My mother -in -law does not let the air conditioner open, and the pregnant woman’s heat stroke in 20 weeks will enter the ICU to rescue!Woman: Move it away when you discharge

Recently, Guangdong has a high temperature and heat, and the ground is burning.However, a distressing scene was staged on June 10: Because her mother -in -law did not allow pregnant women who were pregnant for 20 weeks to turn on the air conditioner, the tragedy of the pregnant woman’s heat stroke eventually occurred.Emergency call for help 120, the emergency rescue of the medical staff, led the pregnant woman and the fetus from the danger of life.This incident once again triggered attention and thinking about the health of pregnant women.

Pregnant women are the hope and future of a family, and ensuring that pregnant women’s health is the responsibility of society.However, in order to save money, the behavior of preventing pregnant women from turning on air conditioners is not only irresponsible to the health of pregnant women, but also irresponsible to future newborn.In high temperature weather, the body of pregnant women is special and prone to heat stroke and dehydration, which threatens the health of the fetus.Not only that, the high -temperature environment can cause poor toxins in pregnant women’s body, increasing the risk of pregnant women with pregnancy disease, and a serious threat to the health of maternal and infants.

However, at present, pregnant women are pregnant at home and have no income. Her husband works to make money alone. The mother -in -law feels that her son is not allowed to turn on the air conditioner and can only blow an electric fan.At first, pregnant women also mentioned protests, because she was more afraid of heat than ordinary people, but her mother -in -law did not agree.So the pregnant woman discussed with her husband, hoping that he would persuade her mother -in -law.Unexpectedly, my husband said: Mom is also good for us. After the baby was born, there was more money to spend money, and it can still save it.So there was a stroke of pregnant women.

We should reflect from multiple perspectives to restrict the use of air -conditioning for pregnant women in order to save money.

As an elder, her mother -in -law should lead by example and pay full attention to the physical condition of pregnant women, especially in high temperature weather.

Secondly, mother -in -law should understand the special physiological state of pregnant women. The body of pregnant women is extremely sensitive to temperature changes. High -temperature environment can cause poor blood circulation in pregnant women and affect the growth and development of the fetus.

Summer pregnant women are very afraid of heat. How should she defend heat stroke?

Summer high -temperature weather is undoubtedly a big challenge for pregnant women, because the increase in hormone changes and metabolic rates in pregnant women’s body make them more vulnerable to heat waves.Heat stroke is a serious health problem, which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, pregnant women need to take a series of defensive measures to ensure the safety of themselves and the baby.This article will introduce some effective methods and suggestions to help pregnant women keep cool in summer and prevent heat stroke.

First, diet is an important factor in defense of heat stroke.Pregnant women should pay attention to the balance and diversity of diet, ingesting foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein.In addition, pregnant women should increase moisture intake and maintain the balance of body moisture.Pregnant women are recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and avoid drinking drinks with too much sugar.In addition, pregnant women can also try to drink some cool drinks, such as ice water, ice tea or homemade juice to reduce body temperature.

Secondly, pregnant women should avoid going out during high temperature hours.Summer at noon is usually the hottest time, so pregnant women should try to avoid going out at this time.If you have to go out, it is recommended to choose to exercise or move in the morning or evening.At the same time, pregnant women should try to choose a cool place when going out to avoid exposure to the sun. You can choose a parasol or wear breathable and loose clothing to reduce the heat absorption and sweat.

In addition, the control of indoor temperature is also one of the key measures for defense of heat stroke.Pregnant women should ensure that the living environment is well ventilated and can open the windows or use a fan to increase air circulation.If the indoor temperature is too high, you can use an air conditioner or dehumidifier to reduce the temperature and humidity.In addition, pregnant women can also choose to rest in a cool place, such as electric fans or air -conditioned rooms, cool bathrooms or swimming pools.

In addition, pregnant women should pay attention to keeping their bodies clean and hygienic.The hot weather is likely to cause sweat and skin discomfort. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women take a bath every day to keep their bodies clean and dry.Choose warm water bath to avoid using overheated water to avoid stimulating the skin and aggravating thermal sensation.In addition, pregnant women should choose cotton clothes with good breathability to avoid wearing tight and synthetic fiber clothing to avoid aggravating thermal sensation and impermeability.

Finally, pregnant women should regularly monitor the physical condition of the body.Pregnant women should learn to observe their physical reactions. If dizziness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. occur, they should stop activities immediately, find a cold place to rest, and seek medical treatment in time.In addition, pregnant women regularly measure the body temperature. If the body temperature exceeds the normal range, she should seek medical treatment in time.

In short, the method of preventing heat stroke in summer pregnant women includes a reasonable diet, avoiding going out during high temperature periods, controlling indoor temperatures, keeping body cleaning and regular monitoring of the physical condition.Pregnant women should take preventive measures in time to maintain a cool and comfortable state to ensure the health of themselves and the baby.Remember, health is the most important, we need to use action to protect ourselves and our family!

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