My husband and I have no children for three years, but the nanny at home is pregnant

The old man was made by the relationship between my mother’s family. This is undeniable, so he has always been good to me.

It was the year when I graduated from college. I was in an internship in my dad’s company. It was not a big company, but a private company with more than 200 individuals.Lao Xun is the employee of my dad, two years older than me.

My dad often says that this guy is good, spoken and humorous, and has a strong ability to respond.He often followed my dad out to talk about business. Over time, exercise is more mature and sophisticated.With my dad’s matchmaking, I have a different relationship with Lao Xun.

The young people were together, and quickly wiped the spark of love.

Lao Xun’s own conditions are good, but the family is very average. Parents are ordinary workers, and their bodies are not very good.When I frowned and told my parents about these things, my parents’ response was bland. Perhaps in their eyes, it was not a matter.

A person’s native family can choose themselves. How can the older generations live without the right to interfere. As long as the old man is working hard, we will not worry about the good life.

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I don’t know why my dad likes Lao Xun so much. Until one time he drank too much, he told me that he saw the shadow of his younger when he was young, persistent and stubborn.I found out that the experience of Lao Xun was very similar to my dad when he was young.

In this way, my parents bought the house and the car, and the old man’s family raised the family’s power to make a hundred thousand dollars, and we got married.

Life after marriage is almost the same as me, sweet and sweet, and the old man is gentle and considerate to me.As for the in -laws, because they did not go back often, they were also guests at me. We paid for the house to renovate the house’s house and added some furniture appliances to make them more comfortable.

Since I got married, I have been preparing for pregnancy, but a year later, my stomach has not moved.The in -laws didn’t say anything. My parents couldn’t help it, and urged us to have a child quickly.I think so too. I like children very much. I think that I can have a second child in two years while I was young. Who knows that I am pregnant?

In the second year, Lao Xun and I went to the hospital for a routine examination. Neither of them had any problems. The doctor told us not to have psychological pressure. It may be surprising to relax.The old man also comforted me to say that I couldn’t worry, we were still young.

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At that time, we were very busy. Lao Xun said that a relative of his hometown was going to work in the city. Let us take care of us in unknown life. It is a housekeeping service.As soon as I heard it, I simply came to our house to make a nanny, packing and cooking, so that I and I had a hot meal with the old man and me.

The old man called her Sister Qin, three or four years older than us. She was cleaned and she was a very simple woman.Since Sister Qin came to our house, it has saved a lot of things. The family is clean everywhere, and the meals are also very good at my appetite.

After two years of marriage, we have lived happily. The only regret is that we can’t conceive children.Lao Xun’s body is very good, and he does not often have a cold and fever. I have a weak constitution, but I can’t get pregnant.My parents had an appointment for a comprehensive medical examination for us. I had nothing to do with the old man. I checked it. I had no problem with my body and fully met the conditions of natural conception.

The problem may be on the old man. Once I got home from get off work in advance, I found that the old man and Sister Qin watched TV on the sofa on the sofa. Seeing me come in, she quickly got up to the kitchen. I felt that they had something to do, but again No evidence.

On the afternoon of the weekend, Lao Xun called and said that his parents came over and asked me to go home early to eat.For a meal, the whole family had a card with me. It turned out that Sister Qin was pregnant and had an old child.

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This sentence is like a thunderbolt. I suspect that the two of them have problems. I didn’t expect to be together so soon, and there were children.My mother -in -law told me: Daughter -in -law, you are too strong, you have to be the master. My son is uncomfortable with a big man. He wants a child too much.

After a long time, I understood what they meant. Lao Xun didn’t want to divorce, he just wanted a child.When the child was born, she gave her a sum of money to let her return to her hometown. The child put her in -laws to raise it. I had to do anything.Otherwise, it is big to damage our family reputation.

I have never been so wronged. I really feel good for this family. In order to maintain the old man, I did not praise him in front of my parents. The squeezed me in the words of my mother -in -law before, if it was not because I love the old man, I would have followed it with the old man.The in -laws turned their face.I just endured it, but they stabbed me behind them and gave me a surprise.

My mother -in -law is a fixed face for my family.Haha, how much money does face value?After returning home to tell my parents, my parents were particularly angry and supported me to divorce.Especially my dad, he said that he was blind before he saw the old man.

Things have happened. For those who betray the family, my dad has no mercy.Stop Lao Xun’s position in the company, and then Lao Yan received my proposed divorce agreement.Lao Xun was dumbfounded. I rolled out of this family for three days and took the children in her stomach.Lao Xun’s attitude changed immediately, constantly begging me, and Lao Ni even kneeled down to me, cursing and vowing to break the relationship with Sister Qin, and the child did not want it.

I really understand it now. The reason why Lao Ye married me was to see the money of my family, and there was not much feelings.Since promising to get married, I have fallen into the trap of their whole family’s weaving.I was in a wish, it was so stupid, probably even the old man was fake to me.I glanced at them and left without looking back.

After the divorce, I went to the best hospital in the city to check again. I was really fine.Then I want to ask Lao Xun, is Sister Qin’s child you?


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