My aunt always feels pregnant?How long will it be postponed to confirm pregnancy?

An epidemic has allowed everyone to spend the longest holiday ever at home. There is a prophecy on the Internet: after October 2020, the peak period of newborn births will be ushered in.Essence

This is the humorous guess of netizens, and in reality, this epidemic does make women who are preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy have a lot of questions when they go to the delivery inspection.For example, a woman who is preparing for pregnancy is postponed. Is it pregnant?

What are the symptoms of symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body will change. The most direct manifestation is that the endometrium is mitular -like changes, and bleeding will not occur.So menopause is a very typical symptom of pregnancy.In addition, there may be the following symptoms:

1. The breast has a slight tingling sensation or swelling;

2, fatigue and weakness, lethargy;

3, frequent urination;

4. Early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting;

5. Emotional instability;

6, dizziness or headache.

How long can I confirm pregnancy after my aunt’s period?

The survival time of the eggs is about 24 hours, and the sperm survival time is about 72 hours. Due to the different individuals, the encounter between sperm and eggs is different, and the accurate conception of each pregnant woman is difficult to accurately judge.

Many women who are preparing for pregnancy are worried that they cannot discover pregnancy in time and delay the archives; there are also mothers who are early pregnancy during the early pregnancy.

After about 10 days of conception, the choric membrane promotes gonadotropin (that is, HCG) in the urine, and it is best to use morning urine detection. Because the morning urine is concentrated, the hormone level is higher, and it is more likely to be detected;

One week after the menstrual cycle, that is, 5 weeks of menopause (medical regulations, the first day of the last menstruation starts to calculate the gestational week), you can observe a circular aura in the uterus under the B -ultrasound (also known as the pregnancy ring),Some can also see fetal heart beating.Most of the menstrual cycle rules, about 28 days of expectant mothers, will see fetal heart buds at 6-7 weeks of menopause. Generally, it is recommended that there is no special case until about 7 weeks of menopause before doing ultrasound. Don’t worry too much.If you do n’t see it, you can sometimes wait for another week to review the ultrasound.During this period, it is also the most critical period for the baby’s development, and it must avoid adverse environments and drugs.Women with a long menstrual cycle or irregular menstrual period can communicate with the doctor to properly adjust the B -ultrasound to confirm the fetal heart buds.

Women who prepare for pregnancy can first test the morning urine at home with early pregnancy test strips after 5 weeks of menopause to see if they are pregnant.If the pregnancy has been confirmed, only NT examination has specific time requirements during the early pregnancy. At 11-14 weeks of discontinuation, other examinations can be selected depending on the situation.

In addition, different hospitals have different information required for archives, and the construction speed of various hospitals during the epidemic period will change than usual. The pregnant mothers who are worried about the problem of archives and are in early pregnancy can simply learn about it before building the files.Do not be too nervous.

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