mom!I really don’t want to get married or have children, don’t force me!

“How to view young people’s marriage concept”

The prediction made by the United Nations a few years ago was that my country would have a negative population growth in 2035. We used to predict a 1.4 fertility level. At that time, we believed that this number was relatively low, and negative growth arrived as early as 2025.We are still too optimistic. The actual decline is faster than I think, and the current level of fertility is only 0.5.

Interview with Professor Fudan University "we underestimate the pessimistic attitude of young people on fertility and marriage."Is this really a problem with the attitude of young people?It is the current cost of marriage, and the cost of fertility is as high as the unbearable level of young people.

Why not live alone alone.With the popularity of "Dink" culture, it seems that it is not so important to take over.Of course, many people are very difficult to live, and there are still time to consider these issues.

Many school -time lovers, at that time, the Yamagawa oath, fantasizing that they would get married and have children when they graduated.However, more than half of the lover after graduation was defeated by real problems and chose to break up.

It’s not that you don’t love, but you choose to get married and have children. You don’t just need to bear firewood and oil and salt, but also high mortgages, and the cost of raising your baby.Do you dare to give birth to a baby without a house?Many cities are more troublesome for children without houses to go to school.

We take the average salary and house prices in 13 cities in Jiangsu Province.

You can count it. If young people do not have a family help, how long should they work to get enough down payment.And there is also a cruel problem that your salary is often lower than data, and house prices are often higher than data.

Last Sunday, I passed by my alma mater at 10:00 in the evening, and I would not say any school, so as not to issue a ticket for a sky -high price in the past.I met an old grandma pushing a small cart to sell snacks on the side of the road.

Ten years ago, my grandmother was just in college. At that time, we asked her why she was so old, and she couldn’t rest well after retirement.The old grandmother replied: "Help the child to save money to buy a house."

I met her ten years later and asked the same question. The grandmother answered "helping the child to repay the mortgage". Do we say that the child is so big and want you to help?The grandmother answered, "Can’t help, grandson is still in school, and the pressure is great."

Some parents who have entered the society are still paying the mortgage. The child is in a hurry to get married and buy a house. The parents can only borrow or continue the loan first, and infinitely cycle.How dare to get married and dare to have children in this way.

This era is different from the 1970.80s. After graduation, you can allocate work and assign houses. Now it is difficult to find a satisfactory job for many people.

Some people say that marriage is not that difficult to bear it together, but marriage also requires money. Let’s take a brief look at the amount of gifts in various places.

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Regarding Cai Li, it is easy to cause quarrels. No discussion here.Anyway, getting married is a not small expense, and the problem of the house.

Imagine if you have a daughter and the other party has no room, would you be willing to let your child marry him?Therefore, the house is a problem that can’t be wrapped in marriage.

And now this impetuous society, the divorce rate has continued to soar. In 2023, the number of divorces in the country was 4.339 million, and the divorce rate was 3.09%.Twenty years ago, the divorce rate was less than 1%.This contrast can’t help but worry about people. The country and the local area have also introduced some encouragement policies, such as comprehensively opening up three children, extending maternity leave, providing parenting subsidies, and so on.

However, here is paying money to encourage marriage, and some people are trying to increase the cost of marriage.For example, evaluate civilized cities and first -tier cities.

Maybe some friends do not know what the impact of commented on civilized cities or first -tier cities. Here is a point that commented on a civilized city or advanced to a higher level of cities.This city can increase house prices and prices.

Moreover, many places have not reached that level, and they have to be evaluated. The above inspection also notified in advance. Various surface work, after the inspection, restore the original.

After the marriage, the cost of giving birth to a child will not be discussed. Are there any enthusiastic netizens calculated?

Economic reasons, conceptual reasons, social reasons have led to young people who do not want to get married or have children.

Qian Zhongshu once wrote such a sentence in "Siege City": "Marriage is a siege, people outside the city want to go in, and people in the city want to come out." We also wanted to go in, but the wall was too high to enter.

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