Mother -in -law scolded her daughter for a meal …#

A girl who was pregnant for more than 4 months went to her mother’s house, but she was scolded by her mother’s mother.What has happened here?When her girl came to her mother’s house, she must be sitting on the sofa and complained to her mother’s mother’s mother.

Say mom, my mother -in -law is like this, what can I eat and do nothing, cleaning, cooking, cooking and cooking.I have been pregnant for more than 4 months. I have enough to stay with her every day. I am unwilling to stay at home for a minute. She can’t even drag the ground.Tell the child, he wouldn’t even say a Mandarin, saying that the soil said all day, you can say that this can be treated.

After listening to this mother -in -law, she told her daughter that such mother -in -law really made people not be pleasing to the eye.Let’s not pull her, let’s pull a little bit.Daughter, aren’t you pregnant for more than 4 months?What do you discuss with your husband?As a result, this girl said that, of course, I wanted to have a person. I discussed with my husband, and I also checked it.After listening to the mother’s mother, she immediately said that her daughter was immediately born. We wouldn’t have a child.

This daughter does not understand what her mother’s meaning meant, and why?Isn’t it better to have a child?I already have a daughter, and my children are all in both. Am I not all of them made a good son?

After listening to the mother, the mother -in -law said that she was right. It was good to have a child, but after giving birth, wouldn’t you have to be a mother -in -law in the future?If you look for a daughter -in -law to be the same as you, you work all day long, and he thinks you are not doing well. You do n’t work. He also thinks that you have leisure meals at home.You ca n’t help him. If you help him take the child, he thinks you wo n’t speak Mandarin when you bring your child, afraid to affect his child.The child is kissed with you, he feels that you do n’t hurt his child, you do n’t fit his appetite, and he thinks you ca n’t make that food. When you cook and clean, he can’t find that thing.Come back and get angry with you again, fighting with you and shaking your face.If you don’t talk to her, he thinks you don’t have a heart to treat him.Take him as an outsider, if you say a few more words, he thinks you can’t be unable to be, you are serving the confinement, he said that you are not serving well. If you don’t wait for his confinement, he will followYou say that the revenge of the confinement does not wear the sky.All in all, you ca n’t do it. None of it. None of it is okay. It ’s wrong to do anything.After listening to this daughter, the face became red all of a sudden, and I didn’t dare to squeak at the underground. Isn’t it like this at home to my mother -in -law?I complained about my mother -in -law in front of my mother’s mother all day.In front of the outsiders, she complained that her mother -in -law. After seeing her daughter lower her head, her mother told her girl that being a person must remember to be grateful than the heart.There is a sister -in -law in your house. If your sister -in -law has been complaining about me all day, do you think about your mother and my heart can be comfortable?Now it ’s really not easy to be a mother -in -law. It’ s not easy to pay for money, and there are many uncomfortable homes. They are careful every day.Looking at the face of the daughter -in -law’s face, I was afraid of saying something wrong, and I was unhappy that the daughter -in -law was unhappy. In the end, I had to fall the reputation of a marriage of the daughter -in -law.How can you say that everything can follow his own heart, no one is perfect, and always remember that sentence of the girl. Her mother -in -law is hard to say, she is better than that outsiders.The auntie is a big group, not as good as your mother -in -law.After listening to the daughter, I said that my mother I knew I was wrong, and I also knew what I should do in the future.After listening, you like this mother -in -law for this mother -in -law, shouldn’t you like such a mother -in -law?

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