word "good".It is reported that Mingdao’s wife has been pregnant for 5 months.

In recent years, the focus of work in the Mainland has left his wife and children in Taiwan Province in recent years, making milk powder money in other cities.A few days ago, Ming Dao also took the time to return to Taiwan to help his son celebrate his three -year -old birthday. At the same time, a grand birthday banquet was held. On the spot, he announced the good news of the second child with his wife and friends.

Netizens saw this, and they sent a blessing "Such a good news in the morning, Dao, you told me that I have no dream", "such amazing news in the morning" and "congratulations on Amin".

In June 2020, Ming Dao had no warning official and Wang Tingxuan, a member of the former female group KISS, married a child because he could not hold a grand wedding for special reasons.To say the reason, then it is related to the death of my brother Mingdao.

At that time, Ming Dao’s brother was unable to repay because he was in debt. He chose his own wife and children after killing himself. At that time, the news was quite sensational.Mingdao learned that his brother’s family died bad news for a while.

After the marriage, Ming Dao also had a scandal. The nostalgic photos taken by Ming Dao and Chen Qiaoen had a heated discussion. In fact, the relationship between the two has always had a good relationship after starring in "The Prince Change the Frog", and has always got along as a good friend.It is reported that in addition to Chen Qiaoen, there will be a new drama with Ming Dao and make an appointment to become the godmother of his daughter.

Now Mingdao and his wife will usher in the second child. After the 45 -year -old Chen Qiaoen and his little boyfriend Alan registered for marriage last year, the two also exposed the news of pregnancy many times, but the two have not moved so far.Having said that, Ming Dao’s daughter who is about to be born is also very good. He was born in a star family with a good family, and Chen Qiaoen was a godmother.

In 2005, Ming Dao and Chen Qiaoen’s idol drama "Prince Become a Frog" fire, Ming Dao also became a household actor.In recent years, Mingdao’s career in the entertainment industry has shown a decline. In a show, he even said that he has not played in the show for 15 years.

In fact, there are many popular actors who are not so hot now, and transformation has become a problem that many stars consider.Many artists have joined the live broadcast industry for goods, but there are not many footholds in the live broadcast industry.And Mingdao has developed a good development in the live broadcast industry, and the level of income is also rising.

Although Ming Dao, who is not confused, is unsatisfactory, but fortunately, the emotional life is happy and happy.Nowadays, you can also make some milk powder in the live broadcast industry, so as to earn some milk powder money for the daughter who is about to be born.

Here, I also hope that the Ming Dao family will be healthy and happy, and bless Mingdao’s wife to give birth to her daughter smoothly.

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