My dad was injured and hospitalized, and my girlfriend took the initiative to take care of it. After 3 months, she became pregnant.

I am Tingting. I am 28 years old. I have a cheerful personality, paying attention to feelings, and living in a lone life.

My girlfriend is Kiki. We have known each other for ten years, and she has become an indispensable sister in my life.

At home, only my father and I were accompanied by each other, and my mother left us early.Because of this, my father and I have a deep relationship.

Dad was once a successful businessman, but later switched to a painter, and his temperament became more sensitive.

Although Kiki’s family background is rich, her relationship with her parents is not very harmonious.Therefore, she often patronizes our family and chats with me and my dad. The three of us get along like a family.

I am currently a market planning specialist in a well -known real estate company, with stable work and good income.Overall, I am a independent young woman with a happy and fulfilling life.

My dream is that one day I can find a family who truly loves me and build my own, and no longer live a lonely life.

Due to family reasons, Kiki did not trust the relationship, and she had experienced a failed relationship, so she is now very resistant to feelings.

Kiki’s nature is kind, and she has been silently supporting and helping me and my dad.

Without Kiki, this kind of girlfriend, my life will definitely have a lot of happiness and fun.

Kiki is my most trusting person. We are single and have similar life values, so we have become the best friends.

Just three months ago, my father was hospitalized due to a fracture, and I went to accompany him every day after get off work.

One day, I worked too late because I was in an emergency, and my father was very anxious.Kiki took the initiative to go to the hospital to help me take care of my dad. I was very grateful to her help, so she agreed to her.

The next day, when I went to the hospital, my father kept avoiding my eyes, and his expression seemed a little weird.

I asked him anxiously, and my father supported it for a while before telling me that some "accidents" happened when Qiqi took care of him yesterday.

I immediately understood that my father had an improper idea of Kiki!

I was extremely angry and scolded my father’s shameless behavior.

Dad realized his mistakes, begged me to forgive me, and insisted that the matter would never be passed out. He would be responsible for Kiki.

I really want to throw this liar dad in the hospital alone.

However, I felt that she could no longer face Qiqi. When I planned to tell her to cut off my contact with us, she found me in person and told me that she and dad fell in love, and she was pregnant!

I was stunned on the spot, and it was incredible.

Qiqi said that at first she also resisted, but her father apologized to her again and again, and frankly her emotions, and gradually, she began to shake and eventually promised to be with her dad.

It is still difficult for me to accept this incredible fact, but I can only choose to support her.

At least Dad’s attitude towards Kiki gave me some comfort, and I could rest assured that she would take her care to her father.

A year later, Kiki gave birth to a healthy son.

However, I found that the child’s eyes are completely different from our family, more like Kiki’s ex -boyfriend.

I asked Kiki, she cried and admitted that the child’s father was not his father, but her ex -boyfriend.The reason why she hides us is because she is worried about hurting my father and my feelings.

Faced with Kiki’s recognition, I felt a huge shock and disappointment.The presence of this child means that the trust between us is completely broken, and my father’s knowledge of all this also makes me feel heartache.

At that moment, I was in a deep contradiction.I was angry and unacceptable to my dad’s betrayal. At the same time, I also felt guilty and regrets for Kiki.She chose to conceal the truth to protect our relationship, but finally paid such a price.

I face difficult choices.On the one hand, I can’t forgive my father’s behavior, and he hurts our trust and the integrity of the family.On the other hand, I know that Kiki is innocent. She chose to silence in order to protect our feelings, but she was under tremendous pressure and guilt.

At that difficult time, I decided not to escape and avoid the problem, but to face the reality.I sat down with my dad and had a long dialogue, expressing my anger, disappointment and pain honestly.Although the pain in my heart is difficult to wear, I understand that only by facing the problem can we seek solution and healing.

Dad also realized his mistakes and deeply regretted and shame his behavior.He assured me that he would be responsible for his actions, and at the same time cared about Kiki and the child wholeheartedly.

At the same time, I had a frank conversation with Kiki.I expressed her contradictions and inner struggles to her, and she also apologized to me for her choice.We understand each other’s situation. Although the pain has not been cured, we are willing to work together to find a new path for this family.

From that moment, we started a difficult and long journey of reconstruction.Although the process is full of difficulties and challenges, we no longer escape, but we face the problem with frankness, understanding and tolerance.Slowly, we gradually recovered the warmth and intimacy of the family.

This experience made me understand that life is not smooth, and there will be various tests in the family.But as long as we face the problem bravely, communicate frankly, and tolerate each other’s fault with love and tolerance, we can walk through every difficulty together and rebuild a stronger bond.

For Dad and Kiki, their choices may be wrong, but they are willing to bear the consequences and be responsible.For me, the bond of this family has not been completely broken, but becomes more tough after experiencing the suffering.We learned to forgive and grew together.

Now, I understand that love needs tolerance and tolerance. The power of the family lies in the persistence and courage when we face the difficulties.We will continue to move forward, strive to create a truly warm, mutual understanding and trust, and provide this child with a healthy and happy growth environment.

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