Mother’s Day 6 happy events a day: pregnancy, sun photos, show affection, gift gifts, happy things

Mother’s Day 6 melons a day, Chen Guanxi confessed his wife, Han Geng’s wife Lu Jingshan took a pregnant photo -Introduction.


May 8th is Mother’s Day. On the same day, everyone was posting a post, and she was grateful to their mothers. The stars were no exception. On this day, there were many happy events in the entertainment industry.

[Chen Guanxi confessed his wife]

Others are grateful to mother on Mother’s Day, but Edison Chen explained his wife Qin Shupei in this special day.

Early in the morning, Chen Guanxi took out his wife Qin Shupei’s Su Yan photos, with the text: "The best mother in the world, full of gratitude love."

Although Qin Shupei did not make up, her condition was still very good. Qin Shupei, holding her daughter, smiled softly, and the picture was very loving.

Qin Shupei’s daughter drew a greeting card for her, which said "Happy Mother’s Day" in the middle of the greeting card.Although it is just a simple blessing, it contains her love for her mother Qin Shupei.

Chen Guanxi has withdrawn from the entertainment industry (he said he retired, unlike Taiwanese artist Luo Moumou, and after a period of time, he returned), in addition to running his own fashion industry, he has devoted himself to his family.All of them were accompanied by his wife and daughter.

According to industry insiders, Edison Chen has always wanted to make movies. Although he had to retreat because of some problems when he was young, Chen Guanxi really loved filming. I do n’t know if his film and television works in the future will have the opportunity to meet you.

【Dong Xuan’s photos of their grandchildren and grandchildren】

On the morning of May 8th, the female star Dong Xuan wrote a "small composition" to her mother on the social platform, thanking her mother for their cultivation and love for her.At the same time, she also hoped that her mother could be healthy and accompany her to grow up with her daughter’s "small dimple".

Since the divorce, Dong Xuan has always brought children alone. During this period, the mother "Yingzi" has helped her a lot, so Dong Xuan was very grateful to her mother.On the same day, Dong Xuan also took a group photo with her and her mother on the Internet. In the photos, the mother and daughter were wearing red clothes and smiled brightly.

In addition, Dong Xuan also took a photo of his mother and daughter’s "small dimple". The grandparents wore Qing dynasty clothing and took pictures in a place similar to the court.The mother wearing a yellow robe is as temperament like the queen queen.

【Lin Xinru with a cake】

On Mother’s Day, Lin Xinru first thanked the child for gifts on the social platform, and then wished all the great mothers a happy holiday.She also showed a photo, holding a handmade bouquet and a transparent glass jar in her hand. I don’t know if it is a little star or a candy in the glass tank. It seems that it should be sent by her daughter.

Although Lin Xinru’s small gift blocked her face, it was not difficult to see that she was in a good mood.Lin Xinru, who appeared in the photo, did not have the exquisiteness of female stars when she made up. However, her skin was still red and envious.

In addition to showing the gift from her daughter, Lin Xinru also took a picture of a cake.In the photo, there is a golden card with a mother’s English "MUM".In this special day, eat cakes with family members and spend a total of Mother’s Day. It is particularly meaningful for Lin Xinru’s family.

【Lu Jingshan’s pregnant photos】

Mother’s Day is a festive day.On the same day, Han Geng posted a "pregnancy photo" on the social platform to announce the news of his wife Lu Jingshan’s pregnancy.

In the photo, the loving star couple wore a white couple dress and a black tie, which looked unique.

The most warm thing is that Han Geng also dressed himself as a pregnant belly, and deeply appreciated the hard work before his wife "unload".

Lu Jingshan should have been pregnant for a while. The pregnancy belly is relatively obvious. She looked at the camera and smiled very happily. Han Geng stared at his wife affectionately, his face was spoiled.

Seeing that Han Geng’s happy events were approaching, netizens also gave them blessings, congratulations to Han Geng’s will soon be upgraded to his father and enter the next stage of life.

[Duoduo mother received three gifts]

On the day of Mother’s Day, Huang Lei’s wife Sun Li received a gift prepared by three children.Of the three children, the soft pottery ears prepared by the eldest daughter "Duoduo" are the most attentive, not only practical, but also very creative.

After receiving the earrings, Sun Li happily put on the earrings and took a photo.

The other two children gave their paintings for their mothers.My sister’s greeting card is very delicate, and a three -dimensional red love is posted on it. Although the painting of my brother is a bit abstract, after all, he has the heart.Can receive the gift from the children, Sun Li is already satisfied.

[Lin Zhiling celebrates his first Mother’s Day, thank the children in the post]

After the female star and female model Lin Zhiling announced their births in Japanese officials, they seemed to disappear from the entertainment industry and no longer updated their dynamics.

On the day of Mother’s Day, Lin Zhiling posted the first post after birth to celebrate her first Mother’s Day. Lin Zhiling wrote in the text: Thank you for never giving up, thank you the strongest baby … Happy first Mother’s Day ", in the wordsLin Zhiling’s current happiness of the elderly producing sons is revealed.

The "big baby" in Lin Zhiling’s words is her husband, Kurosawa Liangping. In order to celebrate Lin Zhiling’s first Mother’s Day, Kurosawa Liangping prepared a bunch of flowers for his wife Lin Zhiling and wrote a greeting card.

On the day of Mother’s Day, there are endless happy events in the entertainment industry. Everyone rushed to send blessings for the mother on this day, and thanked his wife for their hard work.I wish the mother in the world can be healthy and live a long life.

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