My bitch, 6 puppies gave birth to a child

Before, I didn’t know that the dog was so capable.

After knowing that my bitch gave birth to 6 bitches, I started to worry. How can I raise it?

Why can a dog give birth to so much?

Before the bitch production, I guess it should be about 2-3, but now these 6 are confused.

It wasn’t until I asked a professional doctor that I knew the reason.

The number of children’s births depends on the number of mature eggs it has during ovulation.There are at least 2-3 of the number of bitches of ovulation, and the maximum of as high as dozens.

After checking the record, there is a barley -choch dog in foreign countries. During a production, 19 puppies were given.

In the process of no preparation, I started to mess with my hands.

The production process of the mother country is very smooth, so I am not too worried.

However, the puppy’s pulse is extremely weak, very light and light.

After the bitch helped them licked them, they were not making trouble, and they lay like that quietly.

I searched on the Internet about the fertility of dogs, guessing that the dog may be stinging among the amniotic fluid.

So according to the tutorial above, I took out the tools in the bag to start sucking amniotic fluid for puppies.

After taking out a few piles of amniotic fluid, the puppy gradually began to tremble, and my heart was gradually letting go.

Looking at them, although the number was a bit worried, it really warmed me.

This experience comes from the real contribution of netizens. The editor feels very meaningful, so he wants to write an article about dog fertility.

In fact, many pet owners do not have a lot of cognition about the fertility of dogs.

Because the dogs are mature, they will bring dogs to sterilize, so it will be more worry -free.

Of course, there are many pet owners who want to match the dogs, so they have the idea of letting them have a child.

So, what should the pet owner do if you want a dog once?

One: Find the appropriate breeding for the dog

The fertility between dogs is best to choose dogs of the same breed to ensure the purity of their bloodlines.

Dogs of different varieties of dogs are breaking, and "string dogs" will appear, and their physical systems will be defective.

Two: Clarify the physical condition of the dog

The dog’s pregnancy cycle is about 56-62 days, and the calculation is calculated after breeding.

Within 3-4 weeks, dogs will lose appetite and have symptoms of vomiting.

One month later, the breasts of the female dog increased to prepare for the breastfeeding of the dog.

At this time, the dog’s abdomen will also change significantly and began to swell.

During the dog’s pregnancy, the pet owner can better take care of the dog only if you are familiar with the physical condition of the dog.

Moreover, in the case of conditions permit, it is recommended to take a dog to do a test to comprehensively the physical condition of the dog.

3: Prepare for dogs before giving birth

The preparation of dogs is also very important, such as preparing the dog’s delivery package.

Prepare a clean production environment in advance to reduce the impact of the environment on production.

Also, prepare the dogs for dogs for the dog’s lack of breast milk, as an emergency.I do n’t know how to choose pet goat milk powder, you can read the blue -word article below.

"Feeding pets with sheep milk powder to meet the needs of puppy development"

Four: Supplement the nutrition required by bitch

When breastfeeding, the bitch’s nutrition needs to be distributed to the puppy, so the bitch usually has a lack of nutrition.

Therefore, during the breastfeeding period of the bitch, you need to take good care of the bitch’s diet and enrich the nutritional needs of the bitch.Therefore, a nutritious and high -quality dog food is very important. This is not only supplemented with nutrition for the bitch, but also directly affects the puppy’s nutritional supply.If you don’t know how to choose dog food, you can read the blue article below.

"How to choose dog food, look important to these points"

Conclusion: Has your dog had giving birth?

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