Mother and daughter are safe!29 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women are seriously ill

The little king is 29 weeks pregnant, and the family is immersed in the joy of greeting a new life.But at a time, the pregnant woman’s back tearing pain at one time. The family immediately sent it to the hospital. After a preliminary investigation, the doctor was suspected to be the aortic firing.However, the local hospital has insufficient treatment ability, and pregnant women are quickly taken to the city center hospital …

The reporter learned from the Dalian Central Hospital that the incident happened more than ten days ago.At that time, after the pregnant woman was delivered in the early morning, the hospital’s multidisciplinary experts started diagnosis and judged based on the results of the examination. The patient was "Ma Fan’s syndrome", and the aortic fidelity was combined with pregnancy.

It is reported that the aortic sandwich is a disease that seriously threatens human life. Once there is a disease, there will be a high risk of sudden death.Especially for pregnant women, once the mezzanine breaks down, it may be the two fresh lives of pregnant women and fetal fetuses at the same time.Experts of Hearts and Ultrasound came to consult for the first time. After the patient was diagnosed with the patient as the aortic fidelid (Stanford B), she immediately transferred her to the cardiac vascular surgery for the heart.

Xiao Wang’s situation is very dangerous because she is still pregnant.Continue pregnancy will increase the risk of aortic cladal rupture, causing patients to die.However, the abdomen is currently only 29 weeks. If premature treatment will affect the fetal survival.

After careful discussion, doctors recommend that the fetus grows in the mother’s body as much as possible when the pregnant woman’s condition is stable to ensure the development and survival of the fetus.At the same time, a personalized treatment plan is formulated, and a response plan is formulated in advance the severe complications that may occur in advance.

However, on the third day of the admission observation, Xiao Wang once again had symptoms of chest pain, and the condition turned into aortic lower layer.

Director Zhuang Xijing coordinated the command overnight and sailed in the obstetrics and gynecology, cardiac vascular surgery, operating room, anesthesiology, and pediatrics.Children’s Hospital Platform.

The joy of the new life did not relax the surgical team of the heart of the cardiac vascular surgery. Next, they successfully completed the surgery in the cloid, accurately and perfectly remove the "timing bomb" in the little king’s body.

On the second day after the operation, under the careful care of the surgical ICU medical care, Xiao Wang’s life signs resumed stability, successfully pulled out the tracheal intubation, and returned to the general ward.

⊙ What is Ma Fan’s syndrome?

The Ma Fan’s syndrome is a kind of autonomous hereditary connective tissue disease, which has family aggregation, which is mainly caused by cellulose genetic defects.

This disease can affect the connective tissue of the whole body, including the most common damaged parts (crystal displacement), cardiovascular and skeletal muscle lesions (excessive bone growth), and can also cause the lungs, skin, and central nervous system to suffer.

Cardiovascular lesions are common in aortic and aortic clamping, which is the main reason for the death of patients with Ma Fan’s syndrome.

Because the bones are tired, the fingers are slender, and they are like spiders (toes), also known as slender limbs.(Text: Dalian News Media Group reporter Chang Ting Picture: Provided by the respondent)

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