My colleagues have been taking leave after pregnancy, and all the jobs are dumped to me. I was forced to be helpless and chose to leave

Although I am not looking for now, I still decide to resign!I was not fooled by others or threatened. I was willing to choose to leave because my colleagues who were working with me have been asking for leave since I was pregnant.

It stands to reason that it is normal for colleagues to get pregnant for leave. Why do I resign?Because I do the same job with my colleagues, the two people work exactly the same work content, and now it has reached the peak season.

Colleagues have only been pregnant for two months, 40 days have been asked for 4 vacations, and each time for leave is almost half a month.Because colleagues are relatives of the boss, they will invite more in the future.Some people say that colleagues may not come to work directly when they are pregnant.

I saw the work of nearly a year in the future, and I was under great pressure.The work of the two of us could not cope with a person in the peak season. I took the initiative to report the problem of the current work, and suggested that he recruit another person to be rejected.

Coupled with my colleagues who get along with me on weekdays.My monthly salary is about 3,000 now, and there are no other benefits.Similar jobs like this are easy to find in society. I don’t want to make a lot of money, so I chose to resign when I gritted my teeth.

What if you meet such a colleague?I believe many people will choose to resign!

When I shared my resignation experience on the Internet, some netizens left a message: they were beautiful, and I should resign in this situation.

I think my departure is mainly caused by too much work pressure.Because maternity leave is originally the right of employees, but when the employee work cannot work, the company should recruit another person, but the company’s owner’s attitude is greatly problematic.

Another netizen said: The work of the two is done by one person, and does not give you his salary. Isn’t this to transfer the contradictions between the employees?

Some netizens said that this should be a question of the company’s work arrangement.For women who are pregnant, two months are the most dangerous time. Some doctors also ask for bed to protect their tires.

However, the company should make a reasonable evaluation based on the labor intensity of the work. If one person cannot complete the workload, the leader should add a person to you.

Therefore, the reason for the problem is that there is any contradiction between you and colleagues, but that the leader does not give you a salary increase or give you a partner.He was too kind to him and resigned directly in the peak season.

Some netizens said that when she was pregnant for one and a half months, she was also informed by the doctor to protect her. She originally wanted to ask for leave, but she did not want to bother her colleagues, so she applied to the leader to apply for a resignation.

Some netizens have suggested why they take leave when they are pregnant?Because people and people are different, some people have been going smoothly from pregnancy to birth, and some people have a bit bleeding after pregnancy and protect their fetuses.But one thing is that pregnancy is a private affairs, which affects the work of others.

Some netizens said in a blood stitch that I wanted to resign, and I had little relationship with my colleagues. I could only say that my colleague’s pregnancy was the straw that overwhelmed my collapse.In this job, the salary is not high, there is no benefit, and the work is still busy. It must be unbalanced in my heart.

Some netizens have pointed out that this is the root cause of women’s workplace discrimination. Women’s pregnancy is facing a stagnation of career, and enterprises must also bear risks for pregnant employees.

But in reality, leaders have the consideration of leaders to consider the problem of talent training and human resources costs. If it is not replaced, under the same conditions, general leaders will choose people who may not be pregnant.

Although this is cruel, this is reality. How to avoid this way to avoid this thing to fundamentally solve the gender discrimination of the rectal body.


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