Mom’s hair glue and fetal life

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According to statistics, the incidence of genital defects in the new British -born baby boy is as high as 1/250.Maternal experts suspect that this is closely related to the use of glue in a large number of mothers and frequent use of glue.An article in the second issue of the United States "Environmental Health Prospects" in the second issue of 2009 believes that products such as glue will affect human reproductive health.

Professor Paul of the Institute of Popular Diseases and Public Health of the Empire Institute of London, England found that women have exposed to hairdressing products in the early stages of pregnancy, such as gum, mortar, and fixed water, which will increase the risk of inferior puppies.Although most of the children can be corrected by surgery when they are 1 year old, if the failure of treatment or correction surgery will affect the child’s future urination function, even fertility and sexual function.

Researchers also said: "If adult men use hairdressing products for a long time, they also have great harm to their fertility."This study also proves that taking folic acid within the first three months of pregnancy can reduce the risk of inferior urethral cracking by 36%.

Not only that, the hair glue may also shorten the distance between the boy’s anus and the penis.Swan and others at the obstetrics and gynecology professor of the University of Rochester, New York, said that a substance contained in hair glue can cause this harm to boys’ health.Generally, women’s vagina is closer to the anus, while the male penis is far from the anus.Therefore, the shorter distance between the boy’s anus and the penis is considered a sign of male feminination by scholars.When a boy who is in this situation grows up, the erect penis facing is different from others.

There is a substance called phthalic acid fat in the hair glue. It is easy to pass through the placenta into the embryo body, disturb the hormone system in the body, and then cause the disease.Li Hongjun, chief physician of the Urology Department of Beijing Union Hospital, said that modern research has proved that preservatives, plastic bags, and hairdressing products containing estrogen -like substances will affect men’s gonad development, destroy the regulatory effect of the internal secretion shaft, and cause abnormal hormone levels.For boys, it may cause comprehensive syndrome of gonad development, including urinary tract cracks and cryptorchidism; for adult men, they may induce weak sperm and testicular cancer.

In addition to the children mentioned above can be indirectly affected by contacting such products, unreasonable use of baby care products can also be directly harmful.Dr. Karl, Institute of Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences, analyzed the urine analysis of 163 babies, and found that 81%of infant urine content exceeded the content of phenyl acid ester, which was closely related to infant contact with emulsion and shampoo.

Secondly, if women are engaged in some occupations that need to be exposed to beauty and hairdressing products, such as hairdressers and gum manufacturing, it is also a risk factor.Researchers at the Institute of Inspection and Medicine of Sweden studied that after studying the researcher of the Institute of Inspection and Medicine, the female hairdresser’s surrogacy was only 91%of ordinary people.In 2008, the Professional and Environmental Medicine Research Group of Norwegian University of Norwegian said that the proportion of female hairdressers infertility and abortion is higher than other industries, which may be related to its contact with hairdressing chemicals.

In addition, phenyl acid fat may also exist in many cosmetics, such as perfume and nail polish.Infants and young children should reduce or avoid contact with such products.People often add phthalic acid fats to plastic to increase their toughness.In this regard, California California has prohibited the substance from the above products in 2009.

Of course, the harm is serious, but as long as it is prevented, it can be prepared.Although some beauty and hairdressing products, although their chemical composition has passed safety testing, it will have a certain impact on the special population. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women do not use it in a special time period.Even healthy women who are not pregnant should not dye their hair more than twice a year.Pregnant women are best to choose ordinary cleaning and basic skin care cosmetics with good quality, simple guarantee, simple ingredients, and natural raw materials.

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