Moomal vaginitis generally cannot heal itself, but it can be cured by drugs. Pay more attention to these points

"Doctor, I seem to have gynecological diseases."

"What are the specific symptoms"

"It is itchy near the vagina, and the leucorrhea is not normal, and it hurts when urinating."

"Maybe it is a mold vaginitis. Do a test?"

During the outpatient clinic, many women and patients suffered from gynecological diseases because of shyness and failure to diagnose and treat them in time. The problems that were easily solved have developed into gynecological diseases. Today, I will take you to understand the most typical mold in gynecological diseases.Sex vaginitis.

This is a common vaginal inflammation of the gynecological department. The pathogen is called fake silk yeast. We usually call it mold. Therefore, the scientific name of this disease is also called vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease.

1. How to classify/type/installment of mold vaginitis?

Moomal vaginitis can be divided into simple mold vaginitis and complex fungal vaginitis. This classification means the severity of the patient’s condition and different types of fungal type host.

2. Which parts or organs will it affect?

It mainly affects the vulva and vagina.

3. Does it be contagious? What is the source of infection and transmission?

It will be contagious.

Source of infection: Patients and sub -clinical asymptomatic with virus.

Transmission pathway: In addition to the vagina, fake silk yeast can also be parasitized in human mouth and intestines. When the human body’s immunity is reduced, fake silk yeast in these three parts can be transmitted to each other, which is called endogenous infection.In this case, the propagation of the propagation is the most important way to spread; in addition, it can be directly transmitted through sexual intercourse; and a small number of patients are indirectly transmitted through contact with infected clothing.

4. Can you cure it?Will it recur?

Cure: Standardize treatment, which can be completely cured.

Reunion: No timely treatment will be delayed and recur.

5. Will it be inherited?Won’t.

6. Is mold vaginitis common?

Specific diseases of women in childbearing age.About 75%of women have occurred at least in their lives, and 45%of women have had no less than 2 infections.

Itching of vulva and vagina lasts for a long time.There may be burning pain, sexual intercourse and urinary pain in the vulva.The vaginal discharge increases, and the leucorrhea is tofu -like, which will have odor.The vulva is swollen and itchy, so there will be scratching marks. In severe cases, there may be skin damage and peeling.Vulvar, vaginal erosion and superficial ulcers can be seen in the acute stage.

1. What complications may be caused?

Endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, appendicitis, and irregular menstruation.

2. Why do mold vaginitis?

Fake silk yeast infection: the main factor.

Parasitic: The vagina is warm and humid, and it is the ideal growth and breeding venue of fake silk yeast.Among healthy women who do not have any clinical symptoms, 10%~ 20%of non -pregnancy women and 30%of women’s vagina are parasitic in vagina, but the amount of bacteria is small and does not cause infection.

Infectious: Fake Lottery Endoglycies are internalized, sexual intercourse, and indirect contact infection.

⑴ Change bad hygiene habits:

Wearing tight chemical fibrous underwear, wiping, excessive cleaning, often use vaginal scrubbings or rinse vagina, often use wet towels or moisturizes vulva, etc.

乱 Change sexual disorders: unclean sex, there are multiple personality partners.

(3) Active treatment of diseases: such as diabetes, AIDS.

抗 Avoid long -term antibiotics, hormones, etc.: avoid frequent abuse of broad -spectrum antibacterial drugs; avoid long -term use of immunosuppressive agents;

量 Avoid receiving large doses of estrogen treatment.

The vaginal itching of the vulva is obvious, and the scratching causes the vulva skin to rupture and peel.Itchy vaginal vaginal itching, burning pain, or urinary pain is obvious, which seriously affects work and sleep.During pregnancy, itching of vulva and increased secretions.

① After treatment, mold vaginitis is still repeatedly occurred.

② Patients with other chronic diseases have symptoms such as vulvar itching and increased secretions.

① Patients with a long -term use of broad -spectrum antibiotics and hormone drugs need to be temporarily suspended.

② Avoid excessive cleaning or use vaginal washing agent or flushing the vagina.Avoid using wet towels containing flavor or alcohol to apply vulva.

③ Avoid the same room.

When a doctor suspects that it is fungal vaginitis, the diagnosis is generally diagnosed through gynecological examination and secretion examination.

What inspections do you need to do?

⑴ Gynecological examination: The purpose is to observe the vulva situation, preliminary diagnosis.

主要 secretion examination: The main function is to find the spore or mycelium of the fake yeast yeast in the vaginal secretion to confirm the diagnosis.

What are the treatment methods for specific mold vaginitis?

1. Local medicine

Purpose: Antibacterial treatment.

Commonly used drugs: mimanzole suppository, club mintole suppository, climozole suppository, hetequkonazole suppository, etc.

2. Medicine of the whole body

Purpose: Antibacterial treatment, unmarried women should not adopt

Commonly used drugs: fluoronazole.

3. Other treatments

Microwave treatment: The purpose is to improve local blood follow -up to promote the absorption and dissipation of pathological products, and promote tissue regeneration and repair.

If it is not treated in time: This disease will not be healed, recurrent attacks can change the degree of vaginal pH, lead to infertility, seriously affect the quality of life, and have no impact on life.

If regular treatment is received in time: the treatment effect is good, it can be completely cured, and it has no effect on the quality and life of life.

There are some dangerous factors that can avoid getting sick or recurring by changing their behavior or lifestyle

● Develop good hygiene habits: Do not rinse vagina when taking a bath. Do not easily believe that the pills of unknown medicines are cleaned in the vulva and vagina. The use of drugs must follow the doctor’s advice.Wearing high -quality cotton threads maintain breathability and keep the private environment dry and hygienic.Every time you go to the toilet, you should wipe it back.

● Safe sexual lifestyle: fixed partners, use condoms, etc.

● Treatment of chronic basic diseases: patients with diabetes should be actively treated to control blood glucose stability.Avoid antibiotics.

Although there are some factors that are difficult to change, as long as we pay more attention to several aspects in our lives, it will help avoid recurrence or stay away from the healthy diet of the disease, exercise moderately, maintain a good attitude, and maintain sufficient body immunity.Control.

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