Moms must look at: Twenty -four weeks of pregnancy precautions

At 24 o’clock, the fetus’s weight reached about 540 grams, and the mother’s body became heavier.This week, the fetus is about 25-30 cm and weighs 500-550 grams.At this time, the baby began to fill the entire space in the mother’s uterus.At this time, the baby’s skin is thin and many small wrinkles, covering small tire hair.Although the weight gain a lot, the baby still looks very thin, but his body is coordinating and growing, and soon increases more fat.The baby’s skin is thin and wrinkled, which is translucent. His brain develops very quickly, and taste buds may also play a role now.His lungs are developing "branches" of "tree", and lung cells that are responsible for secreting surface active agents (a substance that helps lung alveoli more easily expand).Khan glands are formed.The fetus will cough or beat uh, he will feel like a knocking action when he fights.The fetus has gradually become conscious while developing the body, and it is reflected in the feeling.His appearance and manners are like babies at birth.

If your fetus is born at this time, it is possible to survive under the doctor’s careful care, but the possibility of survival is less likely.With the development of medical science and technology, there will be more and more unparalleled fetal fetuses can survive in an environment outside the mother’s uterus.But we still have to avoid this from diet and exercise as possible. After all, the congenital conditions of premature babies are not as good as full moon.

The 24 -week fetus is now about 25 cm and weighs more than 500 grams.At this time, the baby occupies a considerable space in the mother’s uterus and began to fill the entire space.At this time, the baby’s body ratio began to be well -proportioned.At this time, the baby’s skin is thin and a lot of small wrinkles, covering small fluff.

At this time, the body of the pregnant woman is getting heavier, and you will find that the pregnancy spots on your face and abdomen are more obvious and increased.Sometimes pregnant women still feel that their eyes are dry and crowded. These are normal phenomena, so don’t worry.

Gestational diabetes

Don’t pay attention to "sugar mommy"!Gestational diabetes refers to diabetes during pregnancy or first discovered.The difference from ordinary diabetes is that after childbirth, gestational diabetes will be cured.At 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, you need to go to the hospital for gestational diabetes.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D during pregnancy is transferred to the fetus through the placenta.In view of excessive poisoning of vitamin D, my country, the United States and Japan recommend 10 micrograms (400i-u) per day.Because the content of vitamin D in natural foods is very low and many foods do not measure vitamin D content, you can appropriately supplement some vitamin D reinforced milk.

Special elastic socks for pregnant women

Now you need to use the special elastic socks of pregnant women. It is best to wear it before going to bed every day. If you forget to wear it, please lie back on the bed and raise your legs on the heart.Take it off. If you take a long time before going to bed, it is best to wear it, and you can take it off when you go to bed.The method of wearing is the same as ordinary stockings. After wearing, the wrinkled part should be flattened to avoid pressure on the skin. Do not have curling at the top of the socks, otherwise the blood will be stranded and edema.When red, purple and other abnormal phenomena, please seek medical treatment and do not wear it again.Elastic socks can reduce the swelling and fatigue of the leg, promote blood circulation, and have a landscaping effect for long -term wear.


For my mother, I murmured to tell the baby in the belly, that is, the content of common sense in language prenatal education, and the solid mother and child in the baby.The foundation of feelings, cultivating children’s ability and thinking ability.In addition, you can communicate with the fetus directly through several tires.For my father, more and more studies have shown that the fetus is most suitable for listening to men and low -frequency tones in the uterus. If the father insists on speaking to the fetus in the palace every day, it can evoke the most positive response of the fetus and to the fetusThe stability of intelligence and emotions after birth is greatly beneficial.

Pregnant women’s health care

Your abdomen becomes larger, and the lower abdomen and the upper abdomen become more swollen.The bottom of the uterus rose to the three horizontal fingers above the umbilicus, and the height of the uterine bottom was 21 ~ 24 cm.The uterus is also getting larger and larger, which can compress the backflow of the lower cavity veins, and varicose veins appear. Some pregnant women also experience symptoms such as constipation and hemorrhoids, back pain, and back pain.The center of gravity of the body is a bit forward, and it is easy to fall. Especially when going up and down stairs and climbing stools, pay special attention.You will also find that the original recessed navel start to protrude outwards. It is normal. It is normal. After you give birth, it will naturally restore the original.

Gum bleeding

Many pregnant mothers will also have bleeding gums during this period, which is common.This is because progesterone becomes swollen your gums. Even if you move your teeth very light, it may cause bleeding.However, despite this, you still have to insist on brushing your teeth. In order to avoid more severe tooth decay, measures must be taken to prevent it.

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