Mother and daughter are safe!Heilongjiang’s new coronary virus infection Pregnant women successfully produced healthy baby girls

On January 30, the Harbin Municipal Health Commission received a report that there were a case of 38 weeks of pregnancy +3, 37.3 ° C, and a patient who had close contact with Wuhan back to Harbin.Infected patients need to coordinate the next diagnosis and treatment.

The Harbin Municipal Commission for Health and Health has formed an expert group for multi -disciplinary experts such as obstetrics, respiratory medicine, disinfection and hospital neonatal family, and other disciplines.The expert group considers that the emergency response of inflammation of women in the viral respiratory respiratory infection during pregnancy has increased significantly, and the disease progresses rapidly, especially in the middle and advanced pregnancy.In order to ensure the safety of maternal and infants, it was decided to perform cesarean section surgery as soon as possible to terminate pregnancy. At the same time, it was proposed to Harbin City Prevention and Control Headquarters and obtained approval: In order to prevent and control the needs of the epidemic and reduce the needs of infection, under the current situation120 negative pressure first aid vehicle transferred patients to the city’s new coronary virus infection and treatment of designated hospitals -Harbin Sixth Hospital, the city infectious hospital, and the city Red Cross Hospital sent a comprehensive medical team to prepare the equipment required for surgery, dressing and drug implementation surgery; Municipal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dispatched disinfection experts to guide the personal protection of disinfection and medical staff on the spot. The Municipal Sixth Hospital launched a operating room, a comprehensive summer patients with a consultation process, and the implementation of disinfection and cesarean section surgery was performed overnight. On the 30th, a baby girl was successfully dissected at 23:32, weighing 6 pounds and 1 two.The newborn APGAR score is 10 points. The mother has a good postpartum. All the medical staff participating in the surgery have no occupational exposure and are now in the stage of isolation observation.

Postpartum mother and daughter are observed and diagnosed in independent isolation separation observations and diagnosis. A newborn doctor brings 3 newborn nurses and 1 obstetrician nurse with 4 obstetric nurses to form 2 professional teams to monitor newborns and mothers respectively.Cooperate with the medical team of breathing and infection.On February 2nd, the body temperature of the maternal body was 36.2 ° C, which returned to normal, and the general state was generally good.Newborns were adopted twice on January 31 and February 2nd for nucleic acid testing. The results were negative and good in state.The current mother and baby are still closely monitoring.(General Taiwan CCTV reporter Yang Yang Liu Qi)

Editor -in -chief: Liu Jie

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